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Warrior Indigestion

14 Jul


Warrior Indigestion

As years go by, our bodies change and how we handle food
Changes due to indigestion and we must exclude
Those things we could consume with no effort in younger days
Those same things now cause heartburn and set intestines ablaze

For Warriors, there are some foods which no longer digest
Within the fiery pit that burns intensely in our chest
Things like whining cause a gag reflex within our maw
Laying blame elicits vomit shooting from our jaw

Having no accountability gives us the runs
Laziness to do the work sprays liquid from our buns
“1st World Problem” stress does not sit right within our gut
Lack of gratitude for blessings makes us puke somewhat

Pursuit of shallow status such as money, job and cars
Does not agree with stomachs decorated with old scars
The selfie/ego/snowflake generation gives us gas
Because our diet is made up of iron, steel and brass

Fire goes down easy, problems quench our intense thirst
Pain’s a yummy snack that we could gorge on ‘till we burst
Lighting is dessert and storms are delectable meals
We’re nourished by what makes most sick: challenges and ideals

Sacrifice and work, accountability and grace
With empathy and bravery is how we stuff our face
We’ll pass on all the fear and weakness buffets that most feast
They may slake appetites of sheep, but don’t nourish a beast




28 Nov

“I enjoy convalescence. It is the part that makes the illness worth while.” ~George Bernard Shaw


This warrior is sick today
Seems that I’ve caught the flu
No, I will not whine and cry
Because the time was due

I have been very grateful for
The health that I’ve enjoyed
One cannot expect life to be
Of sickness devoid

Speaking of your aches and pains
Will not do any good
Your effect on other people
Should be understood

You don’t do yourself or others
Any service if
All you do is moan about
How you are sick and stiff

Always keep in mind that it
Will soon have run its course
Illness isn’t something that
Must be met with remorse

Use it as a chance to see
How much health means to you
Run a little further when
You are over that flu

Walk an extra mile when
You have beaten that cold
Hit the weight room harder when
That fever’s lost its hold

Don’t be so dramatic and
Just cry of agony
Bide your time and be patient
Until you’re illness-free

And when you are, resume your fight
By giving it your all
Sickness isn’t more than just
A momentary stall


Birthday Warrior

5 Nov

Happy Birthday to me! Nothing but gratitude for growing one year older and bolder.

Birthday Warrior

A birthday’s just another day
That makes me stand apart
From other normals who fear that
They’ll become an old fart

I do not hide my age when asked
I don’t say, “Nevermind!”
I’m proud of every year I’ve lived
Even the ones unkind

I’m proud of every silver strand
That grows into my mane
I’m proud of vascularity
Each big, protruding vein

I’m proud of every grey whisker
That grows into my beard
Every wrinkle, ache and pain
And other thing that’s feared

By those who wish time would stand still
The passing of the hour glass
Does not make this man cry

For time is precious, every year
That’s passed has been a gift
And I appreciate it more
Now that it goes by swift

Load the cake with candles
The inferno won’t scare me
To dread a birthday makes one an
Ingrate to high degree

Joke about, “You’re getting old!”
I’ll joke back, “I’ve endured!
And will continue to do so
My passion can’t be cured!”

They’ll warn, “Oh wait ‘till you slow down
Oh wait ‘till you’re like me!”
“NEVER!” I’ll quickly reply
“A WARRIOR is me!”

Never bowing to defeat
Never giving an inch
With every candle on the cake
I will not cringe or flinch

“Bring it on!” the warrior says
All things which pose a threat
“Bring it on because you have
Not seen anything yet!”


29 Sep


Thanks for stopping by my little
Warrior platform
The message here does not exactly
Make most people swarm

To join and comment since most truths
Of which I speak are tough
Most normals get offended
And storm off in a huff

My message is not for those weaklings
But for folks like you
The 1-in-100, the Warrior
Who knows what’s true

Is rarely easy, comfortable
Or pleasant, so may I
Take this moment to say thanks
For being an ally


One Little Feat…

5 May



The Secret of Happiness

23 Apr


A Word of Thanks

1 Nov

A Word of Thanks

I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of the readers here on WordPress for their wonderful comments. I’ve seen the words “beautiful” and “powerful” used to describe my writing so many times here. I can’t express fully how much it means to see someone have the courage to say that out loud (or in print, I guess). For many years I felt compelled to follow the Way of the Warrior before I even knew it by that name. Concepts like honor, integrity, grace, selflessness, courage and beauty have always been driving motivators in my life, and there have been many people who have either failed to recognize, or doubted and accused me of not being genuine. The naysayers played a huge part in my seeking out and discovering the Way of the Warrior as well. It’s a path blazed in solitude, and it flies in the face of the comfortable, traditional and popular concepts many people choose to adhere to like cliques, groups, churches and cults. I took the concept of “surround yourself with the people you want to be like and cut out the ones who are negative, pessimistic and selfish” to the extreme and needless to say, it’s resulted in far fewer texts, e-mails and cell phone calls. 🙂 

I’ve never needed anyone to tell me that what I was doing was “powerful” or “beautiful” because *I* knew it, and that was enough for me. However, it is nice to know I’m not completely alone. It’s lovely to see another person every once in a while when you’re roaming the desert in solitude, no? 🙂  Although in the words of Heraclitus, 10 in every 100 shouldn’t even be here and 80 are just targets, it’s reassuring to see some fighters and sometimes even a Warrior drop by this blog. It’s nice to know you’re out there roaming too.

Thank you for gracing me with your own power and beauty.