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17 Feb


Ever notice when you take
Your friends on your house tour
There’s usually one room that gets
Passed by with a detour?

“That room’s messy!” you say in terror
“Don’t need to go in there!”
What would people think of you
If they were made aware?

Of what’s behind the door that’s closed
The room not up to par
Would they think that much less of you
If that door was ajar?

Here’s two points to think about
Next time your tour is given
The goal by which the journey through
Your dwelling should be driven

Number one, to open up
To let people inside
To show them who the real you is
And have nothing to hide

It’s not about your showing off
All of the stuff you’ve got
Letting yourself be defined
By all the things you’ve bought

It’s all about what’s in that room
That you don’t want exposed
The room that will define you best
Is one that you keep closed

The second reason to reveal
That isolated place
Is to see if your guests will
Rebuff it or embrace

By opening up to your friends
They’ll open up to you
To get their honest reaction
Give them your complete view

You may not like what they may think
If they in fact rebuff
But at least you’ve learned about
The image that they bluff

‘Cause anyone who judges others
In an adverse way
Based on what’s behind that door
Should their own room display

And on the other side of things
You might just realize
Despite all your embarrassment
Most people won’t chastise

‘Cause every dwelling has a room
That’s messy, odd or weird
People who open those doors
Are ones to be revered

Because they say, “This room is me!
So what if I’m a slob?
I’d rather throw my underwear
On floors than be a snob!

I’d rather fill a room with merch
From things that give me zeal
Than be the type of person who
Condemns for being real!”

So hats off to the folks that open
All of their closed doors
And hopefully they will inspire
You to open yours


Meet The Man

31 Oct

Meet The Man

“Meet The Man” I said aloud
When trouble came about
And the person before me chose
To be angry and pout

It wasn’t when things went smoothly
And he was very pleased
I hadn’t met the real man ‘till
By challenge he felt squeezed

“Meet The Man” I said aloud
When something had gone wrong
And different man before me chose
To be graceful and strong

It wasn’t when things were quiet
And he did rarely smile
I met his true self when he bravely
Charged into the vile

“Meet The Man” I said aloud
To myself when time came
For life to rip and tear and gnash
And brutalize and maim

And only then did I find out
The true man deep inside
Only then, when with struggle
And challenge we collide

Do any of us meet the man
Or woman that is true
Funny how a “pleasant day”
Gives a dishonest view

Of who we really are and only
When we’re faced with trial
Do we reveal with honesty
Who does and doesn’t rile


The Fool

5 Jan

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”  ~e.e. cummings, 1955

The Fool

There was a fool who worried of
What all the others thought
Their respect and acceptance was
What he constantly sought

He tucked away his own pleasures
For fear that they’d make fun
He didn’t speak his mind for fear
That all of them would shun

He fell in line and followed what
The others said was sane
Even though he couldn’t ignore
The voice in his brain

Telling him “This is not you
It’s just a guise to please
All the others so they will
Be constantly at ease”

One day this fool crossed paths with
A warrior who spoke
His mind and when others heard
They all called him a joke

They said because he walked alone
And didn’t follow suit
That he was crazy, weird, insane
A total cake of fruit

The irony was when the fool
Called the warrior one
The warrior just smiled because
Irony is fun

“Who’s the fool?” the warrior asked
“The one who shows no fears?
Or is it someone who’s afraid
Of hearing others jeers?

So they change everything they are
Their look, their mind, their goals
Just so that the other fools
Won’t rake them over coals”

The warrior then walked away
To himself still so true
“Fool!” the fool shouted at him
“You are one through and through!”

But something lingered in his mind
The warrior had peace
A calmness and strong confidence
That simply wouldn’t cease

Not with ridicule or taunts
Or accusations of
Lies, hypocrisy, no he
Was simply filled with love

With courage, passion and resolve
And more that the fool thought
The more he realized his ways
Were making him distraught

By living for approval that
He never had achieved
He saw the fool of himself that
He had completely weaved

Every time the others saw
The warrior and scoffed
And how the warrior shrugged off
Their barbs like they were soft

The fool could not help but think that
The others had it wrong
The more they mocked, the more the fool
Felt he did not belong

‘Till one day that fool stood apart
And did reveal to them
His true self, not a fool at all
So they chose to condemn

And finally he understood
That self-respect was worth
More than the combined respect
Of all the fools on Earth