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10 Feb

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


Today’s write wages peaceful war
On people that I thought
Were brothers and sisters in Christ
Who the same purpose sought

This message is for “Christians” who
Require set of quotes
Because they miss Christ’s message and
Have anger in their throats

And hearts whenever things go wrong
They vocally shout out
They choose to take things personally
They fight, they hurt, they doubt

They miss Christ’s message of “Let go”
And hold on to their feuds
These “Christians” miss their Savior’s point
And are in angry moods

Even blind men see what the
Word Christian has become
For many it does not inspire
Instead it’s very glum

That is thanks to “Christians” who
Go to church every week
But it’s only in that building
Where Christ they do seek

“Who are you to cast judgement?”
Some “Christians” may accuse
I am a Christian without quotes
Because I always choose

To slice through anger and hatred
Whenever others strike
I love all people, even those
That I don’t really like

I’ve done the work for years and can
Say with full honesty
That when my peace is threatened, I
Choose not to be angry

I do not raise my voice and I
Don’t honk my horn when driving
I’ve understood Christ’s message, that
It’s through peace we are thriving

I say these words not in anger
But in great disappointment
Shame on “Christians” because they
Don’t honor their anointment

Shame on them for besmirching
The name of the Lord’s son
For shame, the “Christians” who are “saved”
But Savior’s teachings shun

We cannot hide our heads in sand
The damage is quite clear
“Christian” is not something that
Most people do revere

Regardless of their faith, it is
A word that many dread
Even followers of Christ
Facepalm and hang their head

It’s in the choices that we make
When things do irritate
You do not get to praise the Lord
And get to be irate

You do not get to be at odds
And avoid all your “foes”
You do not get to say bullshit
Like “It’s them who oppose!”

Or “they are just impossible!”
Or “I won’t speak to them!”
You do not get to follow Christ
And with anger condemn

And that is why this poem here
Will end on these here notes:
If you’re a “Christian” you can still
Remove surrounding quotes

By letting go and following
The word of your great King
You cannot follow Christ and still
To your old anger cling



14 Jan

“I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and Non-violence are as old as the hills.” ~Mohandas Gandhi


Many of the people who
To my poems subscribe
Often write in and they use
The same words to describe

What they’ve read, they say things like
“This is so beautiful”
“This is the truth” and “thought provoking”
And “quite powerful”

I’ll always try to thank them for
Taking the time to say
How much they enjoyed but I
Don’t have pride to display

I do not feel all warm and fuzzy
And think that I’m great
I cannot take credit for the
Feelings my writes create

I’ll often say to them “I’m glad
To hear it resonated”
Because it’s what’s inside of them
That made them so elated

Definition: resonate;
To amplify the sound
Of something else because it’s the
Same degree of profound

For those that read and see beauty
They’re just seeing their own
For those that hear a deep message
Their own depth has been shown

For those that see the truth, it’s ‘cause
They’ve known it all along
The only difference is that now
It’s in the form of song

And for those who don’t get much from
My warrior poetry
Perhaps it’s ‘cause within them there
Is not that much to see

Those who nitpick and argue
Over things like semantics
Miss the point because they aren’t
Warriors or romantics

My writes speak to the heart and soul
So those who are devoid
Are best to seek out other works
And my poems avoid

But those who read and feel inspired
Are reminded of
The strength they have, the grace and courage
Peace as well as love

So thank you for your gratitude
It’s gratefully returned
But just remember there is not
That much here to be learned

Instead there is a resonance
With truths that you’ve possessed
All along and all I do
Is help them be expressed