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Get Out Of My Way

28 May

“Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.” ~General George S. Patton


Get Out Of My Way

Much like most of my poems
This write is strictly aimed
At warriors who have “made it”
Who refuse to be tamed

Who don’t complain or stress or whine
Who’ve learned to let it go
This message is not for cowards
Who still succumb to woe

The words I’ll focus on today
Are from General George
Patton, a great warrior
Who acted as the forge

For many other warriors
George had three simple rules
Lead, follow or clear a path
He had no time for fools

It’s up to you to discern if
There is a trace of hope
Within someone to overcome
All that for which they mope

Those who you believe have that
Potential can be lead
And maybe if you’re lucky
You will come across instead

Someone who’s a warrior
Who resonates resolve
Follow them for they will teach
And help you to evolve

But then there are the snivellers
The weaklings, the inept
The ones who cry when things go wrong
The ones who won’t accept

The ones who complain, “It’s not fair!”
The one’s without a spark
The ones who won’t get off their ass
Instead, they’d rather bark

Here’s what separates the true
Warrior from the herd
The warrior does recognize
When someone won’t be stirred

The warrior can see quite well
When it will take an act
Of God, a tragedy, great loss
In order to extract

The inner power and potential
That the world denies
That you already have and claims
Comes not from “in” but “skies”

To follow those who say “I can’t!”
Is an act of a fool
And quitters have no desire
To attend “Warrior School”

And so as George said, there is only
One option that’s left
Over-sensitive weaklings
Will cry that it’s bereft

Of tact, of understanding and
Of empathy and love
Just remember, “People lie”
As you give them a shove

And tell them, “Get out of my way”
Because all that they’ll do
Is lead to weakness or they’ll doubt
Everything you hold true

Their selfish, ego-controlled minds
Can’t grasp the concept, “Serve”
Their “comfort addict” attitude
Will always lack your nerve

Their need to argue and be “right”
Will only turn your guts
Their blindness to their own control
Will quickly drive you nuts

Do not slow your stride or stop
Accept that there will be
Many who cannot help you
Or be helped to be free

They are content to be victims
And your mission is not
To try to free them from ego
Which has left them distraught

Your mission is to learn and follow
Or lead with your sword
And all the ones who say “I can’t!”
Will simply be ignored



The Follower

29 Sep

The Follower

The follower is someone who
Asks other people what is true
Instead of having faith that they can feel

What’s a shortcut, what is wrong
What is selfless, wise and strong
They want others to lead to what is real

The Christian asks the pastor if
A certain act will cause a tiff
With Jesus Christ or the Lord up above

They ask if it’s okay although
Deep inside they already know
But hope they will not have to try so hard

The new Buddhist asks the old guard
If using booze and drugs are barred
The so-called expert says, “Indeed they are!”

Same for Muslims and Hindus
And most other religious views
They look to ancient text for what to bar

For what to prohibit and ban
Since their rigid dogma began
Always looking to rules long ago

They ask others who learned the text
On what to do and not do next
And always this present moment forgo

The WARRIOR follows nobody
Because they know for them to see
Their own truth they must disregard the writing

And instead search their CONSCIENCE for
The answers, even if a chore
And even if it says, “CONTINUE FIGHTING”

The follower’s a lazy lot
A coward who cannot be taught
Because they lack the confidence to search

The truths which can be off-putting
Afraid of unstable footing
And so they retreat to their sheltered church

They follow all the other sheep
And pile in and fall asleep
And walk out thinking that they’ve been empowered

It’s just an attack on the soul
To be told you’re not in control
It creates not the brave, instead; a coward

They’re told, “You’re only human!” and
“Nobody’s perfect!” “You’re not grand!”
“You’re flawed!” “You have limits to your potential!”

The Warrior chuckles with a scoff
And with a snarl says, “PISS OFF!”
“To me weaklings will not be influential!”

“No addict to comfort will guide
To your limits I won’t abide
You can’t tell me that I cannot let go

Of hurt and pain and everything
That makes the weakling normal sing
Of sorrow, sadness, angst, woe, doubt and fear

I AM A WARRIOR so please
Step out of my way while I seize
My courage, grace, peace, happiness and cheer

While you just follow and you hope
It will be a ‘Good day’ and mope
When shit hits fan and challenges arise

And turn to sources that just keep
Your potential crippled and weep
Because you’ve been fed such limiting lies”


Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

24 May