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Join the Flock!

31 Jan


Join the Flock!

“Join the flock!” the Christians plead, “we love you and do care!”
“Join our little clique and join in worship and in prayer!”
Friends and family have all offered this kind invite
They all seem driven to recruit more ranks to what is “right”

No thank you, I’ve been in the club and know what is involved
I do recall how not one challenge under Christ was solved
I do recall the fear, the dread, the stress, the angst, the pain
Both in myself as well as others with Christ on the brain

For many years I have now walked the path of Warriors
Believe or don’t, I know MY truth: no worry now occurs
No stress lingers upon my brain when desire’s unmet
No dread befalls when “problems” come, I don’t “have to,” I “get”

I get to face my challenges with vigor and resolve
I get to conquer fires which don’t burn me, they evolve
I get to rely on my will, my strength, my courage, daring
No longer do I wait on Christ’s deaf ears, waiting and staring

No longer do I leave things in “God’s hands” like some weak whelp
No longer do I look past my own mighty hand for help
And no more do I tolerate the invite of Christ’s sheep
Who try to “save” this Warrior while they all stress and weep

Who offer keys to God’s kingdom while fretting over bills
Who claim to know the “right way” but are fat from their weak wills
Who worry what the future holds despite the Bible’s chimes
To FEAR NOT as per God three hundred and sixty-five times

Thanks, but no thanks, not my style, and some day you will see
That deity you praise and worship’s a Warrior like me
You’ve been polluted by your ego’s desire to “win”
Rather than choose empathy, you fear and call things “sin”

You get upset in name of God and claim you’re beckoned to
You have the ignorance to claim each Muslim, Hindu, Jew
Will “burn in hell” simply because they do not wear a cross
How misguided to think that fashion sense will prevent loss

How misguided to think that sitting in a pew each week
And listening but not FEELING the words will stop the bleak
How simple minded and obtuse to offer this invite
While crying, “Only human!” while you fear through every plight

Just as Alexander sliced through the Gordian knot
This Warrior does slice through that invite to fear and fraught
Laughable, that invite is, and it just goes to show
That misery loves company and I’ve had enough woe

I do not offer an invite to walk the Warrior’s path
Because I know they can’t withstand their own iron will’s wrath
So pray and beg and fear on but don’t save a spot for me
I once was lost and blinded to my OWN strength, now I see

No heaven’s needed, and no flock, no shepherd, no salvation
By weak-willed hypocrites who waste the present on frustration
A Warrior is just fine on their own without such tripe
Kneeling down with both hands clasped? No thanks, I’m not the type


A Flock of Warriors

9 Jan

“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.” ~Heraclitus

A Flock of Warriors

For years I’ve searched for a group to
Be proud to call my tribe
A flock of warriors who all
Exude the same brave vibe

I scoured schools, some work places
And many different churches
None of these locations proved
To be successful searches

I saw the same thing everywhere
They had complacency
They didn’t have desire to
Be all that they could be

They all fell in to one big massive
Comfortable deep sleep
They didn’t want a single soul
Disrupting with a peep

Epiphany then came to me
From a quote that I read
Heraclitus spoke how many
Warriors are bred

He said “Of every hundred men
Ten shouldn’t be present
Eighty are just targets so that
Arrows can be spent

Nine are fighters, honor them
For they do make the battle
Ah, but that one left over
Of him let us now prattle:

That one is a warrior
And he will bring them back”
These statistics are why I can’t
Find a warrior pack

It’s just not there, does not exist
They are a unique breed
Their numbers, one in one hundred
Just will never exceed

Their virtues get diluted when
Surrounded by the weak
The scared, the selfish, remorseful
The ones who think things bleak

I now accept and understand
The warrior is sole
They do not need a group or clique
In order to feel whole

‘Cause what they have inside is worth
A hundred thousand friends
An endless peace and strength and grace
That loneliness transcends