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7 Jun



“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, BE NOTHING.”
― Aristotle

The price you pay for having your creative voice be heard or creative vision be seen is having to hear the criticism of people who don’t have the courage or fortitude to put themselves on display for all to nitpick.

I find such “critics” to almost never employ any kind of balance in their critiques. They gleefully and snidely pick apart every so-called flaw, and yet rarely show any kind of balance by expressing passion or exuberance for what was done WELL.

Let the following phrase be your shield against any hater or critic who tries to steal your joy away: “Now say something encouraging.” I guaran-damn-tee you if you pay close attention, most of the time they won’t light up with excitement as they talk about the silver lining or saving grace of your creation.

And that, my friends, is what a true critic is; an imbalance. Everything in, nothing out (except negativity). A cowardly, hateful, selfish creature that’s only here to act as a parasite. Don’t you dare allow anybody to ever discourage you from putting something out there for fear that “they” won’t like it. Just remember: “they” don’t like anything, and nothing you can ever do will change that. I’ve posted hundreds of writings in spite of the few critics who tried to discourage me. They will never discourage me from being creative, and they should never discourage you either.

Make a great weekend,

Perfecto’s Vault

11 Jan

“A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault.”  ~John Henry Newman

Perfecto’s Vault

There once was an artist whose name
Reflected the work that he did
“Perfecto” was his name because
Imperfection is what he forbid

He worked as an artist and sculptor
Musician and filmmaker too
A writer, a poet, a dancer
Creative he was, through and through

But the problem was that young Perfecto
Just never could get things quite right
He wanted them perfect, and so
He worked on them all day and night

But Perfecto could never get works
To ever be without some flaws
“It has to be perfect to gain
The audience’s big applause!”

And so he kept tweaking and tweaking
But never could get it perfect
“It has to be just how I want it!
This artwork of me does reflect!”

And after way too much fine-tuning
Of it he eventually got sick
And so rather than unveil and let
A few of his viewers nitpick

He took it way down to his basement
And threw it into his steel vault
Along with all his other works
That had some sort of tiny fault

He slammed shut the door of the vault
And began to think of his next piece
Never once thinking it too
Would make his vault’s contents increase

Years later, when he was much older
And tried to store one more away
The vault’s door exploded wide open
And out spilled all of its cache

There he lay buried in pieces
That used to seem like they were flawed
But where once he’d been irritated
Now the old man was just awed

The years had done something to his eyes
No longer did he see the specks
All he saw was how amazing
Were all his abandoned projects

The joy and the wonder he got
Had suddenly made him admit
Perfecto had been very selfish
To think all his work was unfit

He understood there in that moment
Not everyone sees things the same
What one person thinks is imperfect
Another might loudly exclaim:

“I love it! It’s awesome! Fantastic!
I really enjoyed all your work!
Thank you for sharing it with me
And bringing to my face a smirk!”

And so Perfecto sat and cried
‘Cause all of his passion and talent
Lay on the floor of this dark basement
Because he had not been more gallant

To not care what others would think
About the work he had created
Drowning in work he now loved
That for silly reasons he had once hated

The end


“Once you accept the fact that you’re not perfect, then you develop some confidence.”  ~Rosalynn Carter

Imperfecto’s Vault

There was a guy named “Imperfecto”
Who got the job done and kept going
His vault was empty because
He wasn’t afraid of flaws showing

The end

Imperfecto’s Vault

30 Aug

Imperfecto’s Vault

There was a guy named “Imperfecto”
Who got the job done and kept going
His vault was empty because
He wasn’t afraid of flaws showing

The end