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Fire Warrior

29 Aug

“Firemen never die, they just burn forever in the hearts of the people whose lives they saved.” ~Susan Diane Murphree

Fire Warrior

The alarm goes off, it’s time to drop what he was working on
It doesn’t matter that the sun has barely reached the dawn
It doesn’t matter that he’s tired and has not had time
To pour his cup of coffee, all that matters is the chime

He rushes to his locker and he grabs his Warrior gear
Still as fast as ever even in his seventh year
He quickly kisses the picture of his wife and two sons
That’s tacked up on his locker and then to the pole he runs

He slides down and he jumps aboard the great big hulking truck
The horn blares loud and off it speeds to where fire has struck
He fastens buttons, slips on gloves and then steadies his mind
Intensity and focus is how this Warrior’s defined

The truck slams on the brakes before a towering red blaze
Bystanders watch in awe but Warrior it doesn’t faze
He jumps off of the truck and joins his brothers in the fight
They shower the entrance and then he charges into light

The fire sears but just behind, a brother douses him
It makes the intense heat subside on every single limb
“Someone’s trapped on the third floor” his radio does say
“Jesus Christ” he hears another Warrior convey

“It’s too widespread, there’s no safe way” he hears somebody warn
He takes a moment to think of the day his sons were born
And up there on the third floor is somebody’s son or daughter
“I’m on my way,” he says and things become a little hotter

His backup does their best to keep him cool as they climb stairs
He kicks through doors and dodges flaming tables, shelves and chairs
“Help!” he hears someone cry out, “I”m here! I can’t get out!”
He sees someone on other side of flames and has no doubt

He charges through the inferno and sees a scared, young man
“Is anyone else here?” he asks as he does a quick scan
“I’m not sure,” he says as he shakes, “I’m scared!” he says with shock
He’s burned up pretty bad and will not be able to walk

The Fire Warrior slips off his coat and throws it on
The young man and then hoists him on his shoulders with his brawn
“Close your eyes,” he tells the lad, “and hold onto me tight”
And rushes forward hauling the young man with all his might

His comrade tries his best to douse the flames that do surround
But the hot bastard’s much too strong and suddenly the ground
Collapses and the Warrior plummets three stories fast
The last thing that he feels is the impact and then a blast

As his lights dim he sees his brothers pull the young man off
“Is he okay?” the Warrior asks with a bloody cough
“Yeah, you broke his fall” one says, “don’t move” but it’s too late
He sees the young man look back as he embraces his fate

The heat subsides and all he feels is a cool, sudden calm
A brother cries, “Stay with me, John!” as he clenches his palm
“Tell my wife and sons…” he says but cannot find the words
Suddenly he’s in the park and hears the chirping birds

His wife looks beautiful as wind caresses her dark hair
His two boys chase some ducks and geese and laugh without a care
“I will” his brother says with tears and watches as the life
Leaves the eyes of the man who had two sons and a wife

They hold a lovely service honoring his sacrifice
The young man watches family cry and understands the price
That has been paid to save his life and wonders how he’ll ever
Pay back two young sons who have lost their father forever

How he’ll ever face the woman who has lost her love
He promises that all he can do is to rise above
To follow that Warrior’s example and to plunge right in
To anything that terrifies and find the strength within

To never be afraid again no matter what the threat
To be forever paying the Fire Warrior’s debt
To owe him courage, owe him strength, to owe him bravery
To follow his resolve and valor through the third degree

In loving memory of all Firefighters
Who have made the ultimate sacrifice
And in appreciation to all those
Who continue the battle

The Hotter the Forge, The Stronger the Sword

18 Oct

The Hotter the Forge, The Stronger the Sword

The sword’s a symbol of great strength
As well as elegance
The blade can withstand great duress
If its metal is dense

Although the final sword is sleek
And smooth with mirror shine
It wasn’t always free of dents
Or a perfect straight line

The steel within its blade was not
Always so strong and stout
The path that the sword must take is
Not the most pleasant route

The raw, weak metal’s placed inside
A forge of blazing heat
And if that wasn’t bad enough
The swordsmith starts to beat

Upon the raw material
With hammer, unrelenting
Battering and pummeling
And shaping, reinventing

Stoking fire even hotter
Making the steel glow
Into the reinforced blade
That we have come to know

Every time its folded and
Is hammered out once more
Makes the blade even stronger
Down to its deepest core

Every centigrade of heat
That the forge does increase
Unlocks dormant potential
And more strength does release

We all are blades within the forge
And life is our swordsmith
Strength without an intense heat
Is no more than a myth

Just like the blade, you can not form
Unless the fire’s stoked
Unless the hammer’s brought down hard
And your true strength’s evoked


Pop Culture Poetry: The Power

21 Aug

The Power

The Kingdom is at peace today
The Prince breathes deep and slow
A peasant sees him laying down
Beside where flowers grow

The peasant bows and says, “Highness”
The Prince gives them a smile
He can tell as they walk off
They actually revile

The Prince behind his back because
How little strength he shows
Instead of fighting off a beast
He’d rather simply doze

The Kingdom’s people walk about
And do their daily chores
Secretly shaking their heads
At how he evades wars

He’d always run and hide whenever
The foes do attack
And only when peace is restored
Does he make his way back

He knows they all look down on him
But he accepts the role
Thrust upon him, although it
Does sometimes take its toll

Suddenly the peace is shattered
By a swooping beast
The winged creature breathes fire
And leaves a few deceased

The townspeople all run and scatter
All throughout the streets
To no one’s real surprise, the Prince‘s
Routine still repeats

He takes his furry companion
And ducks in a dark alley
He hears the men at arms outside
Assemble and then rally

Against the fire-breathing beast
But they are too outmatched
A single warrior who strikes
Is engulfed and then snatched

Deep down the Prince knows that he has
The courage to fight off
Any threat to his Kingdom
Though most at that would scoff

But he knows too he doesn’t have
The power that he needs
To fend off all the evil threats
And so he then proceeds

To hold his magic sword aloft
And speak the ancient name
Of the legendary King
From which his power came

“I have the power” he thunders
As lightning brightly flashes
Making him grow ten times stronger
As the thunder crashes

With power, knowledge and wisdom
The Prince no longer stands
In the alley, the sword now
Rests in a Hero’s hands

He points the sword at his small pet
Who cowers at the sight
Of lightning all around him, but then
Grows in ten times might

The companion roars as the Hero
Mounts the battle cat
And rides off to the courtyard to
Subdue the monster that

Has disrupted all the peace
That the Prince had enjoyed
All the people see him come
And are all overjoyed

They give him adulation and
Call him their only hope
Somewhere someone makes a crack
“The Prince ran off to mope”

The Hero blocks a blast of fire
With his magic sword
He dismounts and engages the
New beast sent by the horde

He grabs the beast by one leg while
The battle cat jumps on
Its back and bites and claws while Hero
Displays his full brawn

He lifts the beast above his head
With impossible strength
The cat jumps down and watches on
Always at arms length

The Hero grunts and hurls the beast
Into a castle wall
The bricks give way and beast commences
To forever fall

It screams and writhes as it plummets
Into the endless void
Another beast the Hero has
Successfully destroyed

The townspeople all cheer his name
The King joins them as well
He looks around for his young son
Again, he must retell

The exploits of this Hero since
Whenever trouble nears
The Prince pulls off a magic trick
And somehow disappears

The Hero sees the King search for
His skittish only son
He wishes he could tell the truth
But knows what must be done

He mounts the cat and rides off as
The people give him praise
A short time later, Prince returns
A few eyebrows do raise

“I’m glad you’re safe!” the King hugs him
But many people snicker
How whenever danger strikes
The Prince could not be quicker

“My furry friend ran off” the Prince
Explains to all the folks
“I had to make sure he was safe”
He perpetrates the hoax

And accepts how they see him
A gutless, craven coward
A necessary mask for the
Hero deep down, empowered

By the strength and courage of
The King whose skull was gray
Until the next time they need help
By flowers he will lay

Pop Culture Poetry: Firewalker

17 Aug

*Companion Piece to “Familiar Blue”


Breathe in
Breathe out
My thoughts fill with doubt

The tormented conscience
The whispering fear
Scored by the fire
I still feel its sear

Breathe in
Breathe out
Pain still burns throughout

Flashes of brothers
Of all those held dear
Burn like the river
That skinned me last year

Breathe in
Breathe out
I am now the drought

The emptiness in
This gleaming black suit
Voice and expression
Forever now mute

Breathe in
Breathe out
Was this the best route?

Was I too rash?
Or rather, was he?
That young boy no longer
Feels a part of me

Breathe in
Breathe out
These steel legs are stout

They hurt where they stab
Into severed stumps
But now when I walk
Beneath the ground thumps

Breathe in
Breathe out
This mask gives me clout

I no longer see horror
Now I see dread
They cower in worship
Through these eyes of red

Breathe in
Breathe out
These weaklings I flout

None of them could have
Survived my baptism
I now stand apart
I am my own schism

Breathe in
Breathe out
To me they’ll devout

A symbol of warning
Of intolerance
The mere mention of
My name now prevents

Breathe in
Breathe out
I burn off the sprout

The memory of him
The one who betrayed
The one who forged me
With his own blade

Breathe in
Breathe out
My hatred will tout

I’ll find him one day
I’ll never relent
I’ll never forget
His distinctive scent

Breathe in
Breathe out
I burn off the doubt

That he’s dead already
He must have survived!
Of my revenge
I won’t be deprived

Breathe in
Breathe out
Breathe in
Breathe out