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Champion Warrior

3 Mar

My good friend Fitz “The Whip” Vanderpool just won the Canadian Middleweight Title in his mid 40’s despite most people telling him he was too old. Once again, the Whip proves that “With Hope, It’s Possible!”


Champion Warrior

They told him “It’s too late, old man”
“You’re much too old to fight”
But Fitz “The Whip” knew that to be
Judged by age isn’t right

Those who judged were short sighted
And didn’t see the training
The heart, desire, sacrifice
The passion still remaining

The board, the public, so many
Gave doubt and disbelief
They tried to steal his Hope and tried
To fill his heart with grief

But Champions are not affected
By another’s words
Champions are not sheep that
Walk along with the herds

Champions look within and
They listen to themselves
A Champion sees strength inside
And bravely, deeper delves

A Champion does not hear what
The pessimists do warn
A Champion blocks it all out
‘Cause Champions were born

To jab, to hook, to uppercut
To fight ‘till final round
To take all that life has to give
And pound and pound and pound

And rip respect from clutches of
Those who don’t try their best
To take it by force from all those
Who much prefer to rest

Congratulations, Champion
You have proven once more
That with Hope it is possible
Now no one can ignore

~Congrats Fitz “The Whip” Vanderpool, 45 years young
New National Boxing Authority Middleweight Champion
March 2nd, 2013

Starving for Attention

13 Feb

“There is nothing so pathetic as a bore who claims attention – and gets it.” ~Author Unknown

Starving for Attention

There are some people out there who
Are starving for attention
They live for other people giving
Them the slightest mention

They let on like they care about
The things you have to say
But watch their egos flare up when
You don’t give time of day

The ego doesn’t like to give
Benefit of the doubt
Their selfish little minds begin
To whine and cry and pout

They start to make assumptions like
“You’re scared of what I said!
I must have made you upset so
Now that is why you’ve fled!”

It is the same song sung by those
Who are so malnourished
For praise, approval, respect and
Other selfish things wished

I’ve been called angry by those who
Have missed 200 writes
Filled with messages of peace
And strength, avoiding fights

Poems that proclaim there is
No use in arguing
Ballads that say “Walk on” when
Their ego feels the sting

The ones who starve for attention
Are quite easy to spot
They are not understanding when
They don’t get what they’ve sought

They make assumptions, grasp at straws
And start to act really pissy
To them your silence is an act
Of a cowardly sissy

The warrior is not rattled
And does not dignify
They do not lower themselves ‘cause
The road they take is high

Words like “scared” and “upset” will
Just roll off of their backs
The warrior has peace of mind
Because they know the facts

And ignorant assumptions by
The starving don’t mean squat
To those who crave it so badly
They will remain distraught

Because there never will be enough
Attention to please
The more they get, the more they want
The more it won’t appease

I have no qualms with starving them
My attention is saved
For selfless, loving people who
To ego aren’t enslaved


Distant Tough Guy

25 Jan

Distant Tough Guy

I’ve got another true story
To share with you today
It gives you an idea of the
Game that some ‘tough guys’ play

It started innocently when
A smoker flicked his butt
Since I am a warrior
I don’t  keep my mouth shut

“That belongs in the garbage”
I calmly said to him
That’s when this ‘tough guy’ started
To boil to the brim

He shouted many swear words and
Said “Mind your own business!”
“It is,” I said, “I live here too”
Quite calmly with no stress

The interesting part is when
Our paths then did diverge
He suddenly got really brave
And acted like a scourge

Across a skating rink that was
Adorned with kids on ice
He threatened me with profane words
And that I’d pay the price

He motioned with his hand for me
To come and start a brawl
Interesting that it took
Ten yards to find his gall

No, I did not oblige him
I’m not an imbecile
But I was curious to see
If ‘tough guy’ would fulfill

His threats to kick my ass if I
Stopped walking, so I stood
Waiting as he looked back and
Said all the things he could

Do to me because I spoke
Five words not to his liking
Repeatedly he looked back but
Not once did he stop hiking

Maybe it’s because I’m tall
Or have a warrior’s build
Maybe it’s because when he
Blew his top, I stayed chilled

Whatever reason may have been
I learned something right there
Some ‘tough guys’ talk a real big game
But only walk and stare

Never let a loud mouth cause you
Any kind of stress
All they’re trying to do is
Their own ego impress

I’m sure he kept on walking and
Telling himself how bad
A ‘mofo’ that he is and that
He would have made me sad

If only I had come his way
And gotten in his face
I’m sure he’s caused many to run
Away at a fast pace

I wonder if the image of
A warrior just standing
Waiting patiently for him
To come through will be branding

Onto him, a memory
Of how a patient chap
Showed him how his ‘tough guy’ threats
Are just a bunch of crap

So it is with all bullies
The farther that you get
The bigger that their claims are of
How you should fear and fret


The Old Child

17 Jan

“A warrior is never under siege. To be under siege implies that one has personal possessions that could be blockaded. A warrior has nothing in the world except his impeccability, and impeccability cannot be threatened.” ~Don Juan

The Old Child
(based on a true story)

The other day at City Hall
While I sat and did write
Beside me I heard an old man
Complain and bitch and fight

He spoke on his cell phone to someone
That had let him down
He berated and badmouthed them
While wearing quite a frown

After several minutes he
Then made another call
This person too was on the end
Of his frustrated brawl

He talked of self-importance and
How he won’t stand for it
And swore a blue streak while he threw
A little child’s fit

And just as he finished his call
A young man sauntered by
And asked him for a smoke because
His carton had run dry

This old man man scoffed and said “No way
Why don’t you get a job?”
A dirty look of disgust was
What he then chose to lob

The young man then moved on to me
And made the same request
I made an effort to be nice
And smile as I confessed

“I don’t smoke” and he smiled back
But after a few feet
He turned around and walked back to
The first man he did greet

“You do not have to be so rude”
The young man said to old
“Go to hell!” the old man said
And other words did scold

The young man took another step
Said “Got a problem, pal?”
Suddenly the old man had
Not quite as much morale

“No,” he said and waved him off
And young man walked away
Old man then turned to face me
Expecting me to say

“What a jerk” or “little punk”
But instead I asked him
“What’s the greatest purpose in
Your life?” which made him grim

He got upset just as he had
With two calls and the smoker
He called me way too deep and some
Brainwashed pathetic joker

I calmly said “That’s the problem
You don’t think deep enough
You’re more concerned with shallow thoughts
Like acting big and tough”

I watched calmly as ego writhed
And spat and flailed away
Feeling as if under fire
With venom to spray

I told him “When I’m gone and you
Have no need to posture
When ego is alone you’ll hear
Your own truth and be sure

That serving others is what we
Are placed here to achieve
The ones who serve only themselves
Are those who always grieve”

He blew things out of proportion
And missed many a notion
“What am I supposed to do?”
He said with great commotion

“I don’t have any smokes so what
Do you want me to do?”
I said “Just ‘cause you can’t oblige
Does not mean you must spew

Anger, hatred, disrespect
And treat people so poor”
Then I mentioned his two calls
Which made him insecure

He got up in a huff and said
He’d had enough of me
I told him that he was still young
But one day he would see

He laughed and said he was older
Than me but I inquired:
“Does age to you only mean how
Many years have expired?

Or does it mean how much you’ve learned
How much grace you’ve amassed
Or is it just how many days
Of breathing that have passed?”

Once again his ego screamed
And said “If you’re so nice
Why don’t you go give that stupid
Bum your Mac device?”

“You’ve missed the point” I said again
“He didn’t ask for it
He asked me for a smoke and then
He smiled with no fit

For you he turned around and wanted
To engage in war
And you backed down ‘cause of the two
It seems that you had more

To lose, and that’s the root of why
You’re always so upset
You cause your own frustration when
You want but you don’t get

You don’t accept what is, instead
You swear and point a finger
Never realizing how
Your hateful words do linger”

There’s only so much truth that an
Old child can hear at once
He gathered all his things and stood
While calling me a dunce

I noted that he once again
Was seeking comfort ‘cause
He didn’t find it comfortable
To have his brain abuzz

All he wanted from me was
A nod in agreement
But warriors do not pander
To those who rant and vent

And I imagine once that old
Child has cooled his mind
Let go of his anger and
Looked within he will find

That he’s in fact the cause of all
His unrest and turmoil
There’s only one person to blame
Just one that is his foil

I saw a light bulb moment when
I told him that old truth
For just one second he did not
Look so much like a youth

And that’s because no matter how
Upset we may all get
The truth deep down inside of us
Illuminates our fret

He walked away while mumbling
With much to think about
Deep thoughts which will cast his selfish
Way of life in doubt

That wisdom has little to do
With years or centuries
Some are youthful wise old souls
And some, just old babies


Spoiling for a Fight

4 Oct

Spoiling for a Fight

There will always be people
Who will walk up to you
With a sneer upon their face
And hatred they will spew

They’ll be upset about something
That you have said or done
They’ll make it very evident
That their patience is none

They’ll point a finger at you and
Accuse you of wrongdoing
They’ll ‘let off steam’ by scolding you
And not themselves reviewing

Just the other day someone
Walked up to me and had
A complaint they wanted to air
They were upset a tad

I turned around in their driveway
And they saw fit to leave
Their home to walk up to me and
Proceed to bitch and grieve

At first I couldn’t hear their words
Because I wore earphones
Listening to relaxing
And harmonious tones

I thought it strange that this person
Who watched me like a hawk
When I put my car on their
Driveway would come and squawk

And not notice I couldn’t hear
While wearing my headset
Guess they were too busy being
Angry and upset

I turned off tunes to hear them say
They’ve had all they can take
For some reason this has caused them
A very heavy ache

They furrowed brow and spat their rage
And levied me a fee
Every single past offense
Was to be paid by me

All I saw was a small person
Petty, selfish, weak
The kind who gave lame compliments
But was quick to critique

I saw them spoiling for a fight
And wanting to provoke
The sleeping beast inside of me
Because their own awoke

The words of a great warrior
Echoed deep in my mind
My own patience and fortitude
His teachings did remind

He said that a true warrior
Will take control and act
A fool is someone who reflects
A fool will just react

A fool is one who will mimic
The weakness that they see
A fool allows attacker to
Decide who they will be

As this upset person who was
Spoiling for a fight
Spouted off their barbs I did not
Let their words incite

I simply held my tongue and gave
A warm and gentle smile
Not allowing them to change
My mood from peace to vile

The more that I simply smiled and
Remained completely silent
The more confused they seemed to get
Along with that, less violent

Their rage began to lose some steam
And they began to mumble
Loud and angry accusations
Now just a faint grumble

They turned around in confusion
And walked away, ashamed
At least that’s how it seemed to me
‘Cause my resolve had tamed

Whatever was inside of them
That hungered for a fight
Eager to explode over
Things so mundane and trite

When people think of warriors
They think of blood and death
The truth is that a warrior
Is all about deep breath

Patience, poise and full control
A loving, peaceful heart
Unwavering courage that
On others should impart

Never in a rage because
They didn’t get a want
Never letting go of peace
Because someone did taunt

Understanding that a battle
Is a last resort
Recognizing arguments
Are best to be kept short

And never spoiling for a fight
Or indulging one too
When petty people lose their calm
A warrior stays true


Pop Culture Poetry: Hands of Steel

20 Aug

Hands of Steel

This traveller comes
From far away
A planet in
Full disarray

A world severed
By hate and lust
For power that’s
Left dead to rust

This shepherd sees
The end is near
And knows he must
Leave all that’s dear

He calls his flock
To board their ship
But are so weak
They can’t equip

The vessel to
Defend from foes
The traitors board
And come to blows

The shepherd uses
Hands of steel
To show his flock
Just how to deal

With anyone
Who tries to take
The peace that they
Want to remake

He knows even
Though they are fleeing
Freedom’s the right
Of a sentient being

He grabs a foe
And hoists him high
And hurls him at
The foe’s ally

The two careen
Into their chief
He swats them off
Like a small leaf

The silver scourge
Lifts on his arm
An instrument
Of deadly harm

The cannon swells
With purple light
But before
It can ignite

Two hands of steel
Come forth and grab
The cannon and
Then throw a jab

Across the silver
Terror’s face
Knocking him
Off of his base

The shepherd lands
A mighty kick
Which dents his
Nemesis’s thick

Armor and he
Doesn’t wait
With hands of steel
He grabs the plate

And spins the silver
Scourge around
Off of a wall
Then to the ground

The scourge smiles
A hint of pride
As the two
Leaders collide

He recalls how
The shepherd was
And what he’s now
Become because

Of being pushed
To his limit
Most others
Already quit

But this shepherd
Was a rare breed
He refused
To concede

The freedom of
All of his friends
Where many hid
This one defends

“It’s over” the
Steel scourge does roar
And his own
Steel hands now bore

Towards the shepherd’s
Optic lights
But still fights

His followers
All see him hold
His own against
A foe twofold

The strength of him
And ten times more
In any war

His bravery
Rouses his flock
And soon with hands
Of steel they knock

And strike and blast
Those who attack
The time has come
To all fight back

The red and yellow
Brothers team
To throw the blue foe
Through a beam

The pacifist
Evades the sting
Of a null-ray
And grabs a wing

And hurls the foe
Towards the aged
Red warrior
Who’s now uncaged

The silver scourge
Sees all his weak
Prey’s courage now
Somehow pique

He now knows he
Must cut the head
Off of the one
Who’s courage spread

He bores down on
The shepherd’s throat
As wires snap
The scourge does gloat

“Die” his raspy
Voice does growl
But an ally
Is on the prowl

The black and white
Brother jumps on
While the small green
Brother with brawn

Grabs hold a leg
The two give all
To save their shepherd
From the maul

It’s all he needs
With hands of steel
He takes control
Makes his foe reel

The silver scourge
Has no one to
Come to his aid
Where is his crew?

Why don’t they help
The fight he’s in?
He sees the white one
At him grin

And then remembers
He trusts no one
Their treacherous
Help he needs none

The shepherd sees
The scourge lose trust
In all his troops
And knows he must

Always have it
For all his team
It’s what makes
His side supreme

Before the duel
Can be decided
The ship becomes
All misguided

It spins out of
Control and stalls
Pulled towards
The Earth and falls

Swooping down
To then collide
Crashing into

Eyes slowly dim
The shepherd knew
Chances were slim

But as his mind
Does fade away
A heavy heart
Will never weigh

He fought with hands
Of steel and saw
That none of his
Flock did withdraw

They did not cower
They did not weep
They followed bravely
Rose to keep

Their freedom and
They made him proud
They broke free of
The fearful shroud

His lights go out
He sleeps and waits
To hear the telling
Of their fates

When one day rock
Will not conceal
All the mighty
Hands of steel