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Piss ’em Off

23 Jun

Piss ‘em Off

Your mommy and your daddy and your uncles and your aunts
Your siblings and your teachers all recited the same chants:
“Be nice!” they warned because if you don’t choose your words with care
They might anger, incite, rile and cause tempers to flare

“Be nice!” or you will have to deal with something that’s not nice
I’ve come to learn that being “nice always” is bad advice
Know what you will get when you are kind to narcissists?
You’ll get someone who won’t give back but their taking persists

How ‘bout if you are gentle with a person with no spine?
You’ll get a weakling who cannot endure, they’ll only whine
And if you do agree with someone who is just a fool
For sake of not hurting their feelings and appearing cruel?

You’ll get an ignorant adult who angers and throws fits
Who’s too lazy to understand and is devoid of wits
I see a world of tiptoeing, the “Snowflake Generation”
Over-sensitive egos with unhealthy fixation

On “conditional happiness,” these simple minds believe
That joy is when you get something and loss is when you grieve
So many think this way because “Be nice!” was ingrained deep
Luckily for every hundred, one is not a sheep

Awakening did come to me not from those with fake smiles
It didn’t come from the “in crowd,” it came from the exiles
The ones who spoke the truth straight from their hearts and didn’t care
Who it did piss off and caused to argue, scream and swear

“My duty is to sing my song and dance my dance, my dears”
One of these folks said whose words singed many people’s ears
I listened to his words so genuine, his voice so merry
While brainwashed sheep with voices filled with angst would scoff and parry

“If it helps, then great!” he sang, “if not, then that’s too bad!”
He followed with a cheerful wave and “Bye!” he’d brightly add
He pissed ‘em off and what I saw was deception from most
Those who preached “Be nice!” did not practice what they did boast

Ever stop to think how many folks who talk the talk
Are not hypocrites and do the work to walk the walk?
Ever wonder how many who demand “nice” show grace
To those who have the courage to reject them to their face?

“Nice,” I learned was something that was asked for but not shown
By most people who didn’t train, weren’t tested, hadn’t grown
A soft society based on comfort and luxury
Whose addiction to ease has caused a mental atrophy

Piss ‘em off, I say, light fires underneath their ass
Search your heart and speak your mind with great big balls of brass
And if they cannot handle someone’s different point of view
Don’t you dare apologize, give them something to chew

Challenge them to try harder while you wave and sing “Bye!”
An ego is not justified because it starts to cry
Have no fear, those tears will dry and anger will subside
And in a while the ache and pain will pass from their backside

And what causes this healing? Why does the pain go away?
Resiliency, my dears, a trait that we rarely display
But it is there and more it’s used, the less our egos ache
So speak your mind and piss ‘em off and challenge that snowflake



25 Jul


There is a type of person who
Is known as an Empath
While many think that they are blessed
They don’t know of the wrath

That comes with being so in tuned
With other people’s feelings
That for the Empath, even the
Most casual of dealings

Can uncover strong feelings of
Much fear, hate or mistrust
The Empath can pick up on things
Even if not discussed

A super-human attention
To detail that reveals
How a smiling, joking person
Actually feels

Some pick up an energy
While others just go by
Body language, chosen words
Or the look in their eye

The Empath is a sensitive
Compassionate observer
Many times they lose themselves
Amid another’s fervor

Shackled with acuity
They often lose control
Of their own thoughts and feelings ‘cause
Another does cajole

They’re overwhelmed by influence
Of what rages around
Every detail magnified
And amplified, each sound

Lucky or a blessing? No,
Most Empaths feel they’re cursed
Because each day they are witness
To humanity’s worst

The selfishness, the fear, the lack
Of any kind of hope
The whining and complaining and
The masses who just mope

The Empath knows there’s strength inside
Themselves and everyone
They’re cursed to watch most people simply
Ignore it and shun

The Empath sees the beauty in
The little things each day
But also sees the countless people
That piss it away

The Empath is a noble guard
A listener to all
They are the ones that you just can’t
Help but tear down your wall

And open up to, speak to, be
Vulnerable, exposed
Because the Empath’s mind is never
Ignorant and closed

They are the listeners who care
Who truly hear your tale
Who do relate to what you’re going
Through each time you fail

And they sustain a lot of wear
And tear from what they do
If only all knew what it’s like
To have empathic view

To let go of yourself and walk
A mile in their shoes
To feel their pain and not be able
To even refuse

Here’s to Empaths, blessed and cursed
With great acuity
True Warrior Poets who
Just wish they could be free

But that is not their lot in life
No, that is not their mission
In a world of ignorance
Their purpose is cognition

To listen, understand and teach
People about themselves
To be the fearless explorer
Who boldly deeper delves

Keep in mind what energy
You do choose to put out
You never know when an Empath
May be lurking about


The Offender

2 Jan

“Someday a computer will give a wrong answer to spare someone’s feelings, and man will have invented artificial intelligence.”  ~Robert Brault

The Offender

There once was a man who offended
The same people that he defended
Though he cared for them deeply
They took his words cheaply
And not the way he had intended

When Offender spoke of their weakness
They were overcome with much bleakness
Everyone in the joint
Seemed to just miss the point:
That they had to unlock their uniqueness

He saw them all falling in line
Like everyone else fret and whine
He knew they were greater
Than the average hater
If they’d all just show a little spine

But Ego was this man’s arch foe
It made folks feel hurt and say “NO!”
“You’ve hurt my feelings!”
“We’ll have no more dealings!”
“Take your observations and go!”

And so Offender packed his things
And carried on, spreading his wings
One day the offended
His words comprehended
When Ego stopped feeling their stings

“My God, he spoke truth all along!”
“It wasn’t ‘I’m right and you’re wrong!’”
“He didn’t mean it
To just cause me a fit”
“He was trying to show me I’m strong!”

Funny thing to take offense
To feel hurt and go on defense
When you know that it’s not
An attack or a plot
You might just learn something immense


Nothing Personal

23 Sep

Nothing Personal

Ever wanted to not do
Something and used the phrase:
“It’s nothing personal” and hoping
That it will not phase

The person that you’ve told it to?
That you mean no abuse?
That you just do not care enough
Or have time to make use

Of something that they’ve brought to mind?
A suggestion they’ve made?
An effort given to assist?
Some selflessness displayed?

“It’s nothing personal” is said
By those who do not care
A cop-out line employed by those
Who are not yet aware

That every single thing we think
Imagine or create
Is deeply fashioned with our own
Personality trait

“It’s nothing personal” tells us
The speaker doesn’t see
The integral part of ourselves
That made the idea be

And maybe that’s why many don’t
Connect with a concept
“It’s nothing personal” blinds them
From being that adept

It’s a way of thinking that is
Close-minded and blunt
A way of keeping distance and
Not having to confront

Personal issues that could be
Awkward and hurt feelings
Some think that it’s better to
Be detached in these dealings

A warrior is passionate
And therefore not afraid
To make things personal even
If egos do get frayed

A warrior knows that it is
Personal and accepts
Criticism from others and
Quickly intercepts

Their own ego when it screams
And flusters with offense
A warrior knows that they don’t
Require a defense

That life is not a competition
But you can be sure
Everything is personal
If your intention’s pure