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Valentine Warrior

14 Feb

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” ~Morrie Schwartz

Valentine Warrior

Every time this warrior
Tells you to live your day
With courage, strength and fearlessness
But many cannot say

The words “I love you” to their mate
Their wives, girlfriends and such
The men who cannot say these words
Have fallen out of touch

With what true bravery’s about
For when they cannot say
These powerful three words, it is
Selfishness they display

They worry that their feelings will
Get hurt and worry too
That their sweetheart will not return
The three words they feel due

They worry it will make things weird
If timing is too early
They worry that it makes them sound
All sensitive and girly

Which is ironic because that’s
Exactly how they seem
When they aren’t true to themselves and
Don’t let their true love beam

It is extremely important
To see this very clear
The things that hold men back from saying
“I love you” is fear

The warrior is devoid of
That self-serving small trait
Never do they allow it
To make their feelings wait

“I love you” they say with passion
“I cherish you, my love”
“I thank the moon and stars for you”
“I thank the Lord above”

“This is how I feel for you
And no apologies
For being passionate, intense
For laying on the cheese”

“And no, I do not need it back
I give it selflessly
I say it so you understand
I’m glad that you’re with me”

The warrior accepts that the
Response may not be same
And if the other party can’t
Repeat, there is no shame

Because the warrior will know
That everyone’s been true
If their partner cannot repeat
Then they are bid “Adieu”

Because the warrior needs a
Warrior mate beside
Someone just as fearless to
Walk with them as their bride

Do not fear those three words, friends
From them the truth’s revealed
And truth is the strongest weapon
That warriors do yield




8 Jan

“They don’t join cliques — more times than not, they stand alone — but they recognize and gravitate towards one another. Only warriors understand other warriors.” ~Forrest E. Morgan


I’ve never been a fan of cliques
When folks have little groups
Of people that they know real well
Their comfortable small troupes

They form their inner circles where
They work and where they pray
It’s only folks they recognize
They’ll give the time of day

They do not welcome strangers in
With warmth and fearlessness
They don’t want to know more people
Instead, they do want less

Illumination came to me
When I spoke to someone
Who told me that because he was
So busy, he would shun

He only had time for himself
And those that he called “friend”
He made it clear he didn’t want
His circle to extend

And so each time he met someone
He didn’t recognize
His walls went up because he didn’t
Want some more allies

I find the whole thing even sadder
Since he follows Christ
A man who’s greeting to others
Was never, ever iced

Christ welcomed all with open arms
Embraced, invited in
He didn’t say “Sorry, I’d like
To keep my circle thin”

“Jesus Christ” is what I think
When I do think about
All the people who do not
Let their little cliques sprout

“Jesus Christ” is what I think
When I see Christians who
Do not go the extra mile
When they do greet you

“Jesus Christ” is what I think
When I see those with fear
Too afraid to open up
And hold new people dear

‘Cause Jesus Christ was fearless, loving
Trusting and intending
To add everyone to his clique
And keep the group extending


Fear of the Fearless

1 Dec

Fear of the Fearless

Ever notice how many
Are uneasy when they
Encounter someone who does not
Have fear of what they say?

Have you noticed, or are you
A person who pulls back
When you encounter someone who
Does fear and shyness lack?

Why is it we have such fear
When someone else shows none?
Why are those who are fearless
Labeled “the crazy one”

Is it “crazy” to not be
Afraid of anything?
To never be concerned about
What challenges may bring?

Have all those without fear truly
Lost all of their sense?
Or are the people who see their
Fearlessness and feel tense

Actually the ones who do
Deserve the label “crazy?”
The ones who live in fear because
They are too proud or lazy

Because they are concerned for their
Own comfort or their image
The ones who like to keep a safe
Distance from the big scrimmage

“Crazy,” “weird” or “reckless” are the
Words that are employed
By folks who see the fearless in
Action and are annoyed

Or feel inadequate or are
Ashamed of their own fear
The bottom line is when they see
The fearless they just sneer

They aren’t inspired to stand up
And show no fear as well
Instead they’d rather use their time
To worry and to dwell

About all things that could go wrong
And all that they may lose
A warrior is not discouraged
By a scratch or bruise

They aren’t discouraged by insults
Or people poking fun
They only have one goal in mind:
To get the mission done

They aren’t afraid of anything
Not even those without
Any fear themselves, instead
They are proud as they shout:

“My brother/sister warrior
Who I hold very dear
My source of inspiration who
I do respect, not fear”


Lost Love

27 Nov

Love Lost

Broken hearts are often told
“It’s better to have lost
A true love than to never have
Had it, despite the cost”

Many of us go into
Relationships on guard
Refusing to be vulnerable
Because we were left scarred

By the one who broke our heart
An unrequited love
Or someone who got bored of us
And quickly disposed of

Maybe they just “grew apart”
Or found somebody new
Or maybe it actually has
Little to do with you

Maybe it’s because they’re small
Or selfish or self-hating
Or are just happy to always
Be compulsively dating

Regardless of the scar that’s left
I know this much is true:
A warrior is not afraid
Of how things will ensue

If they open themselves up
To vulnerability
The lack of fear for themselves is
What sets their true love free

I can only tell you of
The few that I can claim
To have loved romantically
Without an ounce of shame

And when I opened myself up
And bared my heart and soul
The response has always been:
“You have made me feel whole

Complete, content, and satisfied
No longer wanting more
Also fearless and inspired
Because how you adore”

It’s true that not all loves will last
Some will just drift apart
While others will explode within
And tear up your poor heart

But when you think back and wonder
If it was a mistake
Please take solace in this knowledge
Though you may hurt and ache:

Despite the scars it may leave you
Don’t ever feel ashamed
Of being fearless and refusing
Your love to be tamed

Don’t you dare think twice that you
Should have been more subdued
There are enough in that group so
Yourself do not include

Think outside of yourself and
Instead think what you’ve given
Regardless of how many things
Are yet to be forgiven

Regardless of if the bridge is
Too burned to be repaired
Your duty on this Earth is to
Show that you always cared

It’s to show you always were
Fearless with all your love
The kind that’s only shown by the
Creator up above

No conditions to apply
And no rules to lay out
Just a pure and selfless love
That will leave little doubt

Yes, it’s better to have loved
And lost than not at all
As long as you just focus on
The courage, not the fall