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16 Sep


It’s been quite a while
Since I’ve watched TV
And what intrigues most
Is commercials I see

Thirty second spots
Telling you what you need
Just like Inception
Planting the seed

A trip to Cancun
You’ll be happy there
Drinks on the beach
And not have a care

A new video game
You get to pretend
That you’re a real hero
You fight and defend

You need this car if
You want them to think
That you’re rich and get
A pretty girl’s wink

I can’t help but feel
We’re being mislead
It’s not about joy
It’s all about $bread$

The ones who put on
This ongoing farce
Their care for your joy
Is really quite sparse

They’re not driven ‘cause
They want you content
Their sole motivation’s
The almighty cent

They mislead you to
Believe that you need
All of these things
That just feed your greed

They encourage you
To just think inward
Trying to make
Your selfishness stirred

Half-minute spots
From phonies and liars
Hoping that you
Will be their next buyers

Don’t be mislead
By good looking actors
Exotic locations
And other rich factors

They’re lying to you
You don’t need their wares
Do not let your wants
Coincide with theirs

See through the veil
Of music and lights
Shallow joy and
Misleading delights



9 Sep


They say that true friends are those that
You may not see for years
But when you do meet up again
It’s all old fun and cheers

They say it’s like there hasn’t been
A day that has passed by
Since the last time that you chatted
With your old ally

With all due respect to those
Who believe in this theory
I call it a bunch of crap
And here’s what makes me weary:

Many years ago when I
Was still a little boy
I thought I had many friends
To count on and enjoy

My older brother pointed out
“Do you know what friend means?”
His definition thoroughly
Blew mine to smithereens

He said, “A friend is someone who
Will be there when you call
At three o’clock in the morning
And they will never stall

They won’t groan and complain about
Not getting enough sleep
They won’t say that you owe them one
And payback will be steep

They’ll just get in their car and come
To make sure you’re alright
It doesn’t matter if it’s busy
Day or quiet night”

This definition of a friend
Has stuck with me since then
It’s helped me to identify
My true friends from the men

And women who are nothing more
Than people that I’ve met
Willing to make acquaintance
Until the price is sweat

Happy to sit down and have
A coffee if it fits
Within their busy schedule
As long as time permits

And even if a date is set
How often do they say
“Sorry, something has come up
Let’s do another day”

The thing about going so long
Without seeing your friend
Is that it shows lack of caring
When you both distend

Maintenance is how you care
For your health and well being
Only with a daily effort
Are you guaranteeing

A strong and healthy mind and body
Same goes for your car
If you never get it tuned
It won’t go very far

So why would someone think that you
Can just neglect a friend?
Go years without contacting
And no effort expend?

And then when you bump into them
By mere coincidence
Or maybe their initiative
The friendship’s still immense?

Doesn’t make much sense to me
Friends don’t drop out of sight
And randomly pop up again
And friendship reignite

Faux-friends are what those are called
The ones who smile so wide
And say “So good to see you!”
Then back into silence slide

I’m not saying that you should wait
For others to call you
Quite the opposite, in fact
Pick up the phone, pursue

Make an effort to connect
With friends who are estranged
If schedules do not permit
Then make them rearranged

Do your best to pull your weight
‘Cause friendships are a team
But if you’re pulling the whole load
Soon you’ll be losing steam

And that’s when you can stop calling
And then look forward to
One day bumping into that
Faux-friend that you once knew