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17 Feb


Warrior Poet Wisdom on Facebook hits 8,000

The Facebook page hit 8,000 likes and it’s something that makes me feel a great amount of accomplishment. Now I’m a realist, so I know that not many of those 8,000 people actually view the page on a frequent basis, and fewer still read what’s here and choose to give a little back by responding and giving encouragement. Even so, there are times when despite my greatest efforts, I feel as though I can’t even get 8 people to get up and do something. It gives me a feeling of great accomplishment to know that over the last two years, I’ve been able to get 8,000 people to hit that “Like” button.

I know the count could be much higher if I had chosen the route that more bright and sunny pages take, posting ooey-gooey messages about how everything is lovely and sweet and everything will be alright, but I’m too honest for that, and I’m not interested in popularity contests. Everything will *not* be alright unless you *do the work*. I know this from personal experience. Being someone who’s endured more than one traumatic event that came close to putting me in the grave, I’ve come to learn just how pointless it is to rely on others when the storms come, how quickly they scatter when something “depressing” happens that threatens their fun day, and I’ve learned the incredible, unbelievable, wondrous power that lies in the palm of my own hand that enables me to help myself, pull myself through the hardships and stop waiting for someone or something else to deliver me from the difficulties.

My own writings I’ve shared here over the past two years, as well as the quotes and shared posts from pages have been carefully chosen and posted here to awaken you to the slumbering, dormant power you have within that the world doesn’t want you to be aware of. A world that profits from selling crutches and shortcuts and keeps people in check through fear. You are a Warrior if you choose to be and make the sacrifice of comfort, ease, ego, selfishness and competition. And once you make that choice, no one will ever be able to hold you in check again or steal your joy.

Thanks to 8,000 people who took a moment to hit the “Like” and support. Farewell to the jealous few who always hit “unlike” whenever I make an announcement about a milestone here. You and your selfish egos truly are the worst of us, you will not be missed and weeding people like that out only brings me joy. I’ve learned to love the truth, no matter how ugly it may be sometimes. 😉

And greatest thanks goes to those who are honest with themselves, know they aren’t as “busy” as they think they are and take a few seconds to actually communicate and give back encouragement. I don’t do it for praise, but I’m a firm believer that the internet is intended for communication, not one-way consumption like TV. Thanks for giving back and keeping the fire burning.

Peace, grace & strength,

Out of Touch

17 Mar

“A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often – just to save it from drying out completely.” ~Pam Brown

Out of Touch

I’ve always made an effort to
Keep in touch with my friends
But recently I did something
Which caused a massive cleanse

I do not have a message in
This poem that you’re reading
Rather just some facts I will
Describe and will be feeding

It’s up to you to decide on
The point of this here write
Now without further adieu
Let’s shed a little light

For all my life I had been one
To call, to write, to pop
But two years past I decided
For the most part, to stop

No longer would I hound people
To hang out and connect
I would do the bare minimum
And observe the effect

What I found was two years passed
And I no longer saw
Friends I’d had since the first grade
All of them did withdraw

I had plenty of friends within
The movie industry
For three years I helped run a fest
And put names on marquee

But when the festival was done
And I did not reach out
Most of them did not touch base
Contact, interact, shout

Just a few did drop a line
But more favors were asked
Politely I declined to be
Of one more favor tasked

My personal page on Facebook
Had grown three thousand strong
I posted, liked and chatted with
So many to prolong

The sense of being connected
But when my efforts stopped
Almost all activity
On my profile dropped

I started clearing out “friend list”
Of people who did not
Ever take the time to write
To chat or share a thought

It dwindled down from three thousand
To one hundred and fifty
Only people who remained
Where those I found quite nifty

People who inspired me
Who had passion and grace
People who made efforts and
I did not need to chase

Of the nearly three thousand
That I had just “unfriended”
Only two did notice that
Our connection had ended

These days I am quite content
To know which friends are true
And which were merely passing ships
That I have bid “adeiu”

Would the same be said for you
If you are one who tries
To keep connected to a crowd
Of many girls and guys?

What would happen if you just
Decided not to call
Which are fleeting friends and which
Are in for the long haul?


One Thousand

17 Oct

One Thousand

In May of twenty-eleven
I started a project
With the sole purpose of hoping
That it would affect

Those who found it in a way
That would greatly inspire
To walk the extra mile and
To reach a little higher

For quite a while I didn’t know
Just what it would be called
The first title: “Pain Management”
Left most not quite enthralled

“Musings of a Peaceful Warrior”
Was the next name
But I didn’t want to infringe
On Dan Millman’s fame

As is usually the case
The answer was quite plain
I am a warrior and poet
And wish to attain

Wisdom for myself so that
I may pass it to others
“Warrior Poet Wisdom”
For my sisters and brothers

I posted poems filled with grace
And strength and peace and hope
I’m sure many turned a blind eye
‘Cause poems often mope

I made them free of charge because
I’m not driven by dough
I’ve been jobless and homeless but
The Lord took care, I know

For those that like a self-contained
Package, I made a book
Volume One’s available
For Kindle and for Nook

And many other formats for
Computers and devices
The tricky part for me was coming
Up with the right prices

I settled on a number that
Has followed me around
For many years this number seemed
To chase, pursue and hound

Then I opened my mind and
I came to realize
The number was a message from
Above, just in disguise

Seven-seven-seven is
A number I hold dear
Every time time I see it I
Can feel my King is near

And so it seemed quite obvious
When I stared at the blank
Which requested “Listed price?”
No thoughts came of my bank

Seven dollars and some change
For a month’s worth of poems
Not the dark, depressing kind
These are uplifting “glow-ems”

Volume two is on the way
With ten more after it
Regardless of if it’s a flop
Or if it’s a big hit

Eventually I made a page
On Facebook but few read
Most I knew there only used
The tool for jokes or dread

It wasn’t ‘till I discovered
More pages like my own
Focused on empowering
Through passion and backbone

The population of this page
Has steadily now grown
And today I’m touched to see
It reach a milestone

A thousand warriors have come
Because they all believe
That they have within them all
That they need to achieve

Every hope and dream and goal
Within them is the strength
To transcend adversity
And go to any length

Heartfelt gratitude to all
Who have clicked on the “like”
And even more to those who took
The time to grab the mike

To take a minute to speak up
And voice their gratitude
Every single comment helped
To enliven my mood

I will continue to write of
The strength and grace within
Of all that you can do if you
Have courage to begin

Collected in a volume for
A very modest fee
And also posted on my site
For the low price of “free”

Because it’s not about the dough
Or fame or glory, friends
It’s about the wisdom that
Is the means to our ends


Business Card

12 Aug

Business Card

“Can I get your business card?” is what
I often hear folks ask
Whenever they find out what I
Have chosen as my task

Writer, actor, editor
Director, “movie-guy”
Many different channels which
Do make all my time fly

“I may have something that I’ll need
Your help with very soon”
Not the first time that I’ve heard
Them sing that wishful tune

They use words like “Maybe” and “if”
And “possibly,” “perhaps”
Hopeful aspirations which
Bring on the “oohs” and claps

I give my card and they put it
Away for the right time
When everything falls into place
To make my cell phone chime

The thing is, my phone never rings
From someone with my card
Took a while for me to see
It’s something they discard

I wondered if maybe there was
A typo in the number
E-mail address or website
That had caused the long slumber

But nope, the data’s all correct
And as it should appear
The fate of my business card then
Becomes to me quite clear

Tossed out to the wind or at
The bottom of a bin
Ironic since it was taken
With such an anxious grin

I’ve given out hundreds of cards
And can’t recall one case
I’ve ever heard back from someone
Who followed through the chase

It’s been years since I had any
To give away, although
I still get asked quite frequently
That’s when I let them know

“My business card is now online
It’s not that hard to find
No more print expenditures
And no more trees to grind”

No website to memorize
Or number to retain
Google’s made life easier
For every cluttered brain

“Do a search for my name and
You’ll find my own website
Or look me up on Facebook and
When there feel free to write”

Don’t have room inside your head
To remember my name?
Text yourself with your cell phone
Please, show me you have game

Show me some intensity
That you do in fact care
That you know you can’t just talk
You also have to dare

To follow through, to roll up sleeves
To toil, sweat and grind
Accomplishment is not something
Just on the ground you find

Like a tossed out business card
That started out so well
Exchanged with words of how we both
Were going to excel

Waste of money, pulp and ink
I’ve come to realize
“Here’s my card” is an expression
I’ve come to despise

Because you can’t make people care
By giving them a piece
Of paper, three point five by two
And waiting for increase

In profit or in other things
Like your networking clique
It takes more than a business card
To make their interest pique

You have to make the call yourself
Or send a few e-mails
Learn from Andy in Shawshank
Persistence never fails!

So throw away your business card
Before someone else does
It’s time we all accepted that
It’s just a waste because

It’s too easy to throw away
Too easy to ignore
It doesn’t motivate us to
Do all the things we swore

Please don’t ask me for mine ‘cause
I just don’t see what good
A business card has ever done
It’s just a waste of wood



7 Jul


We live within a world
Where everyone’s a voice
So many different ways
To spread your news of choice

There’s Twitter and there’s Facebook
And many more I’m sure
That haven’t yet attained
The texting world’s allure

But what I’m noticing
As people use their thumbs
To converse with others
Is what discourse becomes

Shorthand simple thoughts
Devoid of depth and meaning
Rushed and to the point
And no time for gleaning

Thoughts thrown out into
A sea of tweeting noise
With iPhones and Blackberrys
And other cordless toys

I got to thinking that
With gadgets such as these
The problem is how much
They make talking a breeze

No more do people call
And speak with vocal chords
Instead there’s just a few
Scarce words you hurl towards

Devoid of inspiration
Or any concise thought
Just what you had for breakfast
And what merch you just bought

Multitudes of voices
Texting little facts
And no one to see

And the few voices
Whose messages are deep
Get lost among the others
Hid under the heap

That’s why I grab my shovel
And put the blade to soil
Some voices can inspire
But only if you toil

And dig and sweat and maybe
Even grit your teeth
That will lead to finding
The truth that lies beneath