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Why You Don’t Have Any Friends

7 Dec

Why You Don’t Have Any Friends

I’m never too afraid to deal
With sensitive issues
For many this one’s close to home
And brings about the blues

“Why don’t I have any friends?”
A lot of people ask
Rather than just pussyfoot
I’ll take them right to task

The reason that you do not have
A group of folks to call
Is ‘cause they find it difficult
To get past your high wall

True, a lot of folks are just
Too busy to put in
The time and work required to
Make friendship more than thin

I’m not talking about those folks
Who are not your true friends
I’m speaking of the kind of person
Who comes out, attends

Who keeps their schedule open
To come to your event
Who knows what simply coming out
And just being there meant

Of the people who would go
To ends of Earth for you
Many of them just give up
Because they can’t get through

They can’t deal with your pickiness
Or always being grilled
“Why did you do or say that?”
Eventually trust’s killed

You don’t have any friends because
You don’t give benefit
Of the doubt and ‘cause you don’t
Have patience to permit

Anyone from doing things
That cause you to ask “Why?”
Accusing or tearing down is
No act for an ally

But most of all you have no friends
Because no one can reach
All the expectations that you
Minister and preach

Maybe if you’d let it go
And let people be them
Instead of using things they do
That you don’t to condemn

You would have a few more friends
That you could rely on
‘Cause letting people be themselves
Is what trust’s built upon



28 Sep


There was a warrior poet
By name of Archilochus
Who’s motto about life
Has given me great focus

He said “We don’t rise to
Our expectation’s level
We fall down to our training”
This concept does dishevel

Many people who
Like to procrastinate
Who like to put off things
Until a later date

Lazy people who
Do not put in the work
Who have the chance to train
But always choose to shirk

And when the pressure’s on
They hope that they will rise
But do not see that lack
Of training’s their demise

There is a reason why
Our champions are great
They possessed common sense
To not just sit and wait

They trained themselves each day
And when their moment came
The level of their training
Is what achieved acclaim

There’s reasons why people
Who have gained much success
Got it and it’s not
Because Lord did bless

It’s ‘cause they did the training
They engaged every day
As a chance to try
To strengthen in some way

To deal with things like stress
And plans not going right
To not let disappointments
Dishevel or incite

So do you have a goal?
A dream you wish to chase?
Will you do the training?
Will you pick up the pace?

Do you have the patience
To understand it takes
A champion much time?
That there aren’t lucky breaks?

That you will not rise to
The level of ambition?
Instead you will fall to
Whatever your condition

Is when moment comes
The shape that you are in
Based on how you’ve trained
Decides a loss or win