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The Shackler

30 Sep

If you’ve put in the time, patience and effort to change something about yourself, never let someone who hasn’t been around to witness that change define you by something you’ve said or done in the past. There are people who will try to shackle you by your past actions and cause you self-doubt. What they don’t realize is those shackles are brittle and shatter with one simple question: “That was then, who am I now?” You’ll usually get a few blinks and a perplexed look that says, “I don’t know…I haven’t been paying attention lately because I’m too focused on the past.” Eliminate these short-sighted, ignorant and un-empathetic “Shacklers” from your life.

The Shackler

There was a man named Now who once did something in the past
That made a man named Cling so angry that his rage did last
Over several years and when the two met up once more
Cling reminded Now of all that he had done before

He was oblivious to how much he himself had changed
Over all the years since both of them had been estranged
Cling was not the same person but he did fail to see
That years could change someone else too, this Cling did not foresee

He met Now with an old frustration and he did remind
Of what Now had done in the past, how he had been unkind
He tried to shackle Now with actions that were now years old
He tried to define Now by those actions that were so cold

But unlike most who bow their heads in shame and say they’re sorry
Now refused to play along and succumb to Cling’s quarry
“That was then” Now did reply, “and I flat-out refuse
To be defined by  outdated opinions, thoughts and views”

Now told Cling that if he chose to live in times gone by
That they were done speaking and Cling could count one less ally
Because to shackle someone with the past shows lack of sight
Of all the ways they’ve changed if you just cling to that old fight


Weird Warriors

6 Dec

Weird Warriors

“Have you seen that guy today
The one who’s acting strange?
He seems so weird to me because
He has evoked a change”

“He’s doing something different than
What I’m accustomed to
And I can only call it strange
When it’s out of the blue”

“Maybe we should laugh at him
Because he’s standing out
Our ridicule will hopefully
Put him back on the route”

“That is the same as all of us
The one that we all walk
Yes, that’s it, we’ll call him names
And ostracize and mock”

“Wait a minute, no effect
He doesn’t seem to care
Regardless of how much we laugh
And ridicule and stare”

“It’s been some months since this began
And now we’re used to it
The different thing that we all mocked
That he refused to quit”

“Has now become an old routine
And we no longer must
Feel the urge to share our snide
Remarks and our disgust”

“But wait a minute, what is this!?
He’s changed things up once more!
Why can’t he just stick with things
The way they were before?”

“Now we have to wait again
To get used to his act
Doesn’t this guy realize
The more that he’s abstract”

“The more we all think that he’s weird
Because he’s not like us
The more he’s not like me, the more
That I’ll put up a fuss”

“But somewhere down the road, I think
Eventually I’ll see
This person not as weird, but as
A spirit that is free”

“As with many things, I’ll think
About it much too late
When enough time has passed to
Reduce all of my hate”

“My fear, resentment, and my ways
Of thinking in the box
Eventually I’ll realize
With ticking of the clocks”

“That people who are weird or strange
Show courage and resolve
They do the things they have to so that
They grow and evolve”

“And when I learn it doesn’t matter
What others may think
When I do things my own way
And they can’t make me blink”

“I’ll come to know that ‘weird’ is just
A word we use in fear
Of those we should respect, honor
Encourage and revere”


F**k Comfort

15 Sep

F**k Comfort

So often when someone’s going
Through a trying time
They want to just take it easy
Take a break from the climb

“Now is not the best time ‘cause
I’m going through some things”
Is the song that a person
Who seeks out comfort sings

I say with all my vigor
“The loaded gun’s in front of you
Have courage, pull the trigger!”

Growth comes from discomfort, there
Is no denying that
No one ever got stronger
Who only hid and sat

“What the hell you waiting for?
A bright and sunny day?
For all the pieces to fall into
Place and go your way?”

I tell them that my mind and body
Only grew when I
Embraced discomfort and ploughed through
Instead of whine and cry

When my body fell apart
It wasn’t until when
I accepted aches and pains
That I discovered Zen

When I lost my job that paid me
Quite a bit of dough
It wasn’t ‘till I stopped caring
That my real wealth did flow

It wasn’t ‘till I lost my house
That I did understand
“Home” is where you’re standing now
And not a piece of land

When I lost my firstborn (yes
That is some heavy stuff)
Confronting it and letting go
Is how I got so tough

Shit is going to happen, you can
Count on that, my friends
Whether it makes you stronger
On you solely depends

If you need a break from life
‘Cause you can’t deal right now
This warrior who’s been through hell
Will make you this stern vow:

“You’ll always suffer through your life
Because you are a prince
Or princess who desires comfort
And at pain does wince

You’ll never achieve anything
For the good of mankind

So get the hell out of the way
Of warriors like me
If we can’t inspire you
To all that you can be

Then do us just this one comfort
That we ourselves will grant
Shut up and please spare us your
Discomfortable rant

‘Cause warriors see wasted chances
Where you could have grown
Princes and princesses who just
Bitch and cry and moan”