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Selective Righteousness

24 Nov

Selective Righteousness

Many speak up when they’re asked
About their views on gays
The sheep recite the Bible verses
That they seem to praise

They talk about how God has said
That being gay is wrong
They say it’s written, black and white
And so they feel quite strong

But also there in black and white
It says to love all those
Who you consider “enemy”
To love all who oppose

It also says in black and white
To not be jealous of
What your neighbor has amassed
Instead, to show them love

In black and white it says forgive
And walk the extra mile
It says to not allow anything
To upset or rile

It says “Fear not, for I’m with you”
And yet those who oppose
Ignore much of this prose

Selective righteousness, they pick
And choose what comes with ease
They passionately stand by scripture
That the herd does please

But anything that comes with effort
Pain or sacrifice
Swallowing of pride or ego
Simply won’t suffice

And so the Christians who think “gay”
Is wrong will honk their horns
In traffic when another driver
Frustrates them or scorns

They’ll see a comrade’s gain as something
They wish was for them
They’ll say “So happy for you” while
Inside they just condemn

They’ll claim to follow “Prince of Peace”
But try to shatter love
That one man has for another
In name of Lord above

They’ll look on two women who love
Each other with pure hearts
And all they’ll see’s anatomy
The human private parts

They see not souls and spirits, just
The vessels which expire
They do not realize within
Is energy much higher

They’re prisoners of dying flesh
To bones that bend and break
And they are terrified of those
Who are now wide awake

They’re threatened by the ones who see
Above, beyond, more deep
Because they followed their hearts and
No longer act like sheep

For those that pick and choose by what
Is easiest to follow
This Warrior has something bitter
That you must now swallow:

Your Prince of Peace, your King of Kings
Preached to just let it go
And He would be ashamed of you
To see the grief and woe

That you spread with your ignorance
Your lack of sight and feel
Your inability to recognize
A love that’s real

Go ahead and pick and chose
What will test you the least
Keep following just the scripture
Spouted by your priest

Immerse yourself in just what works
For sake of ease and pleasure
Follow just the lines that come
With no effort, just leisure

But one day death will come for you
And it will all make sense
The fading of your mortal body
Makes the truth intense

And you will come to see how silly
It was to judge those
Who simply had same genitals
Underneath all their clothes



9 Jun


I do have an arch enemy
But it is not a man
It’s not someone who tried to hurt
Or foiled up my plan

It’s not a former confidant
Or dissipated love
It’s not someone with bad intents
Or kindred thoughts thereof

My nemesis is one that’s been
Beside me all along
It’s been my rival through weakness
And through the times I’m strong

It doesn’t care how I am feeling
Or if I’m in the mood
No matter how much I may try
This foe I can’t elude

It took a while before I knew
Exactly who to blame
And recently I’ve come to learn
This adversary’s name

“Ego” is the moniker
That this scourge answers to
With such a simple name it’s stunning
How much it can spew

Selfishness and self-indulgence
Insolence and pride
The Ego’s quick to fire back
With attitude so snide

It only cares about itself
And what it can collect
It’s not concerned with concepts like
Acceptance and respect

After years of hiding in
The shadows of my life
My nemesis came in full view
Amid a string of strife

Only then could I discern
This bandit of my peace
It grew strong with hate I fed
But now it would decrease

No longer would I focus on
Myself and my own view
I stunted it by cutting off
The pride from which it grew

The less I took things personally
The more my Ego shrank
The more that I gave of myself
The more its leverage sank

It’s at the point where now whenever
Something is not right
My nemesis can barely gather
Strength to cast its plight

Just know this, the only way
You’ll ever see your foe
Is not the way you’d think, with eyes
There’s just one way to show

It’s that feeling that you get
When you have been offended
It’s the fluster that you feel
When your point is contended

Just remember why that is
And why it shouldn’t be
The Ego stokes the fire with
The folks that don’t agree

Keep your nemesis in check
And don’t let it run loose
Only when you let things go
Will your Ego reduce