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11 Jan


As difficult as it may be to think that I was shy
Yes, it’s true, this Warrior was once a timid guy
A permanent frog in my throat when I was just a lad
Always hearing “You’re so quiet!” from every comrade

And as my boldness grew, I saw the same shyness in others
And recognized the source of it in my sisters and brothers
Remembered well why I minced words, held tongue and took the fifth:
An overwhelming urge to please all and get along with

Fear of being rejected, not liked, thought poorly of
Fear of being ridiculed and mocked, deprived of love
I conquered shyness with acceptance that all which I feared
Was already in full affect, its ugly head had reared

Despite all of my efforts, there was still mocking and hate
Despite my quietness and caring, still they would berate
Despite my politeness and empathy still they would tease
Despite the warmth within my heart, around me was a freeze

Perhaps my teens or twenties, I no longer recall when
It started being clear that all these women and these men
That I had been so shy around and tried to gratify
Were not people who were worthy of being my ally

Upside down my world had turned, from thinking “all are friends!”
To being more judgmental and now saying, “It depends”
I saw the world through different eyes when I spoke loud and clear
Refused to be talked over, teased, belittled with a jeer

The magic phrase for you shy ones whose voices are so soft
The magic phrase to ask yourself as well as throw aloft
The magic phrase to ask real loud with bass and force and starch:
The magic phrase that raises eyebrows and makes their backs arch:

“Who are you?” is what I’d ask myself as I’d discern
“Who are you?” I’d ask with no regret and sometimes burn
“Who are you?” I’d ask and see the lack of discipline
“Who are you?” I’d ask and watch the tearing of thin skin

“Who are you?” I’d ask and those who gladly dished it out
Showed they couldn’t take it too as they would whine and pout
When I would ask myself just WHY should I care for this person
The truth is that my shyness would vanish instead of worsen

“Tell me what have you done? What’s your passion? What’s the price
You pay day in and day out? Tell me why should *I* be nice?”
And that is when I learned how many have entitlement
How many think that they are owed without sweat being spent

So if your voice does tremble, if your heart begins to pound
If your hands are clammy and the room spins round and round
Ask the question and perhaps all those who make you shy
Aren’t people you’ll waste worry on, instead, just a “Good-bye”


Vengeance is Mine

29 Dec

“Living well is the best revenge.”
~George Herbert

Vengeance is Mine

There was a time in my life when some people that I loved
Exhibited no empathy and yelled and screamed and shoved
There was a time when co-workers that I liked and admired
Through their selfishness left me without a job and fired
There was a time when family had power over me
To influence and control what they wanted me to be
All these people hurt me deeply and one day I swore
To gain revenge on all of them, the “liar” and the “whore”
The “back-stabber,” the “coward” and the “self-absorbed small brat”
I swore revenge on all of them and tried to do combat
But vengeance can be only gained when enemy’s not there
Revenge is only achieved when your foe is not aware
Only when you turn your back and walk away from those
Who choose themselves instead of you, only when you dispose
Only when you cut them out and severe all your ties
Only when you turn a deaf ear towards all their lies
And focus solely on what you can extract from yourself
Pushing your own limits to fulfill wisdom and health
Only when you sever all connections from outside
No longer allowing others to cajole and chide
No longer allowing others to control your day
And placing greatest importance on your own words you say
Only then can one admit that they are “living well”
Because they don’t obsess, lament, torment themselves and dwell
On gaining vengeance on all those who just aren’t worth the time
Revenge is gained from trying harder, the run, the crawl, the climb
From conquering each challenge with intensity and grace
To not hide from discomfort but to seek it out and chase
Vengeance is now mine and it was found along the Way
That Warriors travel, the path that says “There’s no bad day”
The path that says “There is no hurt, there is no angst, no pain”
“There’s not a single hater who can penetrate my brain”
That, my friends, is living well and vengeance is now mine
And funny thing is even if they never know, that’s fine
All that matters is *I* know and that’s enough for me
And I could not care less if those selfish cowards don’t see


Running From Nothing

18 Dec

Running From Nothing

Everyone has one person
Who when we think of, we worsen
We cannot stand the thought of how
They hurt us so we made this vow:

The next time we speak will be chosen
After Hell’s completely frozen
So we do everything we can
To avoid that girl or man

If we happen to see them
We’ll walk away as we condemn
We’ll go out of our way to miss
Meeting up to reminisce

Of all the ways they hurt us and
Their claims of hurts that we did land
Upon them, so we run away
So no one has harsh words to say

One day, something funny happened
My ego suddenly snappened
Just like Eckhart Tolle’s did
Of ego’s power I was rid

I started seeing people who
Speaking to would have been taboo
Instead I walked right up and greeted
Forgetting how I was mistreated

I did this over and over
For rivals I was a rover
I searched them out to make some peace
To make our petty feelings cease

Guess what this poet did learn
From showing no fear or concern?
From breaking free of ego’s hold
And showing selflessness so bold?

Most times my brothers and sisters
Still complained about their blisters
Living in the past of hate
And not looking at today’s date

A half-assed understanding came
Because they still chose to lay blame
I, however, let it go
‘Cause I’m not controlled by ego

And at the end of our conference
They went right back on the defense
They said they didn’t want to speak
Again which shows me just how bleak

And hopeless their attitudes are
Only focused on the scar
And all the pain that came with it
But all refusing to admit

With every single scar we’ve got
Knowledge, strength and grace was brought
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Bigger scar means strength lasts longer

The point of all of this is that
The one with whom you have combat
Is running just like you are too
And if one chooses to pursue

They’d realize it’s no big deal
To get over the whole ordeal
To leave it in the past and move
Together forward and improve

Only cowards say “no way”
“I’m scared of what you’ll do or say”
“Because of what you did before”
(“But nevermind the time I swore”)

(“Or pointed fingers and accused”)
(“Or all the times that I abused”)
(“With hurtful, thoughtless things I said”)
(“Let’s just dwell on my hurts instead”)

So either way, when you confront
Your enemy and are quite blunt
That everything’s forgiven now
If they decide to not allow

That’s one less person that you’ll fear
When they do randomly appear
And all the fear will be their own
‘Cause their ego they’ve not outgrown

But if by chance a hand is shaken
Hatchet’s buried and forsaken
You can add another friend
You can be proud of and commend

For being fearless and knowing
The path to wisdom and growing
Is to move on and start anew
So who’s your foe you should pursue?


Why Ask Why?

24 Aug

Why Ask Why?

There is a line from Elbert Hubbard
That I like to quote
This brilliant philosopher
A long time ago wrote:

“Never explain, your friends do not
Need it and neither do
Any of your enemies
‘Cause they won’t believe you”

It got me thinking about what
The question “Why?” does mean
The more I think, the more I see
How much it does demean

It shows a lack of understanding
Trust or benefit
Of the doubt to someone else
Perhaps they can’t admit

That their ego’s too controlling
To just let it go
They have to get that explanation
‘Cause they want to know

“Why?” is what those with no faith
Ask to those they don’t trust
“Why?” is what a cynic says
When they feel that they must

Hear an explanation that
They won’t buy anyway
“Why?” is what you hear a person
With no patience say

Add it to my list of words
I won’t use anymore
File it between “busy”
and “later” in the drawer

‘Cause the answer to “Why?” is
Not one I have to mention
The explanation’s plain to see
If you just pay attention


Say It!

16 Aug

Say It!

I recently chatted
With someone who I thought
Hated my damn guts
Because of how we fought

It took me years to see
We went about it wrong
Egos were too big
To ever get along

Different handles on
Concepts like respect
Took me quite a while
To get my ego checked

To get over myself
To not be sensitive
Focus less on “get”
And focus more on “give”

I let go all my anger
And all my disappointment
Forgiveness that I felt
Was like a soothing ointment

On the wound of hate
Mending that deep tear
Allowing me to once
Again for that soul, care

So with my warrior strength
And courage and resolve
I made an effort to
Make our rancor dissolve

And I was caught off guard
When old foe did decree
It had been many years
Since they’d forgiven me

“I didn’t know” is all
I could think of to say
“I didn’t know” is all
I kept thinking that day

Why not speak your mind
If you have words that will
Uplift a person’s spirits
And hope in them refill?

Be the shining light
For others to follow
(even if  it calls
for much pride to swallow)

What on Earth’s the reason
A person wouldn’t speak
The words that would make someone’s
Viewpoint look less bleak?

Is it fear that those
Who do receive your words
Won’t appreciate?
Will think it’s for the birds?

I’ve given many kudos
To people who weren’t grateful
Never did it once
Make me feel more hateful

Why keep your mouth closed?
Is it out of fear
They won’t appreciate
And will instead just sneer?

So what if they do not
Repay your gesture by
Giving back an equally
Altruistic try?

It’s not about reaction
Of what you will get back
It’s about all your potential
To rise above the stack

Of people who don’t have
Courage to say things like
“I’m sorry” or “I love you”
That fear should take a hike

What good’s a father’s pride
For his daughter or son
If he keeps his feelings
Always on the run?

Shouldn’t husbands tell
Their wives how much they care?
Is there really that much harm
In leaving their heart bare?

Why would brothers think
That everything is cool
But not speak up and say it
Perhaps one’s a proud fool?

Why would friends think time
Just passing makes it fixed?
That all the days and months and years
Have made the problem nixed?

That’s just not good enough
We know we can do better
It’s just our own ego
That stops us from that letter

Or e-mail, text or phone call
That can resolve the fight
Don’t just assume it’s all
Forgiven and alright

‘Cause even if we think
It’s plainly understood
Silent feelings don’t
Do anyone much good