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The Egotist

5 Feb

The Egotist

There once was a person who took
Themselves too seriously
Their uptight behaviour was wrought
In the name of being artsy

Their work focused all on themselves
On their torment and strife and their woes
A message of darkness and dread
Is what all of their work did propose

Hours and hours of thought
Put into the things that offended
But missing a final redemption 
No mention of things that were splendid

No mission of nourishing hope
Through color or sculpture or prose
No mention of beautiful coda 
Only the difficult throes

Spreading their ache to whoever
Would bother to listen to them
Maybe those few hoped to find
An inspirational gem

But all that they found were the cries
Of a tortured and tormented soul
Nothing to invigorate
Or empower, stir or console

A few may have felt just the same
And wallowed along with the scribe
Creating a miserable horde
Of people who only subscribe

To the idea that everything’s hopeless
The practice of self-pitying
Never wanting to move forward
To the past is to what they’d all cling

And then there are those who will say
“This kind of thing isn’t for me”
They balk at the darkness and dread
And from then on whenever they see

Some kind of artistic endeavor
They think back to how that last piece
Did nothing to make their enjoyment
Of life on this planet increase

Egotists just want reaction
“You can’t only have joyful views!”
But if it’s destruction you want
I’d recommend watching the news

It’s there every night on TV
Right there in your own living room
Murders and wars and disasters
The everyday six o’clock gloom

Artists do have the rare privilege
Of controlling moods they incite
Why would an artist depress
When instead they could help ignite?

The spirit of hope within someone
To give them the strength to push on
To be a supportive companion
When they feel that all hope is gone

Artists, take heed of this warning
Be mindful what message you send
Within your artwork or your writings
You may be creating a trend

Of work that does no good for others
Or you may be creating a stigma
That art is depressing and weird
In your journey to be an enigma

I hear so many folks say
They’re surprised that my writing has soul
That there’s wisdom and courage within
And that inspiration’s my goal

Surprised, because of how much
Negative work they’ve all seen
So don’t be a part of the problem
Be a part of the vaccine

Don’t be an Egotist
And focus just on your own plight
Be an Artist and use
Your talents to awaken might



4 Feb

The knight fastens his armor
And sheaths his sword
And rides into battle
Against the oncoming horde

Swords and shields clash
And the warrior battles
Till the life leaves his eyes
And the death bell rattles

The Brave smears war paint
Across his stone cheek
Against the enemy’s rifles
His chances are bleak

But he draws back his bow
Fires into the blue
Defends his home land
Till bullets rip through

The Sarge laces his boots
And slaps a clip in
“You wanna live forever?”
He barks with a grin

He bursts on the beach
Unleashes gunfire
Fights till his last breath
Amid the blood and the mire

The father kisses his babies
Then kisses his wife
He’s off to the factory
To make a new life

He works himself ragged
To pay for their food
Till his bones and his sinew
Have all come unglued

The daughter cancels her plans
To be with her mother
Just a night out with friends
There’ll be another

She caresses her forehead
With a cool and wet towel
Mother gives a warm smile
Through the cancer’s cold scowl

These are warriors
Who give of themselves
And not for rewards
To stack upon shelves

They don’t do it for riches
Or glory or laws
They do it for love
That’s the warrior’s cause


Beautiful Day

3 Feb

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Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day
If you just pay attention
And forget all the things
That build up the tension

Even if you have bills
That are three months past due
The sun is still shining
And the skies are still blue

Your co-worker may
Be an arrogant ass
But that doesn’t make
The lake have less bass

You can stew in your office
You can lurch in your cave
Or you can watch healing waters
Wave upon wave

Through all of life’s troubles
The pains and the stress
One thing that I’ve learned
Is that more is less

So I step back and notice
The little things
How the tree softly whispers
How the red robin sings

Try it some time
Grab a bench by a pond
Take a deep breath
You’ll soon feel the bond

It’s amazing the thrill
You’ll get when a fish
Jumps up from the pond
And twists with a splish

The quiet, the peace
It’s all so serene
The sun is so warm
The air is so clean

So get out of the office
Take off that tie
And your shoes while you’re at it
And get under the sky



2 Feb



Some things may seem
So far out of reach
But unfulfilled dreams
Have something to teach

You can’t fall in darkness
When plans go awry
Nothing good comes
When you just sit and cry

Instead you should hold on
To this timeless aid:
“Best try and fail
Than live life afraid”

Afraid of the critics
Of embarrassment
Afraid that they’ll laugh
Afraid you’ll lament

Afraid of the work
That success demands
Afraid of commitment
That honor commands

Afraid that the ring
Is out of your reach
And attempting to grab it
Will cause you a breach

Know that your fear
Is reducing your span
Ignoring mine’s when
My full reach began

Yes, it may be
A bit hard to believe
But this warrior poet
Has fear up his sleeve

I talk much of courage
And going all out
But that doesn’t mean
There’s no whisper of doubt

The trick is to face it
Confront it head on
It’ll never disperse
It’ll never be gone

It’ll always be whispering
Instilling a doubt
It’s all up to you
How much it gains clout

I’ve found that the more
I’ve said, “Yes, you’re there
I hear what you’re saying
And I still don’t care”

The weaker that voice
Of doubt has become
The more to my courage
That it will succumb

You won’t win every battle
Not all dreams come true
But through every failure
One thing can accrue

The strength to quell fear
With all of your fire
As you extend your full reach 
To the tip of the spire



11 Mar



Be wary as you navigate
Through the masses of men
And women who are too selfish
To wield the sword and pen

Who are too weak and too afraid
Self-centred and aloof
Who just believe if they are given
Hard, substantial proof

The skeptics, critics, cynics, cowards
Pessimists and thieves
Are simply pylons through which a
Warrior Poet weaves

Building their dexterity
Their elegance, precision
Quickly passing by those who
Are cursed with indecision

Simply pylons, nothing more
Something to be sidestepped
They are not barriers or walls
Much too high to be leapt

They’re simply little cones on ground
That must be circumvented
And are not worth the time to be
Focused on or lamented



15 Jun


There was a simple sheep named Speck
Who was held firmly into check
By doctors, teachers, management
“Okay” Speck said wherever he went

He was told by the doctors that
He had something that made him fat
Some other experts said he had
A condition that made him sad

The teachers told him he did lack
The thing which provided the knack
Of learning and applying self
It sort of tied back to his health

The management said that they knew
Exactly what he could not do
“Okay” Speck said repeatedly
“Okay, okay” he would agree

‘Till one day he looked off to side
While doctor spoke and did misguide
And there, far off, a Warrior
And he did not seem to concur

He shook his head and said “Enough
You’ve listened to them huff and puff
It’s time that you stood on your own
And realize that you’re not prone

To every single thing they warn
It’s time that you did sternly scorn
The time has passed for just ‘Okay’
It’s time now that you said ‘NO WAY’”

Ole’ Speck the Sheep was taken back
He felt he was under attack
But Warrior gave a firm nod
And slowly, calmly, growled “Fraud”

He took a step towards all those
Who told ole’ Speck that all his woes
Were caused by things beyond control
He said “We always have control

But you prescribe the easy path
And try to protect from the wrath
Of discomfort, it’s not okay
You cannot save them from the fray”

And as he turned to walk away
To Speck he had one thing to say:
“When someone tells you that you can’t
It’s not okay, you should not grant

You should accept it’s up to you
Exactly how much you can do
It’s you that decides your bounds so
Get off your ass and off you go”

Ole’ Speck the Sheep stood and thought long
About the Warrior’s stern song
“It’s not okay” he softly said
The words did echo in his head

“It’s not okay” he said with gall
“It’s NOT okay” he told them all
“IT’S NOT OKAY” he told skeptics
“IT’S NOT OKAY!” and had conflicts

There were those who did call him wrong
Who doubted just how tough and strong
Ole’ Speck the Sheep actually was
But Speck said, “I don’t give a fuzz!”

And from that moment on Speck saw
That his opinion was the law
That only he knew just how far
That he could push and raise the bar

And all of them looked on surprised
And said “I hadn’t realized
How much that little sheep could do”
And that’s because only Speck knew


Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. IV: Intensity now on sale

15 Jan

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” ~Thomas Jefferson

Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. IV: Intensity

Do it with intensity
Or it gets done half-way
Give it all your energy
And others don’t obey

Do not listen to their qualms
Of how you’re too intense
Their complaints are merely their
Own embarrassed defense

Because they lack your vehemence
Your passion and your fire
Intensity will light the fuse
And all of them inspire

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