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Too Little, Too Late

22 Mar
Too Little, Too Late
Some folks choose to live their lives as though there’s no tomorrow
But not as in the sense that they live without fear or sorrow
They live without awareness of comeuppance, consequence
All they live for is cheap thrills, the price: their common sense
Drugs or booze or trash that masquerades as food these days
They slowly kill their body in a grease and sugar haze
They indulge laziness and play their games and watch TV
And hide behind their feelings, “Nobody better shame me!”
Society now says it’s wrong to speak against weak will
“Smoke and drink and eat all that you want and pop a pill!’
Do nothing and be nothing, destroy yourself for years
And any words of warning to the like falls on deaf ears
But guess what happens when a human body is attacked
For years with garbage shoved and stuffed through its digestive tract?
The body finally says what the owner found so tough:
It is a concept quite foreign to most, the idea that
Despite your continued cravings for drugs and booze and fat
Despite the fact that you still want, your body says, “No more!”
Despite your cravings, your body no longer will ignore
Heart problems and cancer, seizures, organ failure too
These drastic repercussions give weak wills a different view
They finally awake and learn the price of all their thirst
And hunger so they swear to change…now that they’ve been coerced
Too little and too late for many of those who do swear
To take care of themselves now that they’ve had their little scare
But sad truth is an iron will is not forged within fear
And most of these assurances are not all that sincere
I’ve seen it time and time again, the pattern just repeats
Self-destruction, promises, then corpses white as sheets
That “wake-up call” for many is actually a death-knell
Too little and too late and no will power now will quell
Years of lack of awareness, and once again, “Don’t shame!”
It’s just “bad luck” that they will die, right? They can’t take the blame!
The time has come to say “Enough” to self-indulgent thicks
Who squander their own health each day in order to get kicks
Life’s not fair and you don’t always get back what you gave
But one thing that’s for sure is if you crave and crave and crave
And pour and shovel anything down your throat to feel good
Instead of moderation and eating health foods you should
Your body will revolt and no promise or bargain will
Undo the damage that obliviousness does instill
No pleading with the God above, nor doctors up the street
Undoing years of ignorance: an impossible feat
Repairing damage from cravings: a futile waste of time
Moving after years of lethargy: too steep a climb
A short and painful death that’s filled with wishing for reprieve
Followed by years of sorrow by your loved ones who grieve
My words are meant to be as sharp as the sword that I wield
But they are not written in hopes that the sick will be healed
I’ve given up on those weak wills, they’ve made their beds to lay
My words are meant for those who care for their bodies each day
Do not quit, do not give up, don’t grow tired and stray
Don’t follow the drunk, drugged and obese crowd, do not betray
Yourself, keep fighting, keep caring, keep paying that high rent
On your body with exercise, nutrition, don’t relent
It may not guarantee more years but quality will rise
More energy, intensity, more passion, clearer eyes
Do not be a “too little, too late” person like most
The world does not need another repentant, rueful ghost


14 Oct


They ask themselves, “How come I feel so sad, so mad, so bad?”
And then they ingest substances and suddenly feel glad
Everything is right again, the world’s a better place
But quickly all that happiness dissolves without a trace
Once again they feel so sad, so mad, so bad once more
And want to know the secret of how they should wage their war
With everything that bothers them, depresses, causes pain
They search and search but always balk at the answer: abstain
The key to handling all the things that life throws in your way
Is simply, “Don’t dilute yourself,” it all leads you astray
The alcohol, the drugs, the smokes, the food, it just dilutes
Who you really are, it drags, it slows and it refutes
Human beings weigh themselves with anchors that they think
Bring them joy but truth is that it simply makes them sink
They question “Why?” and “How?” yet never see the irony
How can you be stronger? Have more grace? Awake and see?
By showing some self-discipline, by not acting so weak
By having patience and great faith and being more unique
By stepping away from the crowd that drinks and smokes and tokes
Recognizing that their way of “dealing” is a hoax
That putting something in your body to make all things right
Actually diminishes all your natural might
They ask the Warriors just what their secret is, but want
Something far less difficult, something more nonchalant
And never recognize the Warrior is pure, condensed
Undiluted, focused and prepared to go against
Any of life’s challenges, the fear, the pain, the death
Undiluted by the booze, the nicotine or meth
“I wish I had your discipline,” the normals often say
“Wishing,” just another form of dilution decay


Solid Courage

3 Sep

“Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness.” ~Seneca

Solid Courage

The Warrior does watch from just
A couple steps away
He too says that he doesn’t need
A drink, but does display

That there is truth within his words
Because there in his hand
Is a coffee, some water or
A soft drink that is canned

The Warrior observes them all
And feels the only one
Who doesn’t need a drink to quench
His fear ‘cause he has none

He doesn’t need a drink to speak
His mind and to not care
What others think ‘cause day and night
The Warrior does dare

The Warrior does battle with
The demon beast of fear
Every single moment and
Knows his mind must be clear

He knows he must be in control
And always be on guard
He knows intoxication will
Just leave his focus marred

He knows he can have a good time
Without resorting to
The easy shortcut of drinking
‘Cause “easy” he won’t do

Every single bottle of
Whiskey, wine, gin and beer
Is looked upon by Warriors
With a denouncing sneer

“I don’t need that” say Warriors
“I have all that I need
And I don’t have to have a drink
To make my fear recede

Because I have something cheaper
No cost, just benefit:
Solid courage, so thank you
But I don’t need that shit”

The drinkers feel inadequate
They feel judged and attacked
And so they lash out or crack jokes
In order to distract

But deep within the same truth haunts
That Warriors did heed
Perhaps one day they too will put
That drink down and concede

That nothing that you reach for and
Consume will help defeat
Your fears because you don’t need it
You’re already complete


Liquid Courage

2 Sep

“Alcohol gives you the ambition to do anything,
while simultaneously destroying your ability to do so.” ~Author Unknown

Liquid Courage

He walks into the room and feels
Awkward, uncomfortable
He’s shy and doesn’t want to talk
To them until he’s full

Of liquid courage so he goes
And pours himself a glass
It’s soothing as he drinks it down
And all those feelings pass

He has another sip or two
And starts to feel at ease
The drink within his hand says that
He doesn’t have to freeze

He doesn’t have to care so much
His worries lift away
He doesn’t micromanage
Every word he has to say

He tells someone he doesn’t need
To drink just to relax
He likes the taste, it’s sociable
And other untrue facts

He says he doesn’t need a lot
But fear that gripped at start
Creeps back in so one more shot
To make that fear depart

He doesn’t realize the cost
That liquid courage takes
He doesn’t see how ignorant
And foolish that it makes

Him and every other person
Who clutches their drink
A small container of courage
To make all their fears shrink

Well into the night and now
He’s had a few too many
There’s only so much guts can hold
Until they can’t hold any

He rushes to the bathroom and
He pukes what made him free
Of shyness, awkwardness and all
Of his anxiety

He feels disgusting, embarrassed
And pounding in his brain
Now he knows the cost and swears
From now on he’ll abstain

But when the next party does come
And that fear rushes in
And every other person drinks
He too will then begin

To do the whole thing once again
And say he doesn’t need
Anything to unwind so
He won’t have to exceed

And once again he’ll act the fool
He’ll stumble and he’ll break
Some things by accident and then
He’ll vomit and he’ll shake

And swear he’s had his last drink ‘till
The fear whispers once more
And for a quick reprieve he’ll grab
A glass and start to pour



13 Sep


Some may think that I’ve got an
Inflated view when I
Take a look at myself and
Admit my strength is high

But don’t mistake me for someone
Who’s perfect in all ways
Off the road of discipline
This poet sometimes strays

The difference between warriors
Who grant themselves a “cheat”
And people with no self-control
Is that we don’t mistreat

Our bodies by abusing them
Without the thought of what
The repercussions will do and
Not let that door be shut

When you make the wrong choice for
Your health, you must accept
What you have to do in order
For it to be kept

If you have an extra large
Order of fries for lunch
You better make some time tonight
And a few sit-ups crunch

If you smoke, you should just quit
But if you lack the will
At least look in to Mullein Tea
So that your lungs don’t fill

With all the garbage that your cig
Pumps in to turn them black
Exercise and fresh air too
Will save you from the hack

And if your vice is that too often
You procrastinate
You better cancel some events
To keep your schedule straight

You don’t get to waste your time
And not get your work done
But still go out to parties with
Your cohorts and have fun

Repercussions tell you to
Pick up the phone and say
“Sorry, I can’t make it ’cause
I dragged my ass all day”

Repercussions whisper in
Your ear when you ignite
A cigarette by telling you
About your lung’s black plight

And they grab you by the gut
When you’ve had too much food
Reminding you how much more time
On treadmill you’ve accrued

I’m not perfect, never was
Today I stuffed my face
Twice as much food than I needed
So now to erase

The extra calories that I
Don’t need to do my grind
I’ll amp up my workout tonight
And kick my own behind

I’ll pass on having something good
For dinner like a steak
And definitely no dessert
Like ice cream, pie or cake

When repercussions make my meal
It’s salad every time
If you cannot pay the price
Then don’t commit the crime


The First Accolade

12 Sep

The First Accolade

The accolade which you should be
Extremely cautious of
Is the first one that you get
When they all show their love

It feels good to get acclaim
To hear all of their praise
But warning flags should go up and
One of your eyebrows raise

How many times has praise poured in
And then next day or two
No one seems to be talking
About little old you?

How many times have we seen folks
Let themselves get too high
Only to come crashing down
When the kudos run dry?

And how often have we let that
Happen to us as well?
Seems so quiet, doesn’t it
When no one’s there to swell

Our ego or our pride with praise
And applause and esteem
Makes us feel like it was all
A momentary dream

Whenever I hear someone say
“I’m so depressed because
I had a blast but now it’s done
I miss all of their buzz”

I say to them, “That’s ‘cause you’re hooked
Just like on drugs or booze
You didn’t think responsibly
And now you’ve got the blues

You let that first accolade sink
Too deep within your mind
Took it far too much to heart
And let it leave you blind

To your own humility
Reserve and resignation
Wanting more and more and more
Addicted to ovation

And now that there’s no more to hear
No more pats on the back
You talk about how down you are
And mope like a sad sack”

No, I don’t pull my punches
This warrior shoots straight
With whoever doesn’t have
The gracious, thankful trait

To be appreciative of all
The love and support shown
To just forget it all and dwell
Kvetch and bitch and moan

About how down and sad they are
Because there’s no one still
To kiss their ass and stroke their pride
And make their ego fill

If you’re the type who smokes a cig
Finishes and then
Immediately grabs another
And smokes once again

If you’re the type who eats a cookie
Then grabs another one
Scarfs it down and then repeats
Until the box is done

If you’re the type who plays a level
In a video game
And then another, and another
Until your thumbs are lame

If you’re the type who takes a drink
Then has another shot
And keeps going until you puke
And stomach starts to rot

If you’re the type of person who
Receives an accolade
And instead of being humble
Letting it just fade

If you feel the need for more
If more praise makes you swell
You haven’t thought about what the
Next day will soon foretell

‘Cause accolades are not like smokes
Or cookies or a game
There’s no way to go on a binge
Of awards and acclaim

You will end up like those I’ve mentioned
Junkies in withdrawal
Who gobbled up those accolades
And then were left to bawl

“You’re too kind” is a good way
To respond to first praise
“It was nothing” and “Aw, shucks”
Are other humble ways

“Nice of you to say that,” is
A great way to return
The compliment to who it’s from
And shield you from the burn

Just be humble with that first
Accolade that you get
The less you care about rewards
The less that you will fret

And feel depressed when next day comes
And no one’s there to clap
Don’t let that first accolade
Be your ungrateful trap



22 Jul


X’s on our hands reveal
The tribe of the Straight Edge
No drugs, no drink, no smoking too
Is in our daily pledge

We wear the X because we can’t
Display how we abstain
From all the screwed up substances
That will degrade your brain

A drinker puts bottle to lips
To show they love the booze
Liquid courage to relax
And wash away their blues

Smokers light a cigarette
That hangs off of their lip
To say “I know my lungs are black
And I don’t give a flip”

The drug user has many ways
To show their ecstasy
Needle marks and reddened eyes
Are signs of all their glee

But what about the Straight Edger
Who has no way of showing
All the things they believe in
And no one ever knowing

That’s why we choose to wear the X
On backs of all our hands
It symbolizes discipline
That our lifestyle commands

And if these words do come across
As somewhat condescending
That’s not the message most of us
Are actually intending

True, there are a few young ones
Who think it’s all a fight
Their pious attitude only
Manages to incite

But most of us do understand
That discipline’s no use
If you can’t control yourself
From giving out abuse

To those who choose to turn blind eyes
To poisons they put in
Themselves, all in a vain attempt
To gain a lasting grin

Control is what the Edge desire
And won’t give it away
Control of health, control of mind
Control of things we say

No hangover next morning
And no regrets about
What we may have done last night
Before we did black out

The courage to face any fears
Without a needed crutch
To not be trapped in inhibition’s
Terrifying clutch

And if that comes across to those
Who smoke and drink and use
As us saying that we are better
Then have fun with those views

But for the Edge the truth is known
About what X’s mean
Personal development
And always living clean