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28 Sep


There was a warrior poet
By name of Archilochus
Who’s motto about life
Has given me great focus

He said “We don’t rise to
Our expectation’s level
We fall down to our training”
This concept does dishevel

Many people who
Like to procrastinate
Who like to put off things
Until a later date

Lazy people who
Do not put in the work
Who have the chance to train
But always choose to shirk

And when the pressure’s on
They hope that they will rise
But do not see that lack
Of training’s their demise

There is a reason why
Our champions are great
They possessed common sense
To not just sit and wait

They trained themselves each day
And when their moment came
The level of their training
Is what achieved acclaim

There’s reasons why people
Who have gained much success
Got it and it’s not
Because Lord did bless

It’s ‘cause they did the training
They engaged every day
As a chance to try
To strengthen in some way

To deal with things like stress
And plans not going right
To not let disappointments
Dishevel or incite

So do you have a goal?
A dream you wish to chase?
Will you do the training?
Will you pick up the pace?

Do you have the patience
To understand it takes
A champion much time?
That there aren’t lucky breaks?

That you will not rise to
The level of ambition?
Instead you will fall to
Whatever your condition

Is when moment comes
The shape that you are in
Based on how you’ve trained
Decides a loss or win



4 Jun


I’m transported through time
To days gone by
Feels good to be back
I can’t deny

“Don’t live in the past”
Is what they all say
“It wasn’t as rosey
As dreams will portray”

But you’ll have to forgive me
If I don’t awake
Because in this world
I’m free from the ache

It’s not in my shoulders
They’re functioning fine
It’s not in my neck
The lump is benign

It’s not in my knees
They’re steady and stable
It’s not in my mind
It’s savvy and able

But the place I most notice
The dream has restored
Is the heart that was broken
And long since had soared

Much like a muscle
When it’s had too much
The heart numbs itself
From enlivening touch

But in this dream world
Where rules don’t apply
Your heart can do more
Than manage a sigh

The passion is strong
The love all floods back
Yanked from the darkness
The exiled black

Cherished ones lost
Through mistake or fate
Bonds resurrected
Love gleaned from hate

And a glimpse at the ones
Who never were
A baby’s whole life
Goes by in a blur

And I can’t help but feel
After being so numb
That it’s all too much
That soon I’ll succumb

That I wish I could shut
Myself off again
Wake myself up
With a  prayer and amen

But I know there’s a reason
He wants us to feel
Maybe it’s part
Of learning to heal

The alarm clock goes off
And I’m startled awake
Knife in my neck
I give it a shake

Nerve endings scream
I grit teeth and swear
This is why mornings
Are so hard to bear

‘Cause defenses were down
And everything flowed
Takes a few minutes
To shut down the node

As everything numbs
And memories fade
Though details are lost
Its purpose conveyed

No matter how much
You cut off and sever
Deep down your heart
Still dreams of forever