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Bring A Lunch

29 Nov

Bring A Lunch

A Warrior does not respond with “Please stop doing that”
They do not lay down, they do not roll over and lay flat
A Warrior does not give up and does not simply quit
A Warrior holds their head high, chest out and teeth then grit
A Warrior says, “Bring a lunch!” to those who poke and tease
Because they know too well that it’s impossible to please
There’s no explaining, reasoning, no words that will suffice
And so the Warrior demands a very heavy price
“Bring a lunch” means that for those who wish to disrespect
With lack of empathy will now have their big ego checked
“Bring a lunch” means that others can spew all their mistrust
But it will cost them dearly, their own ass they’ll have to bust
“Bring a lunch” means that all those who like to hurl their hate
Better bring something along that will help satiate
Because a Warrior will take whatever may be thrown
But it is their great ENDURANCE which makes them never prone
For those who doubt and hate and wish to challenge, be forewarned
Challenging a Warrior might leave you feeling scorned
You will be stretched to your limit of patience, poise and grace
You’ll feel frustrated by that Warrior who does embrace
Discomfort, difficulty, pain and sorrow, fear and doubt
That 1-in-100 is not like others you call out
So bring a lunch if you choose to challenge a Warrior
You’ll be a while and great fatigue and hunger you’ll incur
Bring a lunch and do not be surprised how long it takes
Bring a lunch and do not whine and cry how much it aches
Bring a lunch and start to learn that talk is very cheap
But backing those words up has a price that is very steep


The Ultimate War

13 Apr

“KILL THEM! What is not for you is against you. What is against you is your fucking enemy and you need to kill it. Your fears. Your doubts. Your lack of confidence. Your lack of belief in a destiny. A certain, absolute destiny you have to do something unique and great on this planet WHILE YOU ARE HERE. Anything that stands in the way of that…any ‘Mr. Resistance,’ no matter the stature of that motherfucker, you need to KILL HIM.” ~Ultimate Warrior

 The Ultimate War

The Ultimate War

There have been wars that have been fought
By fools who’ve said, “This war cannot
Be topped! It is the greatest war of all!”

Wars for God and wars for soil
Wars for gold and wars for oil
But all of these so called “great wars” are small

Compared to the Ultimate War
The one which needs the loudest roar
The one that does demand the greatest strength

The greatest wisdom, sacrifice
The war which costs the highest price
The war which does drag you the longest length

It is the war that starts at birth
And ends when your soul leaves the Earth
The Ultimate War is the one within

And I have seen that most don’t fight
They do not show an ounce of might
Because they just complain, whine and chagrin

The Ultimate War does oppose
The voice inside that does propose
That you should put it off until later

The voice that says that you will fail
And your effort’s to no avail

Most humans never realize
Within them a parasite lies
That whispers, “Do less! Take the shortcut! Quit!”

That parasite is the ego
Which urges us to say, “I know!”
But not “I DO!” with vigor and true grit

So few declare Ultimate War
For most it’s far too great a chore
They’d rather stay in bed or watch TV

But Castaneda, Tolle, Millman
And Ultimate Warriorman
Have shed their light and now I clearly see

And so I write to amplify
Their light so that you will not cry
So that anxiety and stress and fear

Will fall in battle against YOU
The wisdom, grace and strength that’s TRUE
The tools you have inside to help you steer

Your life towards being fulfilled
 The tools inside to help you build

With when my mind says I cannot
‘Cause this Ultimate War has taught
When I revolt my doubting mind, I’m free


Mr. Resistance

6 Jul

“What is not for you is against you. What is against you is your enemy and you need to kill it. Your fears. Your doubts. Your lack of confidence. Your lack of belief in a destiny. A certain, absolute destiny you have to do something unique and great on this planet while you are here. Anything that stands in the way of that, any ‘Mr. Resistance,’ no matter the stature of that motherfucker, you need to kill him.” ~Ultimate Warrior

Mr. Resistance

You wake up in the morning and
He’s breathing down your back
Mr. Resistance is standing
And ready to attack

Before you can even roll out
Of bed to start your day
Mr. Resistance pushes you
To back the other way

If by chance you can plow through
And get yourself all dressed
He’ll climb aboard your back so that
You constantly feel pressed

You’ll have to drag your feet if you
Want to keep making strides
Mr. Resistance won’t help you
When on your back he rides

He makes the gravity feel twice
As strong as it may be
And don’t believe for a moment
That he will set you free

He’ll drag you down and make you feel
Like not doing your work
And as you sit down on the couch
This fiend will slowly lurk

And wait for you to get the itch
To get up and get moving
But once he’s on your back again
You’ll have a war removing

This advocate of laziness
This champion of slug
Mr. Resistance sees you try
That’s when you feel his tug

The only way to break free of
His power-draining cling
Is grab the nearest baseball bat
And let that sucker swing!

Don’t just swing for fences, that’s
Not far enough for him
Mr. Resistance needs to be
Sent back to somewhere grim

Swing for deepest, darkest parts
Of Hell and send him reeling
Send that draining vampire
Back home, the whole way squealing

And with the strength you have left in
Yourself, train your forearms
Train them extra, extra hard
Because of the alarms

That will go off the next morning
When he returns once more
Mr. Resistance will be back
And down your neck he’ll bore

You’ll need the extra strength to beat
Him back because he’ll be
Twice as pissed when he returns
Or maybe even three

Grab that bat and swing with all
You have and don’t hold back
Swing and pound and stab and strike
And fend off his attack

And if you are successful then
Get ready for a war
Tomorrow it starts all again
He’ll be back with a roar

But just remember you have what
It takes to knock him out
Taking back your life by force
Is what it’s all about



23 Mar



I’ve recently made an attempt
To befriend random folks
A smile, a wave, a “Hello” and
Some chat-chat tried to coax

My findings were quite disappointing
Most were much too guarded
They were too busy and my efforts
Were quickly discarded

Many looks of suspicion
And much fear did I sense
My friendly and warm smile was
Met with a look quite tense

Very few humans are open
To meeting new people
Whether it’s the street, bus stop
Or under a church steeple

Why is everyone afraid
And always thinks the worst?
Why must people be hounded
Begged, pestered and coerced?

To be honest it makes me sad
To think about how shy
Defensive, cautious and averse
So many are to “Hi”

To put it into perspective
I wrote a poem filled
With inspiration and kind words
To help someone’s strength build

I tried to give this note away
But everyone responded:
“No thanks” as they hurried off
Each one of them absconded

I stood there staring at the note
And chuckled to myself
All their preconceived notions
To protect their own health

All their worry and caution
Had denied them a chance
To have their spirit boosted and
Their attitude enchanced

Because they thought I wanted something
Or was selling God
They thought to be that friendly and
Selfless was much too odd

I crumpled up the note and threw it
Right into the trash
I guess the only paper people
Take is cold, hard cash

Thank God for the internet
Where people stop and read
Where preconceived notions do not
Obstruct every good deed


Champion Warrior

3 Mar

My good friend Fitz “The Whip” Vanderpool just won the Canadian Middleweight Title in his mid 40’s despite most people telling him he was too old. Once again, the Whip proves that “With Hope, It’s Possible!”


Champion Warrior

They told him “It’s too late, old man”
“You’re much too old to fight”
But Fitz “The Whip” knew that to be
Judged by age isn’t right

Those who judged were short sighted
And didn’t see the training
The heart, desire, sacrifice
The passion still remaining

The board, the public, so many
Gave doubt and disbelief
They tried to steal his Hope and tried
To fill his heart with grief

But Champions are not affected
By another’s words
Champions are not sheep that
Walk along with the herds

Champions look within and
They listen to themselves
A Champion sees strength inside
And bravely, deeper delves

A Champion does not hear what
The pessimists do warn
A Champion blocks it all out
‘Cause Champions were born

To jab, to hook, to uppercut
To fight ‘till final round
To take all that life has to give
And pound and pound and pound

And rip respect from clutches of
Those who don’t try their best
To take it by force from all those
Who much prefer to rest

Congratulations, Champion
You have proven once more
That with Hope it is possible
Now no one can ignore

~Congrats Fitz “The Whip” Vanderpool, 45 years young
New National Boxing Authority Middleweight Champion
March 2nd, 2013

The Doubter

16 Jun

The Doubter

There was a man named Tom who doubted
Everything on Earth
He doubted authenticity
And quality and worth

If someone said something, ole’ Tom
Would doubt the speaker by
Asking, “How would you know?”
Doubting Tom would then imply

That the speaker had not lived it
Regardless if they had
The truth was always hidden from
Doubting Tom pretty bad

He couldn’t understand and couldn’t
Infer someone’s point
Because ole’ Doubting Tom would always
Get bent out of joint

Whenever it seemed that someone
Knew something he did not
“I doubt it” Doubting Tom would say
‘Cause he could not allot

That someone could have learned something
That he had not learned yet
That someone could infer something
That ole’ Tom didn’t get

That someone else was capable
Of things Tom couldn’t do
Doubting Tom’s big ego threw
His perception askew

If he had not seen it then it
Was not likely to be
It had to be proven to Tom
Before he would agree

And sometimes even when he saw
Beyond shadow of doubt
He was so used to disagreeing
Doubting Tom would spout:

“I doubt it!” even though deep down
He knew that it was true
Anything to not concede
To someone else’s view


Just A Man

14 Mar

“Wrestle to be the man philosophy wished to make you.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Just a man

In year one hundred sixty-one
A new Caesar was crowned
He took a step to insure that
His feet would stay on ground

Caesar Marcus found a slave
And gave him this sole task:
“Remind me that I’m just a man
Whenever I do bask

Within the adulation of
Both follower and fan
Please quell my pride with these four words
And say ‘You’re just a man'”

And so his followers all praised
His acts and said “You’re great!”
But in his ear a whisper that
His ego did sedate

“You’re just a man” he heard the voice
And was humble once more
Again they all exalted him
With compliments galore

Again, the slave said, “Just a man”
Into the Caesar’s ear
Again, the humbling words served
To make him of pride clear

And as the years went on whenever
Others would exalt
The slave would whisper, “Just a man”
And make his ego halt

And when it was all said and done
Aurelius’ name
Was remembered as humble, kind
Compassionate and tame

He was recalled as a man who
Always kept feet on ground
Who didn’t think too highly of
Himself which did astound

Many people through the years
Who couldn’t understand
Why a man with his power
Would own ego remand

It was because he understood
It’s ego that misleads
A self-absorbed and self-centered
Person does selfish deeds

And he knew that his task on Earth
Was much different from that
And so to give and serve he would
Have to ego combat

The slave naysayer was a hero
Too in his own way
He helped insure that Marcus’
Humility would stay

We too must look on doubters
Who whisper in our ears
With words of doubt so that our pride
And ego never steers

Some of us are born to lead
While others just to doubt
Each one serves its purpose, one
Just has a bit more clout