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Heart Failure

1 Feb

“What we have most to fear is failure of the heart.” ~Sonia Johnson

Heart Failure

My father has been diagnosed
With failure of the heart
He hasn’t got a lot of time
Until he does depart

I’ve heard from many different nurses
And doctors who say
Different things, some feel as though
They can keep death at bay

Others aren’t as hopeful, they
Have grim looks on their faces
They say with how weak his heart is
He’s one of the worse cases

They can’t believe how large it’s grown
And how much he could push
Such a weakened heart so long
By staying off his tush

But that’s because my dad is a
Warrior like his son
While others have shown fear and sadness
My dad has shown none

He’s been all smiles and thankful to
The nursing staff that takes
Such good care of him while he is
Laid up with his aches

And while the others cry and mourn
I’ve noticed I have not
Because of grace and strength the way
Of the warrior has brought

When test results are not as good
As you’d hope them to be
You can’t just wish your strength to grow
To a higher degree

As Archilochus said, you will
Fall to your training’s level
This is why the test results
Did not shock and dishevel

While I do not know what’s in store
For my dad and his heart
This hasn’t been a wake up call
For me to finally start

Showing him my respect and
Appreciation for
Everything’s he’s done for me
I never did ignore

And so while I am sad to think
His time is running out
My training is what’s kept me strong
And focused, graceful, stout

Him as well, and hopefully
The readers of this piece
You have the choice to have a strength
That will not ever cease

In the face of tragedy
Adversity and pain
Even heart failure cannot
Make a warrior wain

                       ~for Dad


25 Nov


Oblivious means “unmindful”
“Unconscious,” “unaware”
But more than that, the meaning of
The word is “I don’t care”

A lack of understanding from
An inability
To walk a mile in another’s
Shoes for them to see

The way things are from a viewpoint
That isn’t just their own
To wear another’s shoes is a
Trait that is rarely shown

The root of the oblivious
Much like with many flaws
The reason, motive, explanation
Influence and cause

Is twofold: first, our nemesis
The Ego of the mind
The little self-important voice
That makes everyone blind

To other people’s challenges
Their struggles and their pains
The Ego is oblivious
To all but its own veins

Second is the need to always
Seek things of comfort
Most would not willingly walk
A path of ache and hurt

Most would not stray from their own
Nice painless and smooth road
In order to walk rough terrain
And bear a heavy load

Oblivious cannot relate
They need a doctor’s note
And not just any kind, they need
What a specialist wrote

Oblivious asks “Why?” but cannot
Glean from your reply
The answer that they’re looking for
Because they won’t apply

Your situation to their own
‘Cause they won’t sacrifice
Stepping out of their own mind
To pay another’s price

Do not fret over these folks
Instead, have sympathy
Because despite all of your chains
With open mind, you’re free

While they are slaves and prisoners
To their own selfish needs
And we all know where that smooth and
Oblivious road leads


Have To/Get To

3 Sep

Have To/Get To

Many people dread the things
They should be thankful for
Let’s take a look at all the blessings
That feel like a chore

If you’re young, you do not have
To go to school today
You get to go to school so please
Some gratitude display

If you’re grown up, your job’s not
A place you have to go
You get to go to work so some
Appreciation show

If something ails, you do not have
To go to your doc’s place
You get to see a doctor so
Please show a little grace

If there’s a tooth that hurts, you don’t
Have to go see a dentist
You get to see one so please add it
To your “grateful” list

If there’s a form to fill out, you
Don’t have to fill in blanks
You get to do the paperwork
So show a little thanks

If it’s Sunday morning, you
Don’t have to go to church
You get to go so on your way
You should try not to lurch

If there is an event planned
You don’t have to attend
You get to go so show a little
Respect for your friend

You don’t have to get out of bed
You get to wake and rise
You do not have to work out, no
You get to exercise

If everyone stopped having to
Do all the things they do
And realized how lucky that
They are that they get to

Many more people would have
A lot more gratitude
And we would get to see less folks
Be in a dreary mood