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4 Dec



Friends / acquaintances, sometimes
The line can become blurred
A friend is someone who does not
Travel only a third

Or no distance at all, a friend
Will meet you halfway there
A friend can bare half of the load
Because a friend does care

Acquaintances can not be bothered
So we’re forced to carry
Because they may be too busy
Lazy or just too wary

They might not want to trust again
So it’s left up to us
To make all calls, to send e-mails
To choose when we discuss

To plan, to set, to make sure that
All events are arranged
And if we only do our half
Then they become estranged

It’s why I am grateful to the
Handful of friends I know
Who see the two miles between us
And one mile they will go

They meet me in the middle and
It speaks about our bond
The willingness to not just take
But give, help, and respond

It urges me to ask more of
My would-be friends that I
Naively just accept as brother
Sister and ally

It urges me to shed the light
Of truth on “friends” who never
Give a thought, an effort, energy
Strain to endeavor

These aren’t “friends,” they’re just people
With whom we pass the time
Associates who aren’t involved
With our life’s constant climb

We can’t draw on them for our strength
Support, passion or grace
They’re not there right beside us as we
Battle, strive and chase

I’ve started asking more from others
Not full, simply half
I’ve made an effort to not go
Whole way on their behalf

And it has been enlightening
To learn just who can’t travel
Just as far as I’m willing
On the very same gravel

It has been hard to let them go
But for the few that do
Meet me in the middle, my
Respect now does accrue

And though it may scare you to ask
I urge you to request
Don’t do all the work yourself
Sometimes you have to test

Sometimes you have to see if they
Get the concept of “fair”
Of “balance,” “symmetry” and see
If distance they will share

Worry not for those who won’t
Budge when you’ve walked a mile
You did your part while they did not
Wave goodbye with a smile

And focus all your energy
On gratitude for those
Who meet you in the middle and
Watch how that friendship grows