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Looking Bad

17 Jun

“Rancor is an outpouring of a feeling of inferiority.”
~Jose Ortega y Gasset

Looking Bad

For those who choose to walk the path
That Warriors walk down
Be warned that those on the sidelines
Will meet you with a frown

For those who choose to stand apart
And of themselves ask more
Most others will not be inspired
And they will not adore

The Warrior is not cheered on
By the majority
Trying harder for the lazy
Ain’t their cup of tea

They’re made to feel inferior
Because they care too much
About what others are doing
Because they’re out of touch

With their own strength, potential and
Abilities ’cause they
Choose the easy shortcut to
Have the most care-free day

And those who walk into the fire
Out of their comfort zone
Make the rest “look bad” and so
They do cajole and groan

They discourage those who try harder
So they won’t seem slow
They feel stunted around all those
Who strive to learn and grow

“You’re making us look bad!” they think
But never pay them mind
A Warrior does see the truth
But for the rest; they’re blind

And deaf and nothing you can do
Will get the message home
Don’t waste your time explaining, just
Keep on that path and roam

They’ll do their best to slow you since
Your progress makes them see
Their lack of movement towards being
All that they can be

The Warrior cares little if
They make others feel less
“Lead, follow or get out of
My way,” they do profess

“Do not slow my journey or
I’ll run right over you
And that will truly make you have
A negative self-view”



Chill Pill

9 Jun

Chill Pill

The dopey eyed and lazy sloth
Says “Take a chill pill, pal!”
He sees the Warrior’s passion
And wants to kill morale

“Chill pill?” the Warrior does ask
“To mellow out? Not care?”
The Warrior does ask the sloth
With his intense, cold stare

“Yeah man,” the sloth does respond
“Just chill, it doesn’t matter”
The Warrior holds his hand up
He’s heard enough sloth chatter

“Doesn’t matter?” Warrior grins
“That is where you are wrong
He says loud, stern and strong

“What you are’s a cancer on
All people of the world”
The Warrior accuses as
Admonishment is hurled

“Your apathy does suck the life
Of all those passionate
You try to turn them into people
Who don’t give a shit”

The Warrior steps forward and
Now he stands nose to nose
The sloth’s heart starts to race, the Warrior’s
Heart only slows

He takes a slow, deep breath and says
With calm, unnerved boldness:
“Take your chill pill, choke on it
You apathetic mess”

NEVER let someone tell you
That you need to chill out
If it concerns anything that
You’re passionate about

Tell them to just choke on it
I swear they won’t be missed
One less sloth’s lack of passion
To make Warriors pissed