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15 Nov


One of the main reasons why
We’re not where we could be
Is ‘cause we go along with definitions
And agree

We hear such words as “ego” and
“Busy” and do not think
What the words do truly mean
Without giving a blink

Accepting common definitions
Words like “deep” and “ego”
It’s time to change how we define
Some of the words we know

Take control and redefine
The words that you employ
Erase, expel, remove, delete
Obliterate, destroy

Every definition that
You’ve grown accustomed to
Give those words some deeper thought
And redefine your view

“Ego” isn’t just a way
Of saying “I” or “me”
It’s the single biggest block
To all that you can be

“Busy” doesn’t mean that you
Are always on the go
Now it seems to only speak
Of non-stop work and woe

Something’s only “deep” if you’re
Always too far away
To recognize the truth that it
Is trying to convey

“Stressful” is a made-up word
For things you CAN control
But choose to let your “ego” rule
And drag you down that hole

“Jealousy” should not be used
When telling all your friends
That you envy them because
Of selfishness it sends

Think about those words you use
That reflect selfish things
Redefine and recognize
And see the strength it brings

To stand apart and think alone
And never be constrained
By shallow definitions that
Leave much to be explained



8 Oct


For many folks “intensity”
Is an unpleasant trait
They’ve been fooled into thinking that
It means “to be irate”

“To take things far too seriously”
“To make things far too tense”
“To take approach at everything
With anger too immense”

Let me grab my dictionary
Set the record straight
“Intensity” does not have anything
To do with hate

Definition: energy
Great concentration, strength
Vehemence, a high degree
Will go to any length

Depth of feeling and emotion
Action, spirit, thought
No where do I see it written
That it must be fought

Derived from the word “intense”
Which means “acute and strong”
“Very keen and diligent” so
How could that be wrong?

Just how did intensity
Become something so feared?
How did it become something
Avoided, not revered?

How did the intensity
Of great ones from the past
Cease to be an inspiration?
Fade from minds so fast?

How could any person say
“That’s too intense for me?”
After hearing it defined
How could someone not see

That most of the great things accomplished
In the world today
And years gone by is ‘cause they were
Done in an intense way?

Intensity is the key to
Completing every goal
With more than just a weak effort
But giving it some soul

Putting all your concentration
Focus, strength and passion
Into making sure that things
Are done in highest fashion

Taking opportunity
And seizing its potential
Knowing that a high degree
Of energy’s essential

In making sure the job’s done right
The best that you can do
Intensity’s not to be feared
It is not a taboo

It is the lifeblood of the strong
The hard, the ones that care
The warriors whose eyes burn as
Intensely as a flare



29 Jul


How many times have you tried
To get across a thought
Only to have semantics
Make it all for naught?

An idea about this or that
With heart in the right place
Only to have someone come
And your whole point debase?

Because they focused on one word
And chose to interpret
The meaning so that it would not
From their POV fit

I’m talking about simple words
Like love or hate or wealth
Ego, pride, humility
Forgiveness, joy and health

Semantics study meaning of
A solitary word
It focuses on just one piece
While whole idea’s unheard

It doesn’t make much sense to me
To zone in on one term
To argue over something whose
Definition’s firm

To lose the point one’s trying to make
To not capture the gist
To not let go and infer so
The idea isn’t missed

When semantics rear their head
This phrase I do anoint:
“What word would you like me to
Employ to make my point?

Since your definition of
The word that I have used
Is different from my own and
Has left you all confused

Tell me what word I should say
So we can move along
So I can get my point across
And you don’t get me wrong”

Usually that’s met with quite
A look of sheer confusion
Followed by a look that shows
They’ve come to one conclusion

That nitpicking on just one word
Distracts from something bigger
And my concession to oblige
Their ego pulls a trigger

That semantics are something
That don’t serve any good
An exercise in ego which
Distracts from thoughts that could

Enlighten or inspire or
Improve a state of mind
All because one can’t infer
How one word is defined