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15 Nov


One of the main reasons why
We’re not where we could be
Is ‘cause we go along with definitions
And agree

We hear such words as “ego” and
“Busy” and do not think
What the words do truly mean
Without giving a blink

Accepting common definitions
Words like “deep” and “ego”
It’s time to change how we define
Some of the words we know

Take control and redefine
The words that you employ
Erase, expel, remove, delete
Obliterate, destroy

Every definition that
You’ve grown accustomed to
Give those words some deeper thought
And redefine your view

“Ego” isn’t just a way
Of saying “I” or “me”
It’s the single biggest block
To all that you can be

“Busy” doesn’t mean that you
Are always on the go
Now it seems to only speak
Of non-stop work and woe

Something’s only “deep” if you’re
Always too far away
To recognize the truth that it
Is trying to convey

“Stressful” is a made-up word
For things you CAN control
But choose to let your “ego” rule
And drag you down that hole

“Jealousy” should not be used
When telling all your friends
That you envy them because
Of selfishness it sends

Think about those words you use
That reflect selfish things
Redefine and recognize
And see the strength it brings

To stand apart and think alone
And never be constrained
By shallow definitions that
Leave much to be explained


So What If I Am?

14 Nov

So What If I Am?

Sometimes when you show passion
About some kind of cause
It isn’t exactly met with
A big round of applause

Sometimes people will make fun
And say such classics like
“What are you, some kind of…” and
Insert their chosen strike

If you speak of the ego
And other deep content
And get accused of being a
Psychology student

If you watch your diet and
For health are a campaigner
And get accused of being some
Kind of personal trainer

If you praise the Lord above
And give glory to Him
And someone calls you a preacher
As if it’s something grim

If you are a creator
Of music, stories, art
And someone calls you an “artiste”
As if you’re much more smart

Don’t you dare allow them to
Make it seem like it’s bad
Head up, chest out and bellow
This line as if you’re glad:

“So what if I am?” you say to them
“So what if I do care?
So what if I show passion and
So what if you compare

My interests to people who have
Dedicated much time
And effort for the same passions?
So what? Is that a crime?”

Keep in mind that “What are you?”
When asked in a snide tone
Usually comes from someone
Who has not found their own

Passion or purpose in life
And feels inadequate
The irony of what they say
Is that they can’t commit

To any of the jobs that they
Accuse you of being
So nod your head and do not be
Afraid of agreeing

“What’s so bad about the job
That you’ve just listed off?
Is dedication and hard work
Something at which you scoff?

If it is, I’ve heard enough
That’s all I need to know
You just don’t see what it takes to
Evolve, advance and grow”

Let them try to make their fun
By listing off those trades
Because the people that do them
Possess passion in spades