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Master Manipulators

27 Apr

Master Manipulators

They chuckle right away, a big and hearty, cheerful laugh
Setting you at ease with smiles that’d fail a polygraph
They butter you right up with compliments, “You’re looking well!”
Jokes and witty comments, they expertly weave their spell

They use basic psychology to get just what they want
Appealing to the ego while they act all nonchalant
Actors who don’t have a stage, they mingle with the crowd
Using all the right words to make you feel tall and proud

And many victims fall for it because they’re malnourished
For any positivity to make them feel flourished
So many have so little confidence that these fake smiles
And compliments are rarely met with suspicious denials

There’s no technique to vet them out, no manual or checklist
Just one intangible feeling that will always assist:
Empathy, a trait they lack, it stops from doing harm
Reminding us we’re connected, but they instead use charm

Because they’re disconnected which is why they always use
Manipulate for their own gain even if they abuse
Your empathy will unmask them and show how paper thin
That smile is, if they are pressed it shows under that grin

Is someone who’s empty inside and desperate to have “more”
Past all the charm is something sad and dark you can’t ignore:
Weakness, fear and selfishness disguised behind the lure
And when you do persist to ask, the ruse will not endure

Though they exploit emotions in all others, they can’t stand
To talk about their own, it’s an off-limits, taboo brand
Dare to delve with empathy and then just watch how fast
That charming smile dissipates when they feel they’re harassed

And that’s because the joy they flaunt is simply a veneer
Which hides a scheming, green-eyed monster with a jealous sneer
Perhaps you’d rather not know and prefer all the fake praise
But with awareness, such kudos will make an eyebrow raise



Body Language

16 Jul

Body Language

The politician takes the stand, adjusts the microphone
He’s asked a question, clears his throat, no discomfort is shown
He starts to spout his rhetoric prepared the day before
By writers who know how to “spin” the ugliness of war

His voice is strong and steady and he fools most of the sheep
But some are not convinced because their detection is deep
They see his eyes that look away, a tiny shoulder strug
Fractions of a moment that betray his fearless mug

Most are trained from birth to take a person at their word
A Warrior knows that the truth is usually unheard
It’s told in how the speaker cannot face your scrutiny
When someone tries to hide the truth, their eyes are first to flee

They clasp their hands or cross their arms to brace for your review
A Warrior outstretches arms and revels in what’s true
The liar tries to retreat and if backed into a wall
Then they will become hostile and ready for a brawl

The liar thinks that threats and anger will sustain the mask
The Warrior knows truth is peace and in so they do bask
Listen to the cadence, hear the fumbling for words?
The ums and ahs and you knows while their eyes go search for birds

People lie and they succeed because their words are trusted
The real truth is revealed if your truth detector’s adjusted
Do not pay so much attention to the words you hear
Instead lean forward, gaze intently and the truth’s quite clear


Take It Back

16 Feb

“Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered I have fought my way here to take back what you have stolen.” ~Labyrinth

Take It Back

We’re given a life
That is free from all strife
When our mothers gives birth
But it soon loses worth

Over years from decisions
Of not chasing visions
Of aborting our goals
And allowing our souls

To grow too complacent
Focus too much on rent
And material things
Which just emptiness brings

And then one day we see
That we’re no longer free
Our lives have been taken
By those who have shaken

The truth from our hearts
And imposed shallow parts
Saying money and praise
Is for what we should craze

This warrior comes
To bang on battle drums
And to give battle cry:
“Take it back ‘fore you die!”

“Take your life back from them
All their concepts condemn
All their fierce competition
And their golden ambition

All their status and bragging
Leaves your compassion lagging
All their feeding of pride
Only serves to misguide

Shut out all the noise
And regain your true poise
It is time to wage war
On the concept of “more”

On the things they’ve told us:
That we should cause a fuss
Whenever we can’t
Achieve what will enchant

Come full circle to
The truth that you once knew
Before they all took
Your true joy with their hook

Let go selfishness
And all of the stress
Take your life back and live
For your true purpose: to give”


Conning God

4 Jan

“There is no God higher than truth.”  ~Mahatma Gandhi

Conning God

This message is for warriors
Who serve a higher power
An overseeing creator
Who lights their darkest hour

This message is a warning to
All those who think they’re clever
Who think that they can con God with
An effort or endeavour

The ones who perpetrate a farce
Of how busy they are
No time for their family
But time to hit the bar

Too busy to help some more
But some time left to view
All their favourite TV shows
Which waste time and subdue

They fool a number of people
“They seem so busy now!”
But here, today, I guarantee
And make them this stern vow:

One force that they cannot con
Is the one known as God
Despite their furrowed brow and stress
He sees through their facade

He knows the ones who are held back
By comfort, search of ease
And making more of what they do
Does nothing but displease

They cannot con a God and say
“I’m doing all I can!”
After all, He saw them walk
When they all could have ran

You cannot con a God and try
To be out for yourself
And every now and then disperse
A morsel of your wealth

Men and women are not hard
To cajole and convince
That is why the warrior
Will rarely ever mince

Their words to gain approval or
Acceptance of a peer
But God’s a different story, He
Can see the truth quite clear

He cannot be convinced, coerced
Persuaded or deceived
He knows our limits, not the ones
We wish to be perceived

If the day should come when you
Are before the Creator
I have a feeling He won’t be
That much of a debater

Techniques and tricks we use on others
To sell “busyness”
May enamour all of them
But God it won’t impress

Always hold on to this truth:
Our limits go beyond
What we think they are, and truth
Is something we can’t con