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Light or Dark?

28 Oct

When people ask me how I am, I’ve taken to saying, “Unstoppable.” Our word choice matters, and something as simple as “Good” or “Not good” can cast light or darkness into the world. Don’t ever succumb and wallow in self-pity, because you never know who’s watching and listening. Inspired by a conversation I just had with an old friend who’s dealing with a severe leg and back injury. At the beginning of our conversation, he said he was doing badly. By the end, he said “I’m good. I’m great!” Stay in the light…

Light or Dark?

When hardships rear their ugly head
And dig their fangs in deep
Will you cast light out to the world?
Or will you only weep?

When challenges arise and cause
The loss of things held dear
Will you be grace’s example?
Or will you broadcast fear?

When troubled times befall us
It is easy to forget
That others can see us as we
Worry, suffer and fret

But if we keep in mind that eyes
Are always turned our way
It helps to remind us that all
The words we choose to say

Can cast a light onto this world
Instead of casting dark
To say, “I’m doing horrible”
To whine, complain and bark

Just causes more to be afraid
To worry what could be
“What if that horrible thing
One day happens to me?”

But if we choose to be the light
To let it go and say
“This is just another test
It won’t cause me dismay”

It will inspire others to
Look at their own distress
And have the courage to engage
To confront, to address

While keeping cool, while keeping calm
While maintaining their grace
“That warrior survived his own
Struggle without a trace

Of fear or doubt or misery
So I too will emit
A light of strength and grace and not
To the darkness submit”

Dark and Quiet

26 Nov

Dark & Quiet

This message is more specific
Than most that I do write
It’s directed at people who
Wage a similar fight

It’s for those who are dealing with
A chronic kind of pain
Physical in body or
Emotional in brain

I’ve managed to reintegrate
Myself in the workforce
After years of having my
Ailments take me off course

I was not able to pick up
Exactly where I’d left
Some factors had to be tweaked and
Conditions made bereft

When one is constantly in pain
Your senses grow intense
Making things a bit darker
Serves as a good defense

The normal lighting tubes above
Which most will pay no mind
Over prolonged hours cause
Fatigue is what I find

And so I’ve made an effort to
Keep man-made light around
Dimmer than normal in order
To feel much less wound

Darkened lenses on my glasses
Also help to serve
To block excessive lighting in
Which plucks the painful nerve

Yes, some will look at you strange
Or say, “You think you’re cool?”
But to me, he who worries of
Such things is the real fool

The other factor that has helped
Is to keep the noise low
I’ve made an effort to stay clear
Of those who do bellow

And speak more loudly than is needed
All that extra noise
Over time will only serve
To erode all your poise

The truth is that most people talk
Far more than is required
And I have learned that excess only
Leads to getting tired

I choose my actions carefully
And made what I have last
And that applies to talking when
I’m contacted or asked

It isn’t necessary to
Just yammer on all day
And being one who has learned this
I like to stay away

From those who have no concept of
“Enough” because they just
Serve to be another pain
That is upon me thrust

Dark and quiet’s how I work
And where my peace does thrive
Dark and quiet’s how this broken
Vessel does survive

You cannot stop your body from
Breaking down, but you can
Change your outside factors and
Devise a fitting plan

To work around what holds you back
But you must have the guts
To make accommodations even
If they’ll think you’re nuts


They Will Hate You

19 Nov

They Will Hate You

I make no promises
Other than this one
To everyone who follows
The warrior’s long run:

They will hate you

If you choose to be honest
And stand up for what’s right
You will draw all their anger
Their selfishness and spite

They will hate you

If you won’t sacrifice
Your own integrity
Just to make them happy
This I will guarantee:

They will hate you

If you won’t fire back
With anger, loathing, hate
If you will not reflect
The scorn that they create

They will hate you

If you make them all feel
Inferior because
You refuse to act
The way a hater does

They will hate you

If you show grace, control
And aren’t as sensitive
As the one that hates
And unlike them, forgive

They will hate you

But when you have withdrawn
Your light from their dark cave
And left them all alone
To their malice, a slave

To only be surrounded
By others just as dark
And wallowing in grief
Without even a spark

When posturing and ego
No longer come in play
And they are all alone
This truth will haunt their day:

They will miss you



14 Aug


Sometimes as the years go by
The meaning of a word
Will change to something else and leave
Its definition blurred

Words like “sick” which now means well
Or “gay” which has to do
More with who you’re partnered with
Than having a keen view

Another word that’s taken on
A new meaning of late
Is the word “poem” which now
Has a depressing trait

Most poets cry of heartache
The misery they feel
How life is hard and cruel and tough
To whom does that appeal?

They couple thoughts of hopelessness
With rhymes to make you think
That their message is cheerful
When it just makes you sink

“Not another poem!” is what
So many folks say
Whenever they see rhyming verses
Littered with cliché

Of dread and dreariness and all
Those things that bring you down
“Poem” is a word I think
Should be let go to drown

It’s time to give ballads that have
A message of wisdom
Or hope or strength or love or peace
A name that’s not so glum

How ‘bout something that reflects
A feeling of the glow
And warmth that positive rhymes give
‘Glow-em’s one way to go

Or maybe something that reflects
The beauty of their point
Borrowing a word from France
‘Beau-ems’ we could anoint

Or maybe something to convey
The onward, upward motion
The outpouring of upbeat thoughts
‘Flow-ems’ of raw emotion

Or maybe warrior poets
Should stand up and take back
The name that has been taken by
The dark and dreary pack

Fight to reclaim their lost word
By writing upbeat tales
Peace will always take the wind
From melancholy’s sails

Take back “poem” and leave it
With something that describes
All the hopeless attitudes
And pessimistic vibes

‘Crow-ems’ for all those who cry
‘Low-ems’ for those knocked down
‘Foe-ems’ for those that cling to hate
‘Woe-ems’ for those that frown

One way or another something
Should be done about
The nomenclature of all rhymes
So that there is no doubt

Of what a person is reading
Before they start first line
A ‘Woe-em’ that will darken lights
Or ‘Glow-em’ that will shine