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Everybody Else

24 Apr

A common response I hear from people is “Everyone else is doing it” or words to that affect, as if the fact that other people being dishonest, lazy, selfish, aloof or inconsiderate legitimizes their behavior.

For people who defend themselves by saying “others are doing it” or “others aren’t going the extra mile so why should I?” I would encourage those people to take a long, hard, close look at the examples they’re using as their defense. Are those people who are doing it too exceptional? Are they impeccable? Are they driven? Are they selfless? Do they think for themselves and blaze their own trail, or are they just a sheep following the herd, and by their actions, influencing others to follow as well?

When someone says “Well that other person is doing it,” I believe a Warrior responds by saying, “Who is that other person? Describe them to me. Tell them how passionate they are. Tell me how fearless they are. Describe to me their limits and how close they push themselves to reaching and even surpassing those limits.”

People should be more picky about who they pattern themselves after. Proximity alone is not a good enough reason to emulate another person, so take a step back, get some distance, and take a wider view of “who else is doing it.”



17 Feb


This is the legend of a man
Whose brothers numbered four
The five performed for thousands who
Did admire and adore

The eldest was the Yellow Rose
Of Texas, big bad Dave
This ornery tall cowboy was
Rambunctious, just and brave

Second was the Golden Warrior
Kevin, more soft spoken
The graceful barefoot hero whose
Focus and poise were token

Brother number three was Kerry
Muscle upon muscle
In the gym, the Modern Day
Warrior showed great hustle

Brothers number four and five
Were Michael and young Chris
They both possessed the same heart which
Nobody could dismiss

At first it seemed the tale would be
About a dynasty
The legend of five brothers and their
Endless winning spree

But life does not always work out
Exactly how it’s planned
This legend was not of success
But what one can withstand

The first to go was Yellow Rose
And thousands came to mourn
But no one took it harder than
The four who had been born

By the same mother, and three years
Later Michael followed
Leaving three remaining brothers
Feeling as if swallowed

By grief, despair and sadness and
In four years Chris fell too
The youngest of the boys had let
Too much heartache accrue

The pair of brother warriors
Remaining tried their best
To persevere, but Kerry had
Endured an extra test

He’d wiped out on his bike and lost
His right foot so his pain
Was physical as well and led
To drugs which strength did drain

And two years after Chris had died
The Texas Tornado
Had fought as long as he could and
Felt it was time to go

Shortly after that, their father
Joined his boys as well
Leaving one survivor to
On whole tragedy dwell

For years the crowd would wonder how
Much longer he would last
Rarely had one person had
So much sadness amassed

But years went by and legend changed
To one of strength and hoping
All by himself this survivor
Wrote a legend of coping

An influential lore of how
One must let go, move on
No matter what you lose, tomorrow
Always brings new dawn

A legend of the power of
Not focusing on loss
Finding peace and strength from friends
And the Man on the cross

Being grateful for the things
That still remain in life
His faithful fans, his children and
For thirty years, his wife

This legend of a survivor
Should serve to carry you
In times of tragedy and loss
It’s helped me carry through

And though the Golden Warrior
Is a brother no longer
He’s been blessed as a father of
Brothers making him stronger

Always keep in mind your legend
Isn’t ever finished
As long as you do not let grief
Make your spirit diminished

Survive the trials and the tests
Survive life’s very worst
Survive the feelings that you are
Unlucky or are cursed

Take control of destiny
And with warrior strength
Become a survivor who will
Endure at any length

                                      ~for Kevin

The Fool

5 Jan

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”  ~e.e. cummings, 1955

The Fool

There was a fool who worried of
What all the others thought
Their respect and acceptance was
What he constantly sought

He tucked away his own pleasures
For fear that they’d make fun
He didn’t speak his mind for fear
That all of them would shun

He fell in line and followed what
The others said was sane
Even though he couldn’t ignore
The voice in his brain

Telling him “This is not you
It’s just a guise to please
All the others so they will
Be constantly at ease”

One day this fool crossed paths with
A warrior who spoke
His mind and when others heard
They all called him a joke

They said because he walked alone
And didn’t follow suit
That he was crazy, weird, insane
A total cake of fruit

The irony was when the fool
Called the warrior one
The warrior just smiled because
Irony is fun

“Who’s the fool?” the warrior asked
“The one who shows no fears?
Or is it someone who’s afraid
Of hearing others jeers?

So they change everything they are
Their look, their mind, their goals
Just so that the other fools
Won’t rake them over coals”

The warrior then walked away
To himself still so true
“Fool!” the fool shouted at him
“You are one through and through!”

But something lingered in his mind
The warrior had peace
A calmness and strong confidence
That simply wouldn’t cease

Not with ridicule or taunts
Or accusations of
Lies, hypocrisy, no he
Was simply filled with love

With courage, passion and resolve
And more that the fool thought
The more he realized his ways
Were making him distraught

By living for approval that
He never had achieved
He saw the fool of himself that
He had completely weaved

Every time the others saw
The warrior and scoffed
And how the warrior shrugged off
Their barbs like they were soft

The fool could not help but think that
The others had it wrong
The more they mocked, the more the fool
Felt he did not belong

‘Till one day that fool stood apart
And did reveal to them
His true self, not a fool at all
So they chose to condemn

And finally he understood
That self-respect was worth
More than the combined respect
Of all the fools on Earth