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7 Jun



“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, BE NOTHING.”
― Aristotle

The price you pay for having your creative voice be heard or creative vision be seen is having to hear the criticism of people who don’t have the courage or fortitude to put themselves on display for all to nitpick.

I find such “critics” to almost never employ any kind of balance in their critiques. They gleefully and snidely pick apart every so-called flaw, and yet rarely show any kind of balance by expressing passion or exuberance for what was done WELL.

Let the following phrase be your shield against any hater or critic who tries to steal your joy away: “Now say something encouraging.” I guaran-damn-tee you if you pay close attention, most of the time they won’t light up with excitement as they talk about the silver lining or saving grace of your creation.

And that, my friends, is what a true critic is; an imbalance. Everything in, nothing out (except negativity). A cowardly, hateful, selfish creature that’s only here to act as a parasite. Don’t you dare allow anybody to ever discourage you from putting something out there for fear that “they” won’t like it. Just remember: “they” don’t like anything, and nothing you can ever do will change that. I’ve posted hundreds of writings in spite of the few critics who tried to discourage me. They will never discourage me from being creative, and they should never discourage you either.

Make a great weekend,


11 Mar



Be wary as you navigate
Through the masses of men
And women who are too selfish
To wield the sword and pen

Who are too weak and too afraid
Self-centred and aloof
Who just believe if they are given
Hard, substantial proof

The skeptics, critics, cynics, cowards
Pessimists and thieves
Are simply pylons through which a
Warrior Poet weaves

Building their dexterity
Their elegance, precision
Quickly passing by those who
Are cursed with indecision

Simply pylons, nothing more
Something to be sidestepped
They are not barriers or walls
Much too high to be leapt

They’re simply little cones on ground
That must be circumvented
And are not worth the time to be
Focused on or lamented