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The Cowboy Code

7 Feb

“Honesty is not something you should flirt with. You should be married to it.” ~Cowboy Proverb

The Cowboy Code

No matter where on Earth you go
There will always be some
Who stand apart from most because
To fear they won’t succumb

In England they were called “Knights” and
In Japan “Bushido”
The good ole’ USA had their
Own brand that did not show

Fear, weakness and selfishness
They were known as “Cowboys”
They followed ten ethics which helped
Them keep honor and poise

Living every day with courage
Taking pride in work
Finish what you start and do
What must be done, not shirk

Being tough but fair and promises
Not being broken
Riding for the brand and saying more
With less words spoken

Remembering that some things aren’t
For sale for any dough
And knowing where to draw the line
And letting backbone show

Ten ethics and principals
For USA’s own brand
Of warrior who for courage
Honor and grace did stand