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25 Oct

As shocking as it may sound, I’ve had some complaints at work made against me. Do you get offended, hurt or worked up when someone makes false accusations towards you? I used to, but having a warrior-mindset has eradicated the need to defend, explain, and exonerate my name. I’ve learned that there’s a common theme with all of the people who point a finger at me and say I’m rude, abrasive or difficult, and that common theme is that they lack what a warrior possesses and is capable off…


They push and push until you crack
And when you do, then they step back
They see that you have had enough
So they watch as you huff and puff

But what if you simply don’t crack?
What if you bare their attack?
What if there is no effect?
What if they cannot deject?

What if you’re a rock when they
Have hurtful, hateful things to say?
What if your reserve stands fast
When you are bullied and harassed?

I’ll tell you what will happen, mate
When you refuse to take the bait
They’ll whine and cry that YOU’RE the one
Who was abrasive and did shun

A warrior’s an anomaly
From drama they are fully free
And since the normals cannot grasp
They imagine your voice is rasp

They imagine that you aren’t nice
They give their pathetic advice
They say, “You really need to learn
To deal with this kind of concern!”

They’ll make a complaint to your boss
Another try to incur loss
But boss will simply hear the tale
Of how a weak normal did fail

To push a warrior around
And tried to grind you to the ground
But since your grace was kept in tact
They snivelled to make an impact

By crying to authorities
To try to bring you to your knees
But no one, not grunts or a chief
Can give a warrior much grief

They can’t be pushed, they are a wall
And it’s the PUSHERS who all fall
While warriors stand firm and strong
Bear witness to all that is wrong

The ego and the selfishness
The cowardice and laziness
The fact they push so hard reveals
That they lack warrior ideals

Stand fast, stand firm, and do not bend
Do not explain, do not defend
And do not fear they’ll be believed
Because all those who are deceived

Are just as weak as those who shove
And push and are devoid of love
Who do not serve and give and care
Let your attack just be a glare

A knowing glance that weakness stands
Before you with its outstretched hands
In vain attempt to push you back
Do not falter, do not crack

The Follower

29 Sep

The Follower

The follower is someone who
Asks other people what is true
Instead of having faith that they can feel

What’s a shortcut, what is wrong
What is selfless, wise and strong
They want others to lead to what is real

The Christian asks the pastor if
A certain act will cause a tiff
With Jesus Christ or the Lord up above

They ask if it’s okay although
Deep inside they already know
But hope they will not have to try so hard

The new Buddhist asks the old guard
If using booze and drugs are barred
The so-called expert says, “Indeed they are!”

Same for Muslims and Hindus
And most other religious views
They look to ancient text for what to bar

For what to prohibit and ban
Since their rigid dogma began
Always looking to rules long ago

They ask others who learned the text
On what to do and not do next
And always this present moment forgo

The WARRIOR follows nobody
Because they know for them to see
Their own truth they must disregard the writing

And instead search their CONSCIENCE for
The answers, even if a chore
And even if it says, “CONTINUE FIGHTING”

The follower’s a lazy lot
A coward who cannot be taught
Because they lack the confidence to search

The truths which can be off-putting
Afraid of unstable footing
And so they retreat to their sheltered church

They follow all the other sheep
And pile in and fall asleep
And walk out thinking that they’ve been empowered

It’s just an attack on the soul
To be told you’re not in control
It creates not the brave, instead; a coward

They’re told, “You’re only human!” and
“Nobody’s perfect!” “You’re not grand!”
“You’re flawed!” “You have limits to your potential!”

The Warrior chuckles with a scoff
And with a snarl says, “PISS OFF!”
“To me weaklings will not be influential!”

“No addict to comfort will guide
To your limits I won’t abide
You can’t tell me that I cannot let go

Of hurt and pain and everything
That makes the weakling normal sing
Of sorrow, sadness, angst, woe, doubt and fear

I AM A WARRIOR so please
Step out of my way while I seize
My courage, grace, peace, happiness and cheer

While you just follow and you hope
It will be a ‘Good day’ and mope
When shit hits fan and challenges arise

And turn to sources that just keep
Your potential crippled and weep
Because you’ve been fed such limiting lies”

The Essence of Manhood

10 May


Distant Bullies

25 Oct


A little story about the nature and psychology of bullies: No poems about this encounter, just another example of how “people lie” and don’t present themselves as they really are. As I was walking on the sidewalk today, a young man wearing sunglasses and a hood bobbed from side to side as he walked in “thuggish” manner. His exaggerated movements made it impossible to *not* notice him. As he passed by, he angrily looked at me and said “What the fuck you looking at?” As I continued, I heard him continue to threaten me, saying, “You got a problem? You don’t know me, don’t be lookin’ at me!” Most people would continue walking. Most would feel intimidated and think, “Oh God, I don’t need this, please just leave me alone.” Most people aren’t Warriors though…

I turned around and looked at him, despite his warning. I didn’t return any insults, nor did I look angry or exhibit any hostility towards him. I simply stood and watched him, blankly. He pulled off his sunglasses and started walking towards me and continued to spout his brave threats…until he was about 6 feet away from me. Then something typical happened. As with most bullies, he became a coward once proximity was no longer protecting him. He backed into a door to a store, flung it open, threatened me once again with bodily harm and then disappeared into the store, as if he had meant to go in all along. As he entered, I said only one word to him, calmly: “Relax.” He had no response to this person who dared look at him and tell him what to do.

Ever since I stopped walking away from bullies, this has happened on every single occasion with people who have threatened me or tried to physically intimate me. No exceptions, my friends. People continue to warn me and say “One of these days, you’re going to get yourself in trouble!” but those people are comfort addicts. Let me make it clear that I don’t approach these bullies and I don’t verbally engage them. I simply stand there and watch. You know how they say dogs can sense fear? People are similar, they can sense when someone has no fear. And it scares the shit out of them. Remember that next time someone threatens you. Remember that “people lie.” Being afraid will only feed the monster. If you simply stand your ground and give them nothing, it forces *them* to act, not react. And that’s something bullies just don’t like to do: think and act on their own.

True story.

Nothing Personal

23 Sep

Nothing Personal

Ever wanted to not do
Something and used the phrase:
“It’s nothing personal” and hoping
That it will not phase

The person that you’ve told it to?
That you mean no abuse?
That you just do not care enough
Or have time to make use

Of something that they’ve brought to mind?
A suggestion they’ve made?
An effort given to assist?
Some selflessness displayed?

“It’s nothing personal” is said
By those who do not care
A cop-out line employed by those
Who are not yet aware

That every single thing we think
Imagine or create
Is deeply fashioned with our own
Personality trait

“It’s nothing personal” tells us
The speaker doesn’t see
The integral part of ourselves
That made the idea be

And maybe that’s why many don’t
Connect with a concept
“It’s nothing personal” blinds them
From being that adept

It’s a way of thinking that is
Close-minded and blunt
A way of keeping distance and
Not having to confront

Personal issues that could be
Awkward and hurt feelings
Some think that it’s better to
Be detached in these dealings

A warrior is passionate
And therefore not afraid
To make things personal even
If egos do get frayed

A warrior knows that it is
Personal and accepts
Criticism from others and
Quickly intercepts

Their own ego when it screams
And flusters with offense
A warrior knows that they don’t
Require a defense

That life is not a competition
But you can be sure
Everything is personal
If your intention’s pure