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Taking It

20 Jul

“So we’ll hunt him, because he can take it.” ~Commissioner Gordon

Taking It

He tries to round
A corner on
His cycle but
He lacks the brawn

A stinging stab
Twists in his side
That’s amplified
By his new ride

He clenches teeth
To hold the pose
Stretched on pod
Away it goes

He knows that this
Is going to hurt
But there is no way
To avert

He yanks real hard
And the pod turns
All throughout
His body burns

He wonders how
He takes so much
How he survives
The constant clutch

How he can even
Be awake
How he can take
And take and take

So much punishment
And pain
How has he
Not gone insane?

He chuckles and thinks
Of the mask
And cape he wears
When on his task

And maybe he
Is just a bit
Insane right now
He does admit

But lack of sanity
Is not
What all of this
Turmoil has brought

All the beatings
All the hate
All the fear
The heavy weight

Is all because
He can take it
It’s all because
He’ll never quit

The sirens are
Now closing in
He pulls back and
Makes the pod spin

He loses the
Pursuers down
A dark alley
Just outside town

He powers down
And slowly gets
Up off the pod
And feels the sweats

His body trembles
Hands are numb
Can’t make a fist
A broken thumb

The pounding in
His head won’t stop
He falls and on
The ground does flop

The sirens now
Are far away
But will come back
Another day

He slowly breathes
And takes it all
Back to the pod
He starts to crawl

He mounts again
And grits his teeth
And seeks a refuge

A dark and quiet
Place where he
Can feel at rest
And just be free

Of taking it
A cave somewhere
That he does not
Have to beware

He rides into
The forest and
He rides across
The dark, cold land

And comes up to
An opening
To a dark place
Where he’ll be king

He slowly rides
Into the cave
And a new path
With pod does pave

He stops and looks
And feels at home
He gets off and
He starts to roam

He starts to feel
His strength arise
As he pulls off
His black disguise

He sits down and
Recoups so that
Tomorrow he can
Be the bat

That takes it all
That they may throw
Regardless if
It’s friend or foe