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Into War

16 Jul


Into War

To war you must sometimes decide
To head into, to walk, to ride

To face the selfish ignorants
To aid the weak, be their defense

Against all those who take and take
The cowardly who aren’t awake

The ones who do lack empathy
Who just one point of view do see

In war we must engage these boors
Cowards run, but one endures

The Warrior stands face to face
And only does exhibit grace

No anger or hostility
Just searing, painful, third-degree

Of truth is hurled at all who hurt
For their own gain, let us assert

Let Warriors step up and walk
And stare in eyes of those who talk

And talk and talk but do so little
Let us show them just how brittle

Their selfish egos really are
As we draw blade of truth and scar

With words like “Coward,” “Selfish,” “Weak”
“Self-centered,” “Self-absorbed” and “Bleak”

No insults hurled, just what’s observed
And truth will make ego unnerved

Do not fear the war on hate
It is every Warrior’s fate

To walk into the fire though
All others run away in woe

Towards the things which irritate
Which scare and cause to be irate

To stare into its pupils and
Refuse to budge, to make a stand

To say, “You move” to bullies who
Wish you as well would say “Adeiu”

If more would go into this war
And not think of it as a chore

If more would face the ugliness
Instead of saying, “Too much stress!”

Then those who bully and torment
And tease would finally relent

Because they’d know there was a price
And every bully would think twice

They’d think, “Perhaps I’ll hold my tongue”
For fear a Warrior’s among

The timid masses and would go
Into war, stand toe to toe

And give them not a single inch
Not be afraid and never flinch

Stare into their hate filled eyes
And say, “I can see through your guise

I can see past this mask you’ve made
And it does not make me afraid

You don’t have an effect on me
So lean in, come look close and see

That I was born to face, confront
To step in path and take the brunt

And still survive to just repeat
To go to war while rest retreat”

And into war we’ll always walk
With those who disrespect and mock

It’s into war where we reveal
Our iron will and grace of steel




22 Jan

“When people do not respect us we are sharply offended; yet in his private heart no man much respects himself.” ~Mark Twain


A fascinating thing occurs
When others do confront
Ego puts up defenses
When we hear truth that’s blunt

When we’re alone, we’re well aware
We are far from perfect
But when there’s someone else around
The ego goes unchecked

Suddenly we do no wrong
And those who are candid
Make us feel with their review
Like cow being branded

We feel put on the spot and are
Afraid they know the truth
We say things like “You don’t know me!”
And start to lose our couth

The fear is that the things we think
Are most imperative
Are really insignificant
For what we need to live

I’ve heard from hundreds who have said
“Your rhymes are truth to me”
And many times they did not fill
The reader with much glee

They did not feel all warm and fuzzy
Like when they have read
A sugar-sweet one-liner where
Not one tough truth is said

You’ll never get control of your
Ego with head in sand
Confrontation need’nt be
Battled like your last stand

Take a breath and listen to
The pounding in your chest
The buzzing in your brain that’s making
You feel oh so stressed

Forget about the person that
You think has brought this on
Only for a moment pretend
That they are now gone

And look within to see the true
Culprit which brought you stress
The two-faced ego which before
When alone did confess

To you that you are not perfect
That you have made mistakes
That you are riddled with regret
And don’t have what it takes

It’s those who do not shy away
From confronting ego
That finally do break its grip
And learn, evolve and grow

They do not let it control them
Instead, it’s on their chain
Fully under control so that
Peace and grace can reign