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The Fool

5 Jan

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”  ~e.e. cummings, 1955

The Fool

There was a fool who worried of
What all the others thought
Their respect and acceptance was
What he constantly sought

He tucked away his own pleasures
For fear that they’d make fun
He didn’t speak his mind for fear
That all of them would shun

He fell in line and followed what
The others said was sane
Even though he couldn’t ignore
The voice in his brain

Telling him “This is not you
It’s just a guise to please
All the others so they will
Be constantly at ease”

One day this fool crossed paths with
A warrior who spoke
His mind and when others heard
They all called him a joke

They said because he walked alone
And didn’t follow suit
That he was crazy, weird, insane
A total cake of fruit

The irony was when the fool
Called the warrior one
The warrior just smiled because
Irony is fun

“Who’s the fool?” the warrior asked
“The one who shows no fears?
Or is it someone who’s afraid
Of hearing others jeers?

So they change everything they are
Their look, their mind, their goals
Just so that the other fools
Won’t rake them over coals”

The warrior then walked away
To himself still so true
“Fool!” the fool shouted at him
“You are one through and through!”

But something lingered in his mind
The warrior had peace
A calmness and strong confidence
That simply wouldn’t cease

Not with ridicule or taunts
Or accusations of
Lies, hypocrisy, no he
Was simply filled with love

With courage, passion and resolve
And more that the fool thought
The more he realized his ways
Were making him distraught

By living for approval that
He never had achieved
He saw the fool of himself that
He had completely weaved

Every time the others saw
The warrior and scoffed
And how the warrior shrugged off
Their barbs like they were soft

The fool could not help but think that
The others had it wrong
The more they mocked, the more the fool
Felt he did not belong

‘Till one day that fool stood apart
And did reveal to them
His true self, not a fool at all
So they chose to condemn

And finally he understood
That self-respect was worth
More than the combined respect
Of all the fools on Earth


Circle of Light

4 Oct

Circle of Light

Tell me if this sounds familiar:
“Everyone I know
Is so negative and all
They do is bring me low

I wish that I knew more people
Filled with some hope and light
But everyone in my circle
Is filled with scorn and spite”

Most of us have felt like that
At one time or another
Surrounded by cutthroats and
Without a single brother

The key is realizing that
You have the power to
Illuminate your circle if
You resolve to pursue

If you make an effort to
Seek out new people that
Can provide you more than just
Some superficial chat

Odds are that you already
Know quite a few of them
But they do not come to mind
Because those that condemn

Are so much louder and garner
More of your attention
They serve to wipe out all your peace
With all their apprehension

Pay no mind, those who distract
Don’t let them sour you
Don’t let their failings project
On someone that is new

Let go of your pre-conceived
Notions which may impede
Your efforts to enlighten your
Circle once filled with greed

And jealousy and pettiness
And ego, anger, tripe
Clean the slate and seek out friends
Defined by a new type

People filled with courage who
Can motivate you to
Let go of your doubts and do
All of the things they do

People who inspire you
To try harder each day
To fight the good fight every moment
Every single way

People you can support and
Who will reciprocate
Who know that friendship is a circle
Not a line that’s straight

So if you find yourself surrounded
By a darkened ring
Seek out positive people
Because their light will bring

The hope and energy you need
To make your circle glow
It all begins with a smile
A handshake and “Hello”


Business Card

12 Aug

Business Card

“Can I get your business card?” is what
I often hear folks ask
Whenever they find out what I
Have chosen as my task

Writer, actor, editor
Director, “movie-guy”
Many different channels which
Do make all my time fly

“I may have something that I’ll need
Your help with very soon”
Not the first time that I’ve heard
Them sing that wishful tune

They use words like “Maybe” and “if”
And “possibly,” “perhaps”
Hopeful aspirations which
Bring on the “oohs” and claps

I give my card and they put it
Away for the right time
When everything falls into place
To make my cell phone chime

The thing is, my phone never rings
From someone with my card
Took a while for me to see
It’s something they discard

I wondered if maybe there was
A typo in the number
E-mail address or website
That had caused the long slumber

But nope, the data’s all correct
And as it should appear
The fate of my business card then
Becomes to me quite clear

Tossed out to the wind or at
The bottom of a bin
Ironic since it was taken
With such an anxious grin

I’ve given out hundreds of cards
And can’t recall one case
I’ve ever heard back from someone
Who followed through the chase

It’s been years since I had any
To give away, although
I still get asked quite frequently
That’s when I let them know

“My business card is now online
It’s not that hard to find
No more print expenditures
And no more trees to grind”

No website to memorize
Or number to retain
Google’s made life easier
For every cluttered brain

“Do a search for my name and
You’ll find my own website
Or look me up on Facebook and
When there feel free to write”

Don’t have room inside your head
To remember my name?
Text yourself with your cell phone
Please, show me you have game

Show me some intensity
That you do in fact care
That you know you can’t just talk
You also have to dare

To follow through, to roll up sleeves
To toil, sweat and grind
Accomplishment is not something
Just on the ground you find

Like a tossed out business card
That started out so well
Exchanged with words of how we both
Were going to excel

Waste of money, pulp and ink
I’ve come to realize
“Here’s my card” is an expression
I’ve come to despise

Because you can’t make people care
By giving them a piece
Of paper, three point five by two
And waiting for increase

In profit or in other things
Like your networking clique
It takes more than a business card
To make their interest pique

You have to make the call yourself
Or send a few e-mails
Learn from Andy in Shawshank
Persistence never fails!

So throw away your business card
Before someone else does
It’s time we all accepted that
It’s just a waste because

It’s too easy to throw away
Too easy to ignore
It doesn’t motivate us to
Do all the things we swore

Please don’t ask me for mine ‘cause
I just don’t see what good
A business card has ever done
It’s just a waste of wood