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10 Dec


Lifers are the type of folks
Who sit down for their lunch
And all they’ve got to talk about
Is work while they all munch

They’re given thirty minutes or
A full hour to break
To clear their minds of their work day
A short reprieve to take

And all they can come up with is
To keep talking about
The project that they’re working on
Or just complain and pout

About the duties they’re assigned
To earn their precious pay
The topics that they talk about
Is such a short array

It makes me shake my head to see
The followers and sheep
Who cannot speak on a topic
That’s spiritual or deep

They go the easy route and just
Speak of the job they do
The future of the company
And how it affects you

Breaks are opportunities
To let yourself stay fit
For love of God, go for a walk
And get outside a bit!

See and smell and feel the air
And realize there’s more
Than just the company that you
Presently do work for

Next time that discussion veers
Towards the same routine
Be a warrior, speak up
And wipe the topic clean

“Why don’t we change the subject
To something else instead
Other than this job that we
Can’t get out of our head?”

That’s the point of breaks, to take
The opportunity
For thirty minutes or an hour
To let yourself be free

Do not be a Lifer and
Speak just about your grind
‘Cause after doing that enough
Pretty soon you will find

That you are taking it back home
When you have gone off shift
And you’ll be squandering free time
That is a precious gift

The Lifers waste their off shift time
Still talking about work
And all the other things they could
Be doing, they just shirk

I promise you, there’ll come a day
When that job won’t be there
Regardless of how hard you work
Or how much you may care

And then you’ll realize just how
Dependent you have been
On that job for discussion
When not at that machine

Or office desk, cash register
Work van or restaurant
The absence of your nine to five
Will staggeringly haunt

Unless you open up your eyes
And recognize there is
More to life than where you work
And talking strictly biz



Too Busy for “How Are You?”

12 Oct

Too Busy for “How Are You?”

Here’s a little tidbit that
I’ve noticed through my day
Many never seem to have
The time to smile and say:

“How are you today?” because
They’re much too occupied
Too busy too ask and hoping
That it is implied

Folks that ring you through when you are
Purchasing your merch
People who are in a rush
To get home after church

People that you know who you
Bump into on the street
Rarely does it make its way
Into a text or tweet

I like to take control and stop
The much too busy flow
By asking “How are you today?”
And making sure they know

Regardless of how busy that
They think their day may be
Everyone can spare a moment
We can all agree

If we think we’re too busy
To talk for one minute
Then selfishness for our own cause
Is all that we transmit

Regardless of how packed my day
I’ll always take the time
To ask a friend or stranger how
They are and let them chime

I’ve seen so many faces
Starting out so drab
Light up from just one minute
Of taking time to gab

Next time you’re at the market
Or coffee shop or store
Take a close look at the teller
And if their job does bore

When they ring you through and ask
“How would you like to pay?”
Regardless of how long the line
Take a moment to say

“How’s it going?” “How are you?”
Or “How has your day been?”
Make an effort to break up
Their boring old routine

Compliment them, make a joke
Try hard to make them smile
‘Cause you will probably be the
Only one in the isle

Who won’t be too busy to take
A moment to ask them
A fleeting chat for you may be
For that person a gem

Same goes for the rest of your
So busy jam-packed day
Never be so rushed that you
Don’t have time to display

A moment of respect and caring
For those that you pass
On your journey, always show
Some patience and some class