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The Scorpion and the Frog

16 Nov

The Scorpion and the Frog

There was a frog who swam along
The river one fine day
He came upon a scorpion
On the shore in dismay

“What seems to be the trouble?”
The frog asked with some concern
“I need to cross the river!”
The sharp-tip tailed one did yearn

“Would you be so kind and give
A ride upon your back?”
The frog thought, then thought twice, then thrice
And cautiously said back:

“I’m not so sure that would be wise
I fear that you would sting
And I would sink and drown since I’m not
Much for snorkeling

“Don’t be silly!” the scorpion said
“I’d sink along with you!
I can’t swim or breathe submerged
To do so, I’D be through!”

“Hmmm,” the frog thought to himself
“That’s true, you’d drown as well
Ok, I’m always pleased to help
Climb on board for a spell!”

“Thank you!” scorpion said with joy
And creeped upon the back
‘Bout halfway ‘cross the river
The passenger did attack

The tail snapped down and stinger pierced
The frog and he went numb
“Why?” he asked with shock and sank
Surprised at the outcome

“Because,” the scorpion replied
With apathy so cold
“I am a scorpion, it’s in my nature
In my mould”

“But you’ll drown too!” the frog gurgled
As they hit river bed
“It’s what I do, I cannot change”
And soon they both were dead


The Shunning

16 Jun
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for change.
Every single time there’s been a shooting, the shooter’s name and face has been plastered all over the media. In their own twisted way, the killers have achieved fame and notoriety. They didn’t have to work for it and earn it over a long period of time like the true Warriors throughout history. They simply pulled a trigger and now everyone world wide knows about them, and they’ll be remembered for years to come. It doesn’t matter to them whether it’s being remembered in infamy; the important thing to them is that they’re remembered. They died (or are locked up in jail) with the exhilaration of knowing that they’re singled out from all of the other faceless, forgotten people…some of whom being their victims.
Perhaps the next time someone decides to shoot innocent, unsuspecting people, the media should withhold that shooter’s name and pictures. Perhaps the media shouldn’t interview their friends, ex-partners or parents in a mock-attempt at “understanding the horror.” Perhaps they should be *shunned* with darkness and silence for their cowardly act instead of having a spotlight put on them.
The definition of “shun” is to persistently avoid, ignore, or reject through antipathy or caution. Isn’t this exactly what a murderer of innocents deserves? And yet the media constantly displays the name and image of the shooter, immortalizing them. I call it grossly irresponsible and immoral, and it speaks volumes about the people who operate the media and their true motives.
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for change. Years ago I decided to try something different; I shunned the media when I saw that they had no intention of shunning cowardly murderers. I’m much happier for it, understand the atrocities that occur better, and rest assured knowing that my memory banks are reserved for heroes and Warriors, not cowards and psychopaths.
Shun on,

Open Your Eyes

21 Oct

Open Your Eyes

You cannot see with both eyes closed, yet this is what most do
They try to take control of their own lives, but block their view
Whenever they see sacrifices that have to be made
How is change going to occur if the work is delayed?
How can you improve if training always starts “Tomorrow?”
How can you show grace, acceptance side by side with sorrow?
How can you complain about all that which does annoy
And still expect to face the challenge and conquer, destroy?
How can you quit cigarettes if you still reach for one
Each time you’re stressed instead of going for a run?
How can you be positive if all you do is whine?
How can you be fearless if you do not show some spine?
I see so many paradoxes walking all around
People with their eyes covered and much too tightly wound
Claiming, “Things are gonna change!” but then do the same thing
Open eyes, stare fearlessly and see what that does bring


The Shackler

30 Sep

If you’ve put in the time, patience and effort to change something about yourself, never let someone who hasn’t been around to witness that change define you by something you’ve said or done in the past. There are people who will try to shackle you by your past actions and cause you self-doubt. What they don’t realize is those shackles are brittle and shatter with one simple question: “That was then, who am I now?” You’ll usually get a few blinks and a perplexed look that says, “I don’t know…I haven’t been paying attention lately because I’m too focused on the past.” Eliminate these short-sighted, ignorant and un-empathetic “Shacklers” from your life.

The Shackler

There was a man named Now who once did something in the past
That made a man named Cling so angry that his rage did last
Over several years and when the two met up once more
Cling reminded Now of all that he had done before

He was oblivious to how much he himself had changed
Over all the years since both of them had been estranged
Cling was not the same person but he did fail to see
That years could change someone else too, this Cling did not foresee

He met Now with an old frustration and he did remind
Of what Now had done in the past, how he had been unkind
He tried to shackle Now with actions that were now years old
He tried to define Now by those actions that were so cold

But unlike most who bow their heads in shame and say they’re sorry
Now refused to play along and succumb to Cling’s quarry
“That was then” Now did reply, “and I flat-out refuse
To be defined by  outdated opinions, thoughts and views”

Now told Cling that if he chose to live in times gone by
That they were done speaking and Cling could count one less ally
Because to shackle someone with the past shows lack of sight
Of all the ways they’ve changed if you just cling to that old fight


Too Old To Change

28 Sep

You can’t teach an old dog knew tricks, but with effort, focus, perseverance and patience, a free-thinking, free-willed human being can change whatever they so desire. It’s time we stopped comparing ourselves to creatures that don’t and never will have our potential…

Too Old To Change

A cop out that I hear often is “Sorry, I’m too old”
People say they can’t change because of their rigid mold
Too much time has passed and now they’ll do what they have done
They’ll think they way they’ve always thought and change is what they shun

They make excuses that the passage of time does absolve
Because enough years have elapsed they don’t have to evolve
“Bullshit” is my blunt response to those who think they’re through
To their mentality and all the laziness they spew

For it’s not age but laziness that causes one to say
That they’re too old to modify simply ‘cause of some gray
Facade, a ruse, a guise, a show that I refuse to hear
When I hear the “Too old” excuse, I do make it quite clear

You’re never too old to improve, to learn, to grow, to try
You do not get a free pass simply ‘cause soon you will die
The battle starts the day you’re born and ends with your demise
And who knows, maybe it continues when the soul does rise

No exceptions, no excuses, and no sympathy
This Warrior is not concerned with how old you may be
No longer will I listen to those “Much too old to quit”
Or “much too old to deal with it without throwing a fit”

“Much too old to change my way of thinking of that group”
“I cannot change my pre-conceptions ‘cause my back does stoop”
Ridiculous is what it is, and elderly should know
Better than that, wisdom is what those years should bestow

Selflessness and understanding, empathy and hope
Not stubbornness and ignorance and refusal to cope
Shame on each and every grey-haired lazy person who
Thinks when greys come in that they no longer must pursue

Pushing selves to limits of their capabilities
Expecting more from themselves instead of pursuing ease
Saying “Never enough” even though they’re old and tired
No cop outs and leaving younger Warriors inspired


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