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Birthday Warrior

4 Nov

Birthday Warrior

I do not dread the knowledge that
Another year has passed
Those who wish to not get older
And act so aghast

When their age goes up a year
Make both my eyebrows raise
They don’t seem to be grateful for
Three hundred sixty-five days

They groan and moan about how they
Are losing all their youth
They just lament because they’re getting
“Too long in the tooth”

And let the wrinkles, grey and aches
Blind them from the real gift
A present that each year gives this
Warrior quite a lift:

I’m older, I have just survived
Another year on Earth
I’ve met more challenges and I’ve
Increased my strength and worth

People tried to steal my joy
But I turned back their raid
I walked headlong into danger
While others were afraid

Confronted selfish, ugly people
That most did avoid
Watched plans all go straight to shit
Without getting annoyed

Looking back on the past year
I have no swell of pride
Because that is a trait that Warriors
Do not abide

I simply am content that I
Served my duty in life
I served some strangers
Enemies, my family and wife

And will do so this coming year
The candles on the cake
Should not be mourned, they’re simply a
Reminder you’re awake

You’re still alive, you’re still breathing
Your mission still goes on
Blow them out and continue
To show your grace and brawn


Happy Birthday Lu

8 Dec

Happy Birthday Lu

Happy Birthday to my wife
The light and music of my life
Another year since you were born
When just your Birthday suit was worn

May everyone take time today
To tell, express, announce, convey
How you bring joy to all you know
With your soft smile that has a glow

And your giggle that is so sweet
It could bring smiles to the downbeat
You’re special in so many ways
We’d really need many more days

To let you know how much we care
Too bad Birthdays are so rare!
Only one day every year
For everyone to send their cheer

I think exceptions should be made
For folks like you who have displayed
A loving, kind and selfless heart
We need a whole month to impart

How much we love and cherish you
For everything you say and do
So ‘till then, on this day we will
From morning until evening fill

With well wishes and gratitude
For all the good things you exude
Happy Birthday to Sweetness
My wife, my love, my completeness

                          ~for Luana


10 Nov


A birthday is one day out of
Three hundred sixty-five
When people take a moment to
Notice that you’re alive

People that you haven’t heard
From in weeks, months or years
Suddenly make an effort
To send their joy and cheers

Well wishes because we’re told
That when someone was born
Is the one day of the year
That we should all adorn

That person with our honesty
Our caring, gratitude
To let them know directly without
Having to elude

At risk of sounding ungrateful
To those who drop a line
And wish a Happy Birthday, let me
Try to disentwine

The day that I was delivered
From my dear mother’s womb
From the single day of year
Where everyone does bloom

And stop and take a moment to
Give thanks and send their love
I’m starting to think that for some
It’s more a routine’s shove

How often do you call up
A friend or family member
Right out of the blue and tell them
That you do remember

All of the great memories
That both of you have shared?
Or do you wait ‘till their birthday
To show them that you cared?

Is it weird for you to say
“I love you” if it’s not
The same day that the doctor slapped
Their ass and tied the knot?

Is it awkward for you to
Wish them well for their sake
Unless there are wrapped presents and
Lit candles on a cake?

When was the last time you made
An effort to connect
And didn’t wait for a birthday
To pay all your respect?

This warrior poet can’t help
But think that birthday’s are
Just another holiday
From Hallmark and on par

With Christmas, Easter, New Year’s and
Mother’s and Father’s Day
One day of the year we’re told
That it’s time to display

Our genuine affection to
The ones that we care for
Hallmark doesn’t think for me
I know I can do more

Warriors think for themselves
And so for my close friends
And family, this warrior
Won’t follow Hallmark’s trends

I do not care what day it is
Because the time is now
Regardless of the date, I take
This moment to avow:

I wish you all the best in life
I wish you strength and peace
I hope your stresses will shrink and
Your patience will increase

Happy Today, warriors
You all have immense worth
Now aren’t you glad I didn’t wait
Until your day of birth?