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The Root of All Fears

11 Aug
The Root of All Fears
There was a man ‘was ‘fraid of death
It spread to all this thoughts
The fear of breathing his last breath
Left his thin will in knots
The fear of that dark, patient reaper
Was root of all dread
Every scare, funk, fright and doubt
Was thanks to Mr. Dead
He lived out his entire life
In fear of his demise
And when it came, with his last breath
And closing of his eyes
Still he clung by fingernails
And wheezed for leniency
But Death is absolutely fair
And never shows mercy
There was a gal ‘was ‘fraid of death
It coloured every day
Despite a stunning canvas
Death would taint life with dismay
Every single moment had
A mark of coming doom
A marriage, child’s birth, even
A flower in full bloom
Every wondrous moment rotted
With the thought of loss
Nothing took away the fear
No bible, no gold cross
No quotes, no books, no meditation
Eased her of her fear
One day her heart exploded when
The Reaper did appear
There was a child ‘was ‘fraid of death
That fear was planted early
Her mommy and her daddy said
That death turned straight hair curly
They taught her death was to be feared
Because loss causes pain
And also taught that happiness
Is only when you gain
And so she grew and gained and was
Quite happy ‘till she lost
But then she gained again which caused
A thawing of the frost
Until the day that Mr. Dead
Arrived on her front door
She dropped and sobbed in terror for
Her coda on the floor
There was a Warrior ‘was not
Afraid of death and so
Since death is the root of all fears
His life did not have woe
He made his peace with Mr. Dead
And said “When you are ready”
And lived each day as though his last
With power, poise, steady
The ones who lived in fear
The ones who were afraid to die
Called him crazy as they tainted
Flowers and the sky
But Warrior, his deal made firm
Saw colours bright and vivid
No tainting, simply pure and true
Which made the normals livid
Each moment, no matter how small
Was special and serene
Impending doom did not besmirch
The red and blue and green
When Mr. Dead chose to collect
The price we all must pay
The Warrior settled the fee
Promptly as he did say
“As it so happens I woke up
This morning and did ponder
This may be my final day
And so I should not squander
I lived it as each other day
As if were my last
I pay the toll with no regrets
My life has been quite vast”
Mr. Dead collected and
The Warrior did die
Just like all the others but
The Reaper gave a sigh
“If only all would live while they
Still breathe instead of fear
Such a waste, to let my toll
Rob them of all their cheer”

Code of Bushidō: Loyalty (Chuugi)

12 May

Code of Bushidō: Loyalty (Chuugi)

The last virtue of Bushidō
Cannot be practiced by
One without humility
Who holds themselves more high

Than any other person, force
Creator or ideal
Loyalty’s a virtue that
To egos won’t appeal

Loyalty is faithfulness
To family and to peers
To masters who have trained to help
You overcome your fears

Loyalty to your country
And your ideals as well
An automatic adherence
Without the need to dwell

Loyalty is when you won’t
Stab someone in the back
When they’re not around to give
Response to your attack

Loyalty is when you choose
To hold someone up high
Even though everyone else
Just spits into their eye

Loyalty means no gossip
No speaking thoughtless things
Loyalty is standing up
For masters and for kings

For Saviors and for prophets and
For creators and Gods
A warrior will not betray
Just so they’re not at odds

The samurai were loyal to
The point where they would pay
Their very lives so loyalty
Would not be led astray

So for a second, think, is there
Something you would die for?
‘Cause if there’s not, then you have no
Loyalty at your core

You’re only loyal to yourself
Which is called “selfishness”
And since the code is intertwined
Then you will not possess

Any other virtues that
The samurai maintained
When a virtue’s sacrificed
The others aren’t sustained

But when a virtue is practiced
The others grow in turn
That’s the only way to rise
The only way to learn

The only way to walk the path
That samurai did walk
The only way to awaken
Discover and unlock

The warrior that waits within
Who doesn’t care what year
Or part of Earth you live in, only
That your heart is clear

That it’s filled with Rectitude
Courage, Benevolence
Respect, Honesty, Honor
Loyalty that’s immense

Follow that forgotten code
And all of you will know
The strength that Warrior-Knights had
In days of long ago


Code of Bushidō: Honor (Meiyo)

9 May

Code of Bushidō: Honor (Meiyo)

Honor is integrity
Adherence to a code
Unimpaired and unwavered when
Others choose to goad

Honor’s not a part-time thing
No momentary lapses
In integrity when someone
Else’s peace collapses

Warrior’s will hold fast and
Honor the code they follow
With poise and grace through difficult
Times while others will wallow

Honor is a self-respect
That’s earned and can’t be bought
It cannot be stolen and to
The selfish can’t be taught

It is the courage and resolve
To make the right decision
Even when you’re not under
Anyone’s supervision

Honor is not sacrificed
To lie or cheat or steal
To take a shortcut that will make
An easier ordeal

The Warrior-Knights earned themselves
The reputation of
Being men of honor ‘cause
They held themselves above

Basic human desires
Like comfort, ease and pleasure
They knew pursuing just those things
Made men of little measure

Honor’s held in high regard
‘Cause it’s a selfless act
To sacrifice your own yearning
So that your code is backed

And it’s a virtue that lairs
And thieves cannot deny
They say “There goes a warrior
Who’s much stronger than I”


Code of Bushidō: Honesty (Makoto)

6 May

Code of Bushidō: Honesty (Makoto)

Lying is the act of cowards
Gutless, craven sneaks
A warrior only recites
Truth when he or she speaks

A warrior does not need to
Embellish the details
They recognize compared to truth
That chicanery pales

They relish in accuracy
Precision, fact and care
To disgrace themselves with a lie
A warrior won’t dare

And being masters of the truth
A warrior knows lies
Whenever they do rear their heads
And can see through their guise

A warrior has faith that truth
Will never lead astray
They do not feel the need to taint
With different shades of grey

They know the truth will not always
Be what some want to hear
But causing others discomfort
Is not something they fear

Through all their constant training of
Conveying honesty
A warrior becomes something
Impressive: a trustee

For trust is faith and trust is hope
And trust is confidence
Optimism, certainty
Within your common sense

The warrior does not tell lies
And will not stretch the facts
Because their honesty is one
Of their virtuous acts


Code of Bushidō: Respect (Rei)

3 May

Code of Bushidō: Respect (Rei)

Virtue four of Bushidō:
The ethic of respect
A concept that has long since died
But now we’ll resurrect

To show regard for other folks
To see what they have done
To pay respect for all the work
And miles that they run

To take notice of efforts made
And make efforts as well
To not just think of compliments
But to speak up and tell

To make the little gestures that
Show others our esteem
A bow, a nod, a handshake or
A smile where we beam

Waiting ‘till one’s finished speaking
To give our two cents
Cutting someone off is a
Disrespect so immense

Letting others say their peace
And though we disagree
Having respect for their view
And saying “Let it be”

Keeping promises and taking
The time to respond
Warriors and respect are
An unbreakable bond

Paying back or paying forward
Good deeds paid to us
Action that is second nature
No need to discuss

The key to respect is that others
All come before you
Respect is something that selfish
People cannot accrue

Because they’re too busy concerned
With what they want from you
To be able to pay respect
As true warriors do


Code of Bushidō: Benevolence (Jin)

1 May

Code of Bushidō: Benevolence (Jin)

The third virtue of Bushidō
Is their benevolence
Although they possessed deadly skill
Their mercy was immense

They didn’t focus solely on
Themselves or their rich kings
They had acuity to notice
All the little things

The sick, the poor, the downtrodden
The broken ones in need
The samurai were never too
Busy for a good deed

Understanding, slow to anger
Full of patience, grace
Tolerance and charity
For those who could not face

Challenges and struggles that
Were too much to endure
Suffering for Bushidō
Acted much like a lure

A sense of duty to assist
To use their heightened state
For the benefit of others
To reduce their weight

Benevolence is a kind act
That needn’t be returned
It isn’t only saved for those
Who have paid or have earned

Benevolence is doing what
You know deep down is right
An integral part of the ancient
Code of Warrior-Knight


Code of Bushidō: Courage (Yu)

28 Apr

Code of Bushidō: Courage (Yu)

The second virtue followed by
The samurai of old
Is courage, the control of fear
The art of being bold

The willingness to face a test
With fortitude and nerve
Ability through thick and thin
To have your grace preserve

To step forward when most would run
And say, “Give me your best”
And when the storm rages, courage
Means beating on your chest

Snarling with intensity
And fire in the eyes
Where others shrink and cower, the
Warrior does arise

Ability to not let fear
Control your destiny
To not let nervousness or worry
Make you hide or flee

Courage is the knowledge that
What cannot end your life
Only serves to make you stronger
And sharpen the knife

It gives you more experience
And makes you more aware
That is why a warrior
Is not so quick to scare

They see the opportunity
That lies in every trial
Another conquered obstacle
To throw upon the pile


Code of Bushidō: Rectitude (Gi)

25 Apr

Code of Bushidō: Rectitude (Gi)

The first virtue of Bushidō
Is Rectitude which means
Justice taken into all
Of your daily routines

“Just what is right?” some folks will ask
“What makes you think you know?”
“Who are you to think you can
Enlighten us and show?”

The answer is I’m just like you
And we all know deep down
The difference between right and wrong
Though some do try to drown

The voice that tells us what is right
The conscience deep within
The truth that keeps us from shortcuts
And leads to our chagrin

Therein lies the key factor
Behind true rectitude:
It’s when choices that are not
Popular are pursued

It’s when everyone else cheats
And scams and lies and steals
And you refuse to go along
And sacrifice ideals

It’s when you decide to stand
Apart from everyone
Be labeled as “pious” as
They all insult and shun

It’s when you don’t think just of
Your own comfort and gain
It’s when you don’t focus on
All that you can attain

It’s when balance, fairness and
Equality are more
Important than all of the nice
Trinkets that you can score

Without it, all your talent and
Learning will do no good
Unless the virtue of justice
Is fully understood

Making the decision that
Is not the easy one
The one that is not popular
The one that is not fun

It may elicit much unrest
And grievance from the crowd
But warriors can’t hear them ‘cause
Combined they’re not as loud

As the voice that’s deep within
Demanding rectitude
A warrior cannot ignore
That voice and can’t elude

A warrior is confident
And never loses face
As long as rectitude is something
They fully embrace


The Code of Bushidō

22 Apr

The Code of Bushidō

Many different warriors
Have walked the face of Earth
From many different areas
But all shared the same worth

One of these was Bushidō:
“Way of the Warrior-Knight”
Although these ancient Japanese
Nobles are gone from sight

The seven virtues that they all
Adhered to still live on
The Warrior-Knight’s way continues
To inspire and spawn

People from all walks of life
To strive for Rectitude
Courage and Benevolence
Respect that they imbued

Honesty and Honor and the
Final virtue of
Loyalty all formed the code
Which set them all above

Other people who did not
Adhere to self-imposed
Laws and regulations that
Would keep their calm composed

Seven virtues that make up
The moral principles
That keep a warrior grounded
Whenever trouble pulls

Virtues that can anchor us
Firmly in peace and grace
Whenever anger, frustration
And setbacks show their face


The Cowboy Code

7 Feb

“Honesty is not something you should flirt with. You should be married to it.” ~Cowboy Proverb

The Cowboy Code

No matter where on Earth you go
There will always be some
Who stand apart from most because
To fear they won’t succumb

In England they were called “Knights” and
In Japan “Bushido”
The good ole’ USA had their
Own brand that did not show

Fear, weakness and selfishness
They were known as “Cowboys”
They followed ten ethics which helped
Them keep honor and poise

Living every day with courage
Taking pride in work
Finish what you start and do
What must be done, not shirk

Being tough but fair and promises
Not being broken
Riding for the brand and saying more
With less words spoken

Remembering that some things aren’t
For sale for any dough
And knowing where to draw the line
And letting backbone show

Ten ethics and principals
For USA’s own brand
Of warrior who for courage
Honor and grace did stand