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Helping Hand

15 Aug

Helping Hand

When days are dark
And times are bleak
A helping hand
Is what we seek

Someone who will
Lend an ear
A family member
Or a peer

One who has
Our full respect
And whose opinion
Will affect

How we deal
With turmoil
A comrade who
With us will toil

A helping hand
To hold our weight
And pull us up
As we fight fate

But what I’ve learned
Through years of tests
Is where the most
Helpful hand rests

It’s not attached
To your best friend
They need it for
Themselves to fend

It’s not a part
Of mom or pop
They love you but
They cannot stop

Whatever you are
Going through
There’s only so much
They can do

Same for brother
Or your sis
You’re too big to
Pull from abyss

So what about
The Lord above?
Surely He can
Lift with love

He can only
Do so much
To rescue you
From sorrow‘s clutch

He can give
A helping hand
Some extra strength
To help you stand

But first you have
To recognize
Exactly where
All that strength lies

I’ll tell you where
I found my own
First you have
To be alone

No distractions
In the room
Just like way back
In the womb

That helping hand
Was with you there
And has been with you

The hand that can
Help you the most
Is the one
You use to toast

You’ll find it joined
To your own wrist
I’m sure by now
You get the gist

No matter what
Enters your fray
You have to see
That the best way

To pull yourself
Up from the hole
Is to look into
Your own soul

To see the strength
That lies within
The fortitude
That’s always been

Do not cry out
And ask for aid
You may find soon
Your clique will fade

There aren’t that many
People who
Can help even
If wanted to

Instead of asking
Others for
A helping hand
To ease your chore

Just take a look
At your own fist
And your own strength
You should enlist

Because no matter
Who you are
How many friends
Are near and far

The moment when
You’re all alone
Is when your true
Courage is shown

It’s when you see
You are the source
Of strength that can
Alter your course

When times are tough
Let it be known
The strongest helping
Hand’s your own



23 Jun


I have a brother
I’m grateful to say
A friend in life
As I make my way

A man who’ll stand up
For me and my cause
Even if it goes
Against his own laws

A warrior who’ll fight
Beside me in war
A poet who’ll join me
To watch eagles soar

A boy who watched
As I took my first steps
A steadying hand
As I sunk to the depths

Giving me strength
To burst from the dark
Watching on proudly
As I drew light from stark

But the thing I’m most grateful
That my brother made me
Was a brother to him
I’m a brother, you see

I’m courageous and strong
For my own flesh and blood
I’m the steel in the fire
The Ark in the flood

I’m a brother to him
And that gives me might
To know when he needs me
I’ll do what is right

Regardless of what
We both think or say
One thing’s in common
There will come a day

When we’ll both be withered
And crippled and grey
And one of us soon
Will outlive our stay

Eyes will close
For the final time
And the spirit will rise
With the bell’s chime

But as the soul leaves the flesh
As the onlookers cry
One will still know
As he looks to the sky

That not death or the devil
Or the eternal plain
Can break a brotherhood
As the one we have lain

We’ll wait a few years
And then reunite
And be brothers again
In God’s eternal light

                   Happy Birthday, Bro
                             From Miro