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Pop Culture Poetry: Familiar Blue

16 Aug

*Selected as Poem of the Day on the UK Poetry Forum: http://www.thepoetryforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=21127

Familiar Blue

Twin suns beat down
As I make my way
To see your boy
To make sure he’s okay

You’ve been gone so long
But you’re with me still
Kind of blame myself
Think I always will

It’s what keeps me going
After all of these years
After all the regret
After all of the tears

I remind myself
It wasn’t you on that shore
Try to recall the man
That you were before

Hero with no fear
My brother, my friend
But the more I remember
The more I descend

Broken down
And all alone
Tired mind
And tired bones

So I walk the Wastes
But I walk so slow
Afraid I’ll fade away
Before it’s time to go

But when I see his eyes
That familiar blue
I see a new hope
to make it up to you

Another chance
To make it all okay
It’s what keeps me going
From day to day

So I’ll keep waiting
Till the time is right
When the darkness falls
To the blinding light

Till the day the force
Brings him in
To be the man
You could have been

A Boy’s Wish

18 Jun

A Boy’s Wish

Many years ago
A little boy knelt down
And made a special wish to the Lord

“Do you think I could find
A special someone to love
Where all of my heart could be poured?”

The boy listened quietly
But no answer came
No voices boomed from above

So being impatient
He went out to find
The place to show all of his love

He searched high and low
For the place in his wish
But never could find the right way

He searched in the darkness
He searched in the light
But it never appeared, night or day

So years passed by
And the impatient boy
Grew into a tired young man

Once again he dropped down
Once again he looked skyward
Once again the Lord’s silence rang

But just when it seems
That all hope is lost
That’s when the Lord comes through

Because the very next day
The boy, now a man
Saw his life’s wish come true

She smiled at him
Her beautiful eyes
Were what made him finally rejoice

Because deep in those eyes
Was all the world’s love
And in them, he heard the Lord’s voice

“Sometimes” God said
“We have to be patient
To find what we’re searching for”

“Your heart has been grounded
For too long, my child
Now let your caged heart soar.”

Many years later
He would look down and smile
As he caressed her, he could hear her soft sigh

In his arms was his angel
And though he could no longer walk
His heart still flew just as high

                               for Luana,
                                                        on our 1 year anniversary
                                    April 4th, 2002