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NEW: Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. VII: Fortitude

13 Mar

Volume VII Book Cover NEW

Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. VII: Fortitude is now available in PDF (PC/Mac), EPUB (iPad, Nook & most eBook readers) and MOBI (Kindle) on the

eBookit Bookstore

Fortitude is dropping head
Into a charging stance
And rather than recoiling
Fortitude says, “Advance!”


Warrior Book Shilling

28 Jul

I don’t do this very often, but it’s time to shill some books. Help support future publications of Warrior Poet Wisdom by picking up volumes 1-6 for your Kindle, Nook, IPad, Iphone or home computer. Unfortunately these aren’t free to publish and I could use your support! Up to this point I’ve covered all publication costs out of my own pocket because I genuinely don’t do it for the money, I do it to serve and inspire others. It’s my duty as a Warrior. If my writings resonate and inspire you, then now it’s time for you to help me serve and inspire others as well. Inspiration is not a one-way street.

Each volume is a month’s worth of courage, strength and inspiration for less than the price of a movie ticket. I realize most won’t, but for the 1-in-100 that do, thank you for your support. You are the true Warriors among us.

Peace & grace,

Vol 1: Peace

Vol 2: Strength

Vol 3: Grace

Vol 4: Intensity

Vol 5: Resolve

Vol 6: Patience

Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. IV: Intensity now on sale

15 Jan

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” ~Thomas Jefferson

Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. IV: Intensity

Do it with intensity
Or it gets done half-way
Give it all your energy
And others don’t obey

Do not listen to their qualms
Of how you’re too intense
Their complaints are merely their
Own embarrassed defense

Because they lack your vehemence
Your passion and your fire
Intensity will light the fuse
And all of them inspire

Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. IV: Intensity is now available in PDF (PC/Mac), EPUB (iPad, Nook & most eBook readers) and MOBI (Kindle) for the new low price of $2.99 on the

eBookit Bookstore

Wishing you all continued peace, strength, grace and intensity,


Amazon book review request

19 Nov

Hello folks,

I have a tiny favour to ask of you. If you’re enjoying Warrior Poet Wisdom, please head over to Amazon and write a quick review for it. I apparently have a hater who has gone out of his way to try to discourage others from purchasing the book, even though he hasn’t purchased it himself. I’d love to be able to drown out his lone, negative voice with a sea of positivity, love and light. So please take a moment, head over to http://www.amazon.com/Warrior-Poet-Wisdom-Vol-ebook/dp/B005QB05M6/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1321721580&sr=1-1 and make your positive voice be heard. No need to go into a novel. Just click on the star rating and a few words of what my writing does for you.

It’s the little things…

One Thousand

17 Oct

One Thousand

In May of twenty-eleven
I started a project
With the sole purpose of hoping
That it would affect

Those who found it in a way
That would greatly inspire
To walk the extra mile and
To reach a little higher

For quite a while I didn’t know
Just what it would be called
The first title: “Pain Management”
Left most not quite enthralled

“Musings of a Peaceful Warrior”
Was the next name
But I didn’t want to infringe
On Dan Millman’s fame

As is usually the case
The answer was quite plain
I am a warrior and poet
And wish to attain

Wisdom for myself so that
I may pass it to others
“Warrior Poet Wisdom”
For my sisters and brothers

I posted poems filled with grace
And strength and peace and hope
I’m sure many turned a blind eye
‘Cause poems often mope

I made them free of charge because
I’m not driven by dough
I’ve been jobless and homeless but
The Lord took care, I know

For those that like a self-contained
Package, I made a book
Volume One’s available
For Kindle and for Nook

And many other formats for
Computers and devices
The tricky part for me was coming
Up with the right prices

I settled on a number that
Has followed me around
For many years this number seemed
To chase, pursue and hound

Then I opened my mind and
I came to realize
The number was a message from
Above, just in disguise

Seven-seven-seven is
A number I hold dear
Every time time I see it I
Can feel my King is near

And so it seemed quite obvious
When I stared at the blank
Which requested “Listed price?”
No thoughts came of my bank

Seven dollars and some change
For a month’s worth of poems
Not the dark, depressing kind
These are uplifting “glow-ems”

Volume two is on the way
With ten more after it
Regardless of if it’s a flop
Or if it’s a big hit

Eventually I made a page
On Facebook but few read
Most I knew there only used
The tool for jokes or dread

It wasn’t ‘till I discovered
More pages like my own
Focused on empowering
Through passion and backbone

The population of this page
Has steadily now grown
And today I’m touched to see
It reach a milestone

A thousand warriors have come
Because they all believe
That they have within them all
That they need to achieve

Every hope and dream and goal
Within them is the strength
To transcend adversity
And go to any length

Heartfelt gratitude to all
Who have clicked on the “like”
And even more to those who took
The time to grab the mike

To take a minute to speak up
And voice their gratitude
Every single comment helped
To enliven my mood

I will continue to write of
The strength and grace within
Of all that you can do if you
Have courage to begin

Collected in a volume for
A very modest fee
And also posted on my site
For the low price of “free”

Because it’s not about the dough
Or fame or glory, friends
It’s about the wisdom that
Is the means to our ends


Have Book – Will Travel

2 Oct

Have Book – Will Travel

Feeling bored? Feel like you need
To take a trip somewhere?
Here’s a tip that doesn’t call
For flying through the air

Crack open a book and lose
Yourself within its pages
Many different worlds have been
Constructed through the ages

Oh, I know, you’re one of those
Who doesn’t like to read
Your lack of patience and craving
For TV does impede

But how often can you tell me
You’ve been completely drawn
Into all those TV shows
That only seem to spawn

Commercials for all the things
On which you’re pushed to spend?
Not to mention plot lines that
Don’t ever seem to end

And how easy is it to be
Transported elsewhere if
You’re in a movie theatre
And all you hear is sniff

And coughing, chatting, rustling
And chomping of popcorn?
All of these distractions leaving
You just feeling worn

Grab a book and crack it open
Sit down and breathe deep
Yes, I know the first few pages
Always seem so steep

But just like with anything else
If you can get momentum
You’ll be amazed at what that boring
Book will soon become

Despite not having flashing lights
Or any blaring tunes
Soon you’ll realize the best
Way to spend afternoons

Is not sitting in front of your
TV with mouth agape
Far off look in your eyes while
You’re hoping for escape

Only in the pages of
A good book will you be
Whisked away to other places
That you’d never see

Because the pages call you to
Be creative as well
To picture people and places
Imagine and foretell

It’s true when they say “less is more”
And most would not dispute
When a movie’s adapted
It isn’t as astute

As the book it was based on
Because they’ve taken out
All of our imagination
And put in throughout

Blaring sounds and S-F-X
And other baby food
Meant to spoon feed our senses
And keep all our eyes glued

Grab your remote and turn off
The lights and all the noise
Settle down with a good book
And the tale it deploys

Let your own imagination
Take you for a ride
Let the prose be your path and
Let author be your guide

Use those brain cells, interact
With stories you take in
Don’t just sit and vegetate
Because that does wear thin

Eventually you’ll feel boxed in
Because you’ve seen it all
Never having any say
Because of that fourth wall

But with a book you’re in control
Of what you hear and see
Not just shackled to the couch
But far away and free

The reason most enjoy the book
More than the movie is
Because the reader has more say
With books than with show biz

The reader can decide how someone
Would say certain lines
The reader is responsible
For clothes and set designs

The reader is empowered and
That’s why we all get lost
In the pages of the novel
And why they exhaust

Because we all participate
In the tale being told
Invested in the characters
As the myth does unfold

So turn off your TV and grab
A good old fashioned book
Or load one on your iPad, Kindle
Computer or Nook

And have a safe journey to where
The story will take you
Bon voyage, auf wiedersehen
Aloha, ciao, adieu


Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol I: Peace available on iTunes

30 Sep

Greetings fellow warriors!

Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol I: Peace is now available in several different formats across the web. For a month’s worth of inspiration, motivation and empowerment, visit any of these fine retailers and find the format that best suits you:

  • For warriors seeking inspiration on the go, Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol I: Peace is now available on iTunes for your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Search “Warrior Poet Wisdom” in the iTunes store and own the eBook in seconds.
  • For Kindle owners, the book is available on the Amazon website.
  • For Nook owners, it’s available on the Barnes & Noble website.
  • If you don’t own any of these fancy new-age eBook reading mobile doodads or gagets, you can find it in the Sony Reader Store and read it on a good old fashioned computer with their Reader program for PC or Mac.

Many different ways to get the book. Hope you’re not too “busy” to give it a read. 😉

Wishing all of you continued strength, focus & inspiration!