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10 Dec

“Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.” ~Ernest Hemingway



Atrophy, the shrinking of
The muscles that you’ve built
Body parts that once were stern
Now droop, deflate and tilt

It sometimes feels like tossing water
Out a sinking boat
With just a tiny bucket and
Soon you won’t be afloat

It’s difficult to keep training
When all you do is weaken
Duty is what serves as my
Eternal guiding beacon

You do the best you can with what
You have to work with, friends
And so I push myself as much
As I can while strength ends

I run as fast as I can even
Though endurance fades
I lift a fraction because my
Power of old evades

But every day when I lay down
I know I did my best
The atrophy can’t stop me from
Beating upon my chest

A broken Warrior but still
A Warrior no less
I’m not defined by the weight that
I lift on the bench press

I’m not defined by the time that
It takes to run a mile
I am defined by all the pain
I endure with a smile

I am defined by how much I
Can do with shrinking frame
And it’s always the maximum
And for that, there’s no shame



7 Sep


Weather must be changing
Bones all throb and ache
The dagger in my shoulder
Now feels like a stake

Gravity is pulling
Even harder when
All the leaves are falling
Off the trees again

Every shift in weather
Connects to a nerve ending
Every time it rains
A new pain is sending

Most see cloudy days
As just a dreary thing
Not a scorpion
That all day does sting

All my joints inflame
Depending on the weather
Storm and shoulder rumble
And thunder all together

Lighting strikes across
The sky while bright lights flash
Across my eyes when daggers
In my body slash

“Oh no, a dreary day”
I hear and shake my head
“You have no idea”
My thought words go unsaid

I grit my teeth and wait
For the next sunny day
Connected to a climate
That won’t as much weigh