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Could Be Worse

3 Nov

Complainers are ingrates. They’re cowards for not making the sacrifice of discomfort required to address the problem, and they’re a cancer for spreading their weakness and ingratitude into my air and my brother and sister warriors’ air. Some people seem to think we should tread lightly around these stressed-out people who are always furrowing their brows. I disagree. I think some stepping-on-toes is in order. If someone is complaining about a “first world problem” as I like to call them, such as traffic, slow internet or having their order messed up at a restaurant, it’s important to remind them that it could always be worse, and perhaps even paint a close, intense picture showing how suddenly things could escalate. It’s impossible to complain if you’re too busy giving thanks for what you still have!

Could Be Worse

Before complaint escapes your mouth
One thought should first pervade:
“It could be worse” will help you to
Not feel heavily weighed

“It could be worse” reminds you that
Although things did go south
You still have arms and legs and eyes
A nose and ears and mouth

You still might have a roof above
Your head and food to eat
You still have much to be thankful
For so please be discrete

Whenever you feel like complaining
Since it only serves
To make you sound like an ingrate
And just get on my nerves

Perhaps someone who has no fear
Should step towards all those
Who whine about what they don’t have
And then step on their toes

Perhaps a warrior should face
These complainers and warn
That there is still so much to lose
So much to grieve and mourn

Perhaps it is the duty of
The warrior to show
The weak, lamenting normals that
All of their simple woes

Could be much worse, it could be what
The warrior survived
That forged their iron will that helped them
Conquer, quell and thrive

It could be non-stop pain that threatens
To unravel mind
It could be losing their children
Which left their hearts maligned

It could be any kind of hell
On earth that claims the weak
And makes all of these “first world problems”
Not seem quite as bleak

Perhaps this warrior will take
A step towards the next
Person who does sigh and whine
And cry and acts so vexed

Perhaps this warrior will grind
His boot heel on their toes
And say, “See? It can always be
Much worse, don’t you suppose?”


Defining Moment

13 Jul

Defining Moment

I had a conversation with
A person recently
Come to think of it, I’ve had
This chit chat with many

The topic begins when the subject
Chooses to lash out
About something that’s raised their ire
Provoking them to pout

They bitch and moan and vent and cry
About how life’s not fair
They posture and they threaten that
No more abuse they’ll bare

They spout out negativity
And warn the world at large
That even though they’ll give what’s got
Somehow they’re still in charge

And there’s a few friends who will pander
Saying, “Right on, man!”
Encouraging their rigidness
Instead of love they can

Show to those who don’t know better
And haven’t got enough
But I’ll admit, love’s not so easy
When you’re acting tough

Instead of feeding their ego
And saying, “Spread the hate!”
I like to chime in with something
That reflects their current state

I read a book by Dan Millman
Called “Peaceful Warrior”
His teachings have opened my eyes
And made my spirit stir

Dan writes that we are not the past
We’re not our accolades
And not things that we hope to be
For those are just charades

The only thing we truly are
Is this very moment
This moment’s what defines you as
A light or a lament

The response I get from those who whine
Is usually the same
“Don’t worry, normally I am
Optimistic!” they exclaim

“Anyone who knows me knows
That I’m an upbeat person!”
They get defensive and upset
While “upbeat” mood does worsen

I like to keep in mind whenever
Something starts to irk
The writings of the Peaceful Warrior
To stop that hate knee-jerk

“We are this moment,” I recall
And let go of the past
Forget about the good will and
Good karma I’ve amassed

Let go of what I hope to be
Of goals not yet achieved
Of the saint that I could be
Whenever I am peeved

And focus on the man I am
At this moment in time
I am exactly how I deal
With this immoral crime

It motivates me to keep calm
And keep an open mind
To make me strong against their scorn
And to my ego, blind

The reaction’s always similar
From those who whine and cry
They take it far too personal
And storm out yelling “BYE!”

But just as in the Peaceful Warrior
When old Soc taught young Dan
After ego’s cooled itself
The seed’s sprouting began

The idea that past accolades
Don’t absolve us from right now
Begins to make more sense and grow
Into a constant vow

To always be defined by how
We deal with this moment
So are you one who’s positive
Or one who likes to vent?