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4 Dec


I overheard a pair of men
Discussing yesterday
The lives of other people and
Both of them did betray

One man in particular
That both men didn’t like
I found it strange that both men chose
To wait ‘till then to strike

They didn’t say it to his face
But when his back was turned
They did it simply because they
Don’t want their thoughts returned

They didn’t have the courage to
Face the man right up front
They didn’t have the fortitude
To speak up and be blunt

Instead they waited for a time
When this victim was gone
To give their snide remarks and boast
How they had much more brawn

How this man thought highly of
Himself and his talent
Their criticisms all fell flat
Because they were not gallant

Any coward can speak up
When target’s not around
It doesn’t take much heart to run
The absent in the ground

A warrior is opposite
They look down on back talk
When the person is around
They don’t just stand and gawk

They walk right up to whoever
They have an issue with
They do not tuck their tail and run
And simply plead the fifth

They look the person in the eye
And tell them right up front
And if they’re not around, well then
A warrior will hunt

They’ll search and make the effort to
Have their words reach the ears
Of the focus of their gripes
Not their third-party peers

They never will speak poorly of
A person they did not
Already speak personally
With right there on the spot

And how is it that I can tell
The gossipers were quiet
When the subject was around
So not to cause a riot?

Simply because they did speak
With pettiness and hate
A lack of understanding when
You don’t initiate

A conversation with someone
Who may have different views
When you speak up, many times
The tension will defuse

When you make the effort to
Learn more about that guy
Or gal, you might just find you both
Will soon see eye to eye

And even if their ego won’t
Allow a peaceful chat
You still will learn that they aren’t worth
The gossiping combat

Either way, you’ll find yourself
Without the itch to speak
Poorly of another person
Making you seem weak