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Who Are You Wearing, Warrior?

27 Feb

“Expensive clothes are a waste of money.” ~Meryl Streep

Who Are You Wearing, Warrior?

The red carpet gets rolled out and
The stars come out in force
And first thing interviewers ask
Is for them to endorse

The company that made their clothes
As if it has a bearing
On anything that matters when they
Ask “Who are you wearing?”

The stars are often polite and
They try to play along
Hugo Boss,” “Armani” and “Versace
Same old song

The irony is that they choose
To ask the question “Who?”
As if the sewer’s name implies
More admiration’s due

The Warrior looks on at all
The glitz and pageantry
And only dresses, jackets, pants
And shoes are what they see

The question is not “Who?” but “What?”
Because it doesn’t matter
Who created all these clothes
Which cost so much to flatter

What did you do to earn praise?”
What fuels your burning fire?”
What are you most passionate
About, what did inspire?”

Sixty seconds wasted on
The shallow subject of
Things the rich spend money on
Instead of what they love

Further perpetrating the
Misleading attitude
That “who” you wear decides precisely
How you will be viewed

I tip my hat in respect to
The Warriors who chose
To stand apart and not care how
They’re judged based on their clothes

For everyone who utters things
Like “What an ugly dress!”
Or “What a boring suit” or “That
Outfit failed to impress”

The Warrior has weeded out
The superficial sheep
People who would rather keep it
Shallow than look deep

“Who am I wearing?” they ask
Right back with a sly smile
“Many designers made what you see
Let us compile:

I’m wearing Peace and Fortitude
Resolve, Courage and Strength
Intensity and Patience, as you see
It’s perfect length

A little Focus and Balance
Thrown in there at the base
And with some trim of Selflessness
And Love as well and Grace

That may not be the answer that
The interviewer wants
But names of designers are not
What the Warrior flaunts

There’s only one designer of
The ensemble they wear:
Wisdom made what you see here
Dress label? I don’t care”


Warrior Trophies

30 Dec

Greetings warriors,

Seems Santa has delivered a few awards this holiday season. I’ve been awarded the

courtesy of From the Heart of J

courtesy of Emilino Emloile and Nandini

and the

courtesy of Kate Kresse

Thanks to all of you for the awards, much appreciated!

10 things about me:

1. One of my eyes is half blue and half brown

2. I affectionately refer to all miniature dogs as “monsters”

3. I was apparently the only person who loved Tron: Legacy

4. I believe the key to mental health is physical health and vice versa

5. I dressed up as Anakin Skywalker this past Halloween (and tragically turned to the dark side half-way through the evening)

6. My ultimate pop-culture hero is Optimus Prime

7. My only addiction is toothpicks

8. My favourite inspirational band is Alter Bridge

9. My favourite video game is Metal Gear Solid 3

10. I’m immune to embarrassment.

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Happy New Year, fellow warriors! All the best in 2012!

Peace & grace,