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Just A Man

14 Mar

“Wrestle to be the man philosophy wished to make you.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Just a man

In year one hundred sixty-one
A new Caesar was crowned
He took a step to insure that
His feet would stay on ground

Caesar Marcus found a slave
And gave him this sole task:
“Remind me that I’m just a man
Whenever I do bask

Within the adulation of
Both follower and fan
Please quell my pride with these four words
And say ‘You’re just a man'”

And so his followers all praised
His acts and said “You’re great!”
But in his ear a whisper that
His ego did sedate

“You’re just a man” he heard the voice
And was humble once more
Again they all exalted him
With compliments galore

Again, the slave said, “Just a man”
Into the Caesar’s ear
Again, the humbling words served
To make him of pride clear

And as the years went on whenever
Others would exalt
The slave would whisper, “Just a man”
And make his ego halt

And when it was all said and done
Aurelius’ name
Was remembered as humble, kind
Compassionate and tame

He was recalled as a man who
Always kept feet on ground
Who didn’t think too highly of
Himself which did astound

Many people through the years
Who couldn’t understand
Why a man with his power
Would own ego remand

It was because he understood
It’s ego that misleads
A self-absorbed and self-centered
Person does selfish deeds

And he knew that his task on Earth
Was much different from that
And so to give and serve he would
Have to ego combat

The slave naysayer was a hero
Too in his own way
He helped insure that Marcus’
Humility would stay

We too must look on doubters
Who whisper in our ears
With words of doubt so that our pride
And ego never steers

Some of us are born to lead
While others just to doubt
Each one serves its purpose, one
Just has a bit more clout