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16 Feb


There once was a Grouch who never smiled
Whose expression was always dismal
And regardless of the company they kept
Their outlook was always abysmal

Even if others would say, “Cheer up!
The sun will eventually shine!”
The Grouch would frown and reply, “Maybe not!”
With a pessimistic whine

“The world is what you make of it!”
The believers said with passion
But how much could the Grouch achieve
With a face that was so ashen?

What kind of difference can one make
With no fire in their eyes?
What good’s a Grouch who just critiques
But never really tries

To make the world a better place
With passion and with cheer
What do Grouches hope to gain
With their melancholy sneer?

The most important thing to keep
In mind for every day
Is that your attitude affects
The things that you will say

And attitude’s directly wired
To muscles in your face
It’s your expression that reveals
The mood that’s at your base

So it’s ironic that the Grouch
Could not make the connection
Between their negative outlook
And their own complexion

But something funny happened when
The Grouch did try to smile
Their attitude improved and their
Approach was less hostile

By curving corners of their mouth
Upward instead of down
They found out more could be achieved
With smile instead of frown

The Grouch discovered what you give
Is squarely what you get
If anger is what you put out
Then you will be upset

But if it’s joy you choose to spread
To everyone you meet
Then you’ll discover how kind in
Return the world will treat

And so the Grouch would sneer no more
And not sit back and gripe
Armed with smile as their sword
They would engage the tripe

And always beamed from face and heart
Through good times and through bad
Recognizing the effect
On others that it had

And other Grouches would befall
The power of the grin
When they saw how their mood and smile
Were indeed akin



6 Feb


There is an infection spreading
Across our world today
This virus is picked up and passed
Though certain things we say

It’s caught from pessimistic folks
Who only bitch and whine
The ones who don’t see the bright side
Instead just see decline

Once the bug is passed to you
It’s tempting to bitch back
About the things wrong with the world
And all the things you lack

And spread it on to other folks
Who haven’t been exposed
Turn them into whiners too
When once they were composed

Populate the landscape with
Your negativity
Tainting and infecting all
Of those who don’t agree

Although there isn’t any way
To stop from catching it
There is a treatment that is sure
To make this bug remit

Instead of nodding in agreement
And saying “Yes, it’s bad”
Administer the vaccine of
Responding with “I’m glad”

Say the things you’re grateful for
And not just focusing
On the things that bother you
No, take the chance to sing

About how you’ve been blessed in life
Because if you’re alive
You have a lot more than those who
Weren’t able to survive

The only way to vaccinate
The virus of complaining
Is not with pills or shots but by
A good outlook maintaining

Don’t nitpick over little things
When so much is still good
Appreciate all that you have
Instead of what you should

Don’t spread the virus, spread the cure
By having gratitude
Being positive and having
The right attitude


Could Be Worse

3 Nov

Complainers are ingrates. They’re cowards for not making the sacrifice of discomfort required to address the problem, and they’re a cancer for spreading their weakness and ingratitude into my air and my brother and sister warriors’ air. Some people seem to think we should tread lightly around these stressed-out people who are always furrowing their brows. I disagree. I think some stepping-on-toes is in order. If someone is complaining about a “first world problem” as I like to call them, such as traffic, slow internet or having their order messed up at a restaurant, it’s important to remind them that it could always be worse, and perhaps even paint a close, intense picture showing how suddenly things could escalate. It’s impossible to complain if you’re too busy giving thanks for what you still have!

Could Be Worse

Before complaint escapes your mouth
One thought should first pervade:
“It could be worse” will help you to
Not feel heavily weighed

“It could be worse” reminds you that
Although things did go south
You still have arms and legs and eyes
A nose and ears and mouth

You still might have a roof above
Your head and food to eat
You still have much to be thankful
For so please be discrete

Whenever you feel like complaining
Since it only serves
To make you sound like an ingrate
And just get on my nerves

Perhaps someone who has no fear
Should step towards all those
Who whine about what they don’t have
And then step on their toes

Perhaps a warrior should face
These complainers and warn
That there is still so much to lose
So much to grieve and mourn

Perhaps it is the duty of
The warrior to show
The weak, lamenting normals that
All of their simple woes

Could be much worse, it could be what
The warrior survived
That forged their iron will that helped them
Conquer, quell and thrive

It could be non-stop pain that threatens
To unravel mind
It could be losing their children
Which left their hearts maligned

It could be any kind of hell
On earth that claims the weak
And makes all of these “first world problems”
Not seem quite as bleak

Perhaps this warrior will take
A step towards the next
Person who does sigh and whine
And cry and acts so vexed

Perhaps this warrior will grind
His boot heel on their toes
And say, “See? It can always be
Much worse, don’t you suppose?”

Light or Dark?

28 Oct

When people ask me how I am, I’ve taken to saying, “Unstoppable.” Our word choice matters, and something as simple as “Good” or “Not good” can cast light or darkness into the world. Don’t ever succumb and wallow in self-pity, because you never know who’s watching and listening. Inspired by a conversation I just had with an old friend who’s dealing with a severe leg and back injury. At the beginning of our conversation, he said he was doing badly. By the end, he said “I’m good. I’m great!” Stay in the light…

Light or Dark?

When hardships rear their ugly head
And dig their fangs in deep
Will you cast light out to the world?
Or will you only weep?

When challenges arise and cause
The loss of things held dear
Will you be grace’s example?
Or will you broadcast fear?

When troubled times befall us
It is easy to forget
That others can see us as we
Worry, suffer and fret

But if we keep in mind that eyes
Are always turned our way
It helps to remind us that all
The words we choose to say

Can cast a light onto this world
Instead of casting dark
To say, “I’m doing horrible”
To whine, complain and bark

Just causes more to be afraid
To worry what could be
“What if that horrible thing
One day happens to me?”

But if we choose to be the light
To let it go and say
“This is just another test
It won’t cause me dismay”

It will inspire others to
Look at their own distress
And have the courage to engage
To confront, to address

While keeping cool, while keeping calm
While maintaining their grace
“That warrior survived his own
Struggle without a trace

Of fear or doubt or misery
So I too will emit
A light of strength and grace and not
To the darkness submit”

The Cancer of Negativity

8 Jul

The Cancer of Negativity

John arrives at work and sees
That something’s gone awry
He rubs his temples angrily
And lets out a big sigh

“I’m sick and tired of this!” he whines
And his cancer does spread
To Jennifer, a co-worker
Who can’t help turn her head

An hour later, Jennifer
Snaps at the cashier who
Asks her to repeat her order
Of her coffee brew

“Venti Macchiato, PLEASE!”
She says indignantly
John’s cancer spreads to the cashier
Which robs her of her glee

The cashier finishes her day
And steps aboard the bus
All seats are taken and she grunts
And huffs and makes a fuss

“Perfect!” she says quite annoyed
“This day has been the worst!”
John’s cancer spreads to passengers
But one man’s not coerced

One man is immune to it
As he stands up from seat
“Please have mine,” he offers but
The cashier does retreat

“No thanks,” she says to him ’cause
The cancer’s grabbed a hold
No one can assist her now
Even those who are bold

Even those who are selfless
Those with great empathy
She’s blind to gestures of goodwill
She wants to disagree

She goes home and has little patience
For her 4 year old
The young girl quickly draws the wrath
Of mom as she does scold

The child and sends her to her room
The young girl sits and pouts
Next day she spreads John’s cancer
As she angrily shouts

The anger and hostility
Continues to spread wide
Impossible to stop because
John didn’t take in stride

The little thing that went awry
And he felt need to voice
His sad, pathetic, weak lament
Of his cancerous choice

To show his negativity


Too bad John and all his victims
Chose to whine and sneer

Instead of rolling up their sleeves
And saying “I will not
Be ravaged by the same cancer
With which you have been wrought”

Too bad they did not declare
Too bad all of them believed
That they weren’t blessed, but cursed

Too bad many more will fall
To this disease because
They focus not on THIS MOMENT
But instead on what was

Or what they wished had been, too bad
More Warriors don’t walk
The Earth and show immunity
To such negative talk



Creating Miracles

3 Jul


Law of Attraction

10 Jun

“We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.” ~unknown

magnetLaw of Attraction

Attraction’s law is quite simple
To understand, my friends
It states that what comes to one is
Exactly what one sends

A grumble and a groan on Monday
Morning? Wait and see
What that kind of mindset attracts
It brings grimness to thee

A sigh and sorrow when challenge
Appears to block your path?
That attitude will not bring strength
Instead, just hardship’s wrath

To say “I cannot do it” is
To simply speak what’s true
Those with no faith in themselves
Are right, they seldom do

But those who are more careful with
The message they put out
Those who do not cry, lament
Complain, bemoan and pout

Attract exactly what they send
If they proclaim, “I’m strong!”
Then strength will come to them no matter
If the day is long

Those who beat their chest and say
“This challenge I will beat!”
Attract the fortitude to never
Feel sting of defeat

Those who say, “I will survive!
I’ll thrive! I will endure!”
Attract vitality, longevity
Clout and allure

Blame no one but yourself for all
That you attract each day
If negativity is everywhere
It’s ‘cause you say

Negativity when you
Could make another choice
So what today will you attract
With your magnetic voice?


Embrace the Struggle

31 May

My friend Julienne (Trixie!) shared this great article with me all about embracing struggle (see my recent poem “Love It All”), fighting resistance (see “Mr. Resistance”) and calling upon the greatest ally you’ll ever know: the Warrior within.
I don’t expect this concept to be something people will instantly get and immediately put into effect. It’s one of those pesky seeds of truth that, over time, will eventually sprout because the simple truth is that not embracing the struggle simply doesn’t work, and eventually everyone who runs and hides has to be honest with themselves and admit it.
Check the article out at: http://elitedaily.com/money/entrepreneurship/how-to-live-a-successful-life-embrace-the-struggle/

Love It All

29 May

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” ~Mother Teresa

Love It All

Gurus speak of how you must
Embrace the world with love
How you must be a vessel for
Creator up above

How love should permeate throughout
Your heart and bones and soul
“Love’s the only way!” they say
To dig out of the hole

And though this Warrior Poet
Will often disagree
With what the masses say, with this
I’ll heartily agree

But irony is those who say
That love’s the only way
Seldom love the things that cause
Their joy to go away

They’ll say that you must love, but when
A problem rears its head
Instead of saying, “I love it!”
They’re filled with angst and dread

When tragedy befalls them, they
Will not smile and relish
The opportunity to train, instead
They act as if it’s hellish

“What an awful thing!” they cry
And sigh and furrow brow
Exuding negativity
And not keeping their vow

These “positive thinkers” who have
Their head in clouds and sand
Fail to follow own advice
When harsh world does demand

Something more than sunny days
And rainbows in the sky
“You must love!” they lie and lie
And lie and lie and lie

The Warrior exudes true love
In good times and in bad
Their love does not run dry when something
Makes the others sad

The Warrior just smiles and loves
The challenge that is brought
The chance to understand, let go
Be tested, stretched and taught

The Warrior is not selective
Warriors love all
Furry, cute kittens as well
As what makes normals bawl

Love’s the only way, it’s true
But that applies to both
The light as well as darkness which
Together give love growth


Bad is Good

26 May

“Where there is no pain, there is no gain. Suffering and sacrifice build scar tissue that will make you tougher and stronger.” ~Warrior

Bad Is Good

The key to rising up and having
A new attitude
Is to look on to “bad things” and
Change how they all are viewed

Something that’s uncomfortable
Must be looked forward to
Something that is really hard
Is something you won’t rue

Something that’s embarrassing
Should be empowering
Something that is not much fun
Should integrity bring

Someone who is an asshole
Should not be avoided
Confronting them is how your inner
Warrior is fed

Problems, struggles, challenges
I feel so grateful for
Luxury and comfort I
Now despise and abhor

Because I’ve sat and pondered how
Those things have made me stray
All those things have ever done
Is strengthening delay

Next time something sucks, is crap
Is gross, rough, “meh” or bad
Roll sleeves up and be glad

Redefine and see the things
You’ve been told to not want
Those things society says that
Should stress, annoy and taunt

Don’t adhere to “bad is bad”
One single second longer