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The Myth of Multitasking: How Phones Destroy Focus

6 Jul

Starving for Attention

13 Feb

“There is nothing so pathetic as a bore who claims attention – and gets it.” ~Author Unknown

Starving for Attention

There are some people out there who
Are starving for attention
They live for other people giving
Them the slightest mention

They let on like they care about
The things you have to say
But watch their egos flare up when
You don’t give time of day

The ego doesn’t like to give
Benefit of the doubt
Their selfish little minds begin
To whine and cry and pout

They start to make assumptions like
“You’re scared of what I said!
I must have made you upset so
Now that is why you’ve fled!”

It is the same song sung by those
Who are so malnourished
For praise, approval, respect and
Other selfish things wished

I’ve been called angry by those who
Have missed 200 writes
Filled with messages of peace
And strength, avoiding fights

Poems that proclaim there is
No use in arguing
Ballads that say “Walk on” when
Their ego feels the sting

The ones who starve for attention
Are quite easy to spot
They are not understanding when
They don’t get what they’ve sought

They make assumptions, grasp at straws
And start to act really pissy
To them your silence is an act
Of a cowardly sissy

The warrior is not rattled
And does not dignify
They do not lower themselves ‘cause
The road they take is high

Words like “scared” and “upset” will
Just roll off of their backs
The warrior has peace of mind
Because they know the facts

And ignorant assumptions by
The starving don’t mean squat
To those who crave it so badly
They will remain distraught

Because there never will be enough
Attention to please
The more they get, the more they want
The more it won’t appease

I have no qualms with starving them
My attention is saved
For selfless, loving people who
To ego aren’t enslaved


Big Mouth

5 Sep

Big Mouth

I know a selfish person who
Is their own focal point
If there happen to be many
People in the joint

This selfish person doesn’t care
What anyone does say
They don’t care who the party’s for
In honor of that day

They figure out a way to make it
All about themselves
With drama, conceit and big mouths
Is how their ego delves

To steal away all the attention
‘Cause they can’t concede
The world does not revolve around
Just them and all their greed

The selfish person lives inside
Their own contorted head
The certain giveaway is how
Often these words are said:

“I” is a popular one
And “me”’s another hit
“My” is one that’s often used
And “mine” we can’t omit

They listen to your exploits and
Then find a way to shift
The story into their own ‘cause
They think they are a gift

To the world and everyone
That walks and breathes and lives
Little do they know the truth
That no one really gives

A crap about what they have done
Or seen or learned to date
‘Cause they don’t tell their tales out of
An altruistic trait

They speak because they like to hear
The sound of their own voice
Talking just about themselves
Is what makes them rejoice

And ever notice just how loud
These selfish people are?
They think that words will carry weight
If they just travel far

Sorry, doesn’t work that way
‘Cause from experience
It’s the ones who spoke softly
That always made most sense

Because they didn’t feel the need
To grab the attention
Selfless people are content
If they are paid no mention

‘Cause they’re not controlled by a
Big loud mouthed ego that
Feels the need to notify
The world of where they’re at


Why Ask Why?

24 Aug

Why Ask Why?

There is a line from Elbert Hubbard
That I like to quote
This brilliant philosopher
A long time ago wrote:

“Never explain, your friends do not
Need it and neither do
Any of your enemies
‘Cause they won’t believe you”

It got me thinking about what
The question “Why?” does mean
The more I think, the more I see
How much it does demean

It shows a lack of understanding
Trust or benefit
Of the doubt to someone else
Perhaps they can’t admit

That their ego’s too controlling
To just let it go
They have to get that explanation
‘Cause they want to know

“Why?” is what those with no faith
Ask to those they don’t trust
“Why?” is what a cynic says
When they feel that they must

Hear an explanation that
They won’t buy anyway
“Why?” is what you hear a person
With no patience say

Add it to my list of words
I won’t use anymore
File it between “busy”
and “later” in the drawer

‘Cause the answer to “Why?” is
Not one I have to mention
The explanation’s plain to see
If you just pay attention