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16 Jan

“Silence is a source of great strength.” ~Lao Tzu

Silence 2

The silly normals spit and fight
And spew their rage with all their might
But even when they squeal their loudest scream

All theatrics are no match
For calm which always does dispatch
Their anger and makes it run out of steam

Silence is the greatest foe
Of those who complain of their woe
To say nothing back does create a void

That sucks in all the vengeful bile
While it returns just a slight smile
Leaving argument weak and destroyed

Silence is a weapon all
Possess but most don’t have the gall
To look a shouting person in the eye

And take all of the hateful talk
And be able to not let shock
And not feel driven to loudly reply

To not let a fool control speech
Instead to show, to lead, to teach
To forsake all the snide remarks and wit

To hear their ignorance and not
Feel compelled to return the shot
Instead to land a different kind of hit

The strike of grace across their chest
When only silence is expressed
To take ugliness and not give it back

The ones who can’t control their mouth
All feel a thundering kick south
When there is a silent counter-attack

When one stands fast and looks in eyes
And doesn’t blink while they hear lies
And doesn’t let “injustice” irritate

And rather than be affected
Their silent strength is projected
In ways that are impossible to state


Starving for Attention

13 Feb

“There is nothing so pathetic as a bore who claims attention – and gets it.” ~Author Unknown

Starving for Attention

There are some people out there who
Are starving for attention
They live for other people giving
Them the slightest mention

They let on like they care about
The things you have to say
But watch their egos flare up when
You don’t give time of day

The ego doesn’t like to give
Benefit of the doubt
Their selfish little minds begin
To whine and cry and pout

They start to make assumptions like
“You’re scared of what I said!
I must have made you upset so
Now that is why you’ve fled!”

It is the same song sung by those
Who are so malnourished
For praise, approval, respect and
Other selfish things wished

I’ve been called angry by those who
Have missed 200 writes
Filled with messages of peace
And strength, avoiding fights

Poems that proclaim there is
No use in arguing
Ballads that say “Walk on” when
Their ego feels the sting

The ones who starve for attention
Are quite easy to spot
They are not understanding when
They don’t get what they’ve sought

They make assumptions, grasp at straws
And start to act really pissy
To them your silence is an act
Of a cowardly sissy

The warrior is not rattled
And does not dignify
They do not lower themselves ‘cause
The road they take is high

Words like “scared” and “upset” will
Just roll off of their backs
The warrior has peace of mind
Because they know the facts

And ignorant assumptions by
The starving don’t mean squat
To those who crave it so badly
They will remain distraught

Because there never will be enough
Attention to please
The more they get, the more they want
The more it won’t appease

I have no qualms with starving them
My attention is saved
For selfless, loving people who
To ego aren’t enslaved



22 Jan

“When people do not respect us we are sharply offended; yet in his private heart no man much respects himself.” ~Mark Twain


A fascinating thing occurs
When others do confront
Ego puts up defenses
When we hear truth that’s blunt

When we’re alone, we’re well aware
We are far from perfect
But when there’s someone else around
The ego goes unchecked

Suddenly we do no wrong
And those who are candid
Make us feel with their review
Like cow being branded

We feel put on the spot and are
Afraid they know the truth
We say things like “You don’t know me!”
And start to lose our couth

The fear is that the things we think
Are most imperative
Are really insignificant
For what we need to live

I’ve heard from hundreds who have said
“Your rhymes are truth to me”
And many times they did not fill
The reader with much glee

They did not feel all warm and fuzzy
Like when they have read
A sugar-sweet one-liner where
Not one tough truth is said

You’ll never get control of your
Ego with head in sand
Confrontation need’nt be
Battled like your last stand

Take a breath and listen to
The pounding in your chest
The buzzing in your brain that’s making
You feel oh so stressed

Forget about the person that
You think has brought this on
Only for a moment pretend
That they are now gone

And look within to see the true
Culprit which brought you stress
The two-faced ego which before
When alone did confess

To you that you are not perfect
That you have made mistakes
That you are riddled with regret
And don’t have what it takes

It’s those who do not shy away
From confronting ego
That finally do break its grip
And learn, evolve and grow

They do not let it control them
Instead, it’s on their chain
Fully under control so that
Peace and grace can reign



6 Jan

“I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.” ~James A. Baldwin


There’s a quote about hate
That I’d like to share
You never know, maybe
It will help repair

From the warrior poet
A James Baldwin quote
About the nature of hate
Here’s what he wrote:

“I imagine,” James writes
“One of the reasons why
People cling to their hates
And won’t let them die

With such stubbornness
Is because that they sense
That once hate is gone
There’s a painful expense”

The hate is a wall
That keeps the pain back
Forgiveness will only
Cause it to crack

And crumble and fall
Expose all the hurt
And with no wall to cling to
You cannot avert

Dealing with issues
Of ego and pride
Having to hear
The opposing side

Meeting half way
When you’re so sure you’re right
Admitting things should have
Gone different that night

Taking the blame
If they need to vent
Biting your tongue
Until they relent

Saying “I’m sorry”
When you’d much rather say
Something more hateful
With venom to spray

But stand there and take it
And deal with the pain
No matter how much
You feel that you wane

Just keep in mind
As you bear to endeavor
The storm will soon pass
No pain lasts forever

And what is left over
Will rejuvenate
Your wounds from the onslaught
From all of the hate

It’s the feeling that you
Chose to mend and repair
Rather than cling
To hate and despair

That you let go your grip
On the hateful blockade
And stand in love’s light
And not in hate’s shade


The Offender

2 Jan

“Someday a computer will give a wrong answer to spare someone’s feelings, and man will have invented artificial intelligence.”  ~Robert Brault

The Offender

There once was a man who offended
The same people that he defended
Though he cared for them deeply
They took his words cheaply
And not the way he had intended

When Offender spoke of their weakness
They were overcome with much bleakness
Everyone in the joint
Seemed to just miss the point:
That they had to unlock their uniqueness

He saw them all falling in line
Like everyone else fret and whine
He knew they were greater
Than the average hater
If they’d all just show a little spine

But Ego was this man’s arch foe
It made folks feel hurt and say “NO!”
“You’ve hurt my feelings!”
“We’ll have no more dealings!”
“Take your observations and go!”

And so Offender packed his things
And carried on, spreading his wings
One day the offended
His words comprehended
When Ego stopped feeling their stings

“My God, he spoke truth all along!”
“It wasn’t ‘I’m right and you’re wrong!’”
“He didn’t mean it
To just cause me a fit”
“He was trying to show me I’m strong!”

Funny thing to take offense
To feel hurt and go on defense
When you know that it’s not
An attack or a plot
You might just learn something immense


Madness vs Wisdom

15 Dec

Madness vs Wisdom

At the dawn of time, two forces
Came into existence
One was Wisdom, made of peace
And Madness, from resistance

The force of Wisdom saw things as
The way they really were
Madness, on the other hand
Saw what it did prefer

And when it turned out things were not
Precisely as it wanted
Madness lost control and felt
Frustrated, angry, haunted

It couldn’t let it go because
It thought that it knew best
Wisdom on the other hand
Did never feel as stressed

It took its peace of mind in knowing
That things cannot be
Exactly as the vision in
Your mind that you may see

Instead it opened itself up
To different paths and ways
Seeing obstacles as more
Than annoying delays

Wisdom recognized that those
Are opportunities
To learn, to train, to grow, not just
Struggles meant to displease

Eventually there came a day
When Wisdom and Madness
Crossed each other’s paths and blocked
Each other’s own progress

Madness used it’s anger and
It’s hateful, spiteful talk
It circled and it attacked and
It pushed and pulled and stalked

Wisdom fought with all its strength
But not by the same means
Instead it relied on its training
And all its routines

It let Madness do all it did
And did not expect more
It stood firm with its peace of mind
And waged a peaceful war

And what Madness soon learned was that
It could not maintain hate
For an indefinite time
It was far too much weight

It grew tired and silent in
The face of Wisdom’s peace
The hateful words and violent acts
Eventually did cease

And as Madness sat and recouped
Wisdom simply walked on
Walking into horizon
Until all trace was gone

It didn’t gloat of victory
It let it go instead
Just as it did with the acts
That had intended dread

Madness would recover and
Many foes would it thwart
But against one enemy
It always came up short

Madness vs Wisdom was
Always the same outcome
Because Wisdom was not entrenched
It never could succumb

It flowed and bent and let go of
Whatever came its way
And when the two collide, it’s still
The same result today


Lack of Patience

14 Oct

Lack of Patience

Most of my writings deal with
An introspective view
The process of learning oneself
So we won’t turn the screw

So that we do not make things worse
When challenges arise
So that we walk away from them
Stronger, more patient, wise

We know what we must do to build
Our patience and our poise
But for a change, let’s now address
The ones who make the noise

The ones who try our patience ‘cause
They have none of their own
The ones who lose their cool because
They make things overblown

Who think that insignificant
Matters are life and death
Who haven’t figured out just yet
The value of a breath

When our patience is tested
Most often it’s one who
Doesn’t have the same patience,
Focus or poise as you

Make it very clear to them
That you won’t be controlled
Impatience has a way of spreading
Clutching, grabbing hold

If they raise their voice and have
Frustration in their tone
Don’t respond by raising yours
Or giving them a groan

Lao Tzu once said that silence can
Be a source of great strength
The ones who like to shout are too
Weak to go to that length

In the face of aggression
Of words that sting and bite
Don’t let your ego control
Your mouth and start a fight

Use silence to give you strength
Make quiet moments roar
Your strength will cause the shouter to
Not want to fight that war

Because it’s not the kind they want
It’s not a shouting match
They know that in a war of patience
You won’t get a scratch

In the face of angry words
And bickering and sighs
Use your words with quiet strength
And show that you are wise

Do not let their attitude
Influence how you act
A warrior’s patience is so
Strong that it can’t be cracked

It’s able to wait quite a while
For their impatience to
Kick and scream itself tired
While it keeps turning screw

All the while, you grow stronger
Focused and in control
Before too long your patience will
Have taken quite a toll

On impatient ones before you
They will simmer down
They’ll wonder why they got upset
And acted like a clown

That’s the power, influence
That warriors have on
The weak-minded and uncontrolled
When they become withdrawn

From drama, ego, sensitive
Feelings of people who
Lack your patience and attempt
To spread it on to you