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6 Feb


There is an infection spreading
Across our world today
This virus is picked up and passed
Though certain things we say

It’s caught from pessimistic folks
Who only bitch and whine
The ones who don’t see the bright side
Instead just see decline

Once the bug is passed to you
It’s tempting to bitch back
About the things wrong with the world
And all the things you lack

And spread it on to other folks
Who haven’t been exposed
Turn them into whiners too
When once they were composed

Populate the landscape with
Your negativity
Tainting and infecting all
Of those who don’t agree

Although there isn’t any way
To stop from catching it
There is a treatment that is sure
To make this bug remit

Instead of nodding in agreement
And saying “Yes, it’s bad”
Administer the vaccine of
Responding with “I’m glad”

Say the things you’re grateful for
And not just focusing
On the things that bother you
No, take the chance to sing

About how you’ve been blessed in life
Because if you’re alive
You have a lot more than those who
Weren’t able to survive

The only way to vaccinate
The virus of complaining
Is not with pills or shots but by
A good outlook maintaining

Don’t nitpick over little things
When so much is still good
Appreciate all that you have
Instead of what you should

Don’t spread the virus, spread the cure
By having gratitude
Being positive and having
The right attitude


Could Be Worse

3 Nov

Complainers are ingrates. They’re cowards for not making the sacrifice of discomfort required to address the problem, and they’re a cancer for spreading their weakness and ingratitude into my air and my brother and sister warriors’ air. Some people seem to think we should tread lightly around these stressed-out people who are always furrowing their brows. I disagree. I think some stepping-on-toes is in order. If someone is complaining about a “first world problem” as I like to call them, such as traffic, slow internet or having their order messed up at a restaurant, it’s important to remind them that it could always be worse, and perhaps even paint a close, intense picture showing how suddenly things could escalate. It’s impossible to complain if you’re too busy giving thanks for what you still have!

Could Be Worse

Before complaint escapes your mouth
One thought should first pervade:
“It could be worse” will help you to
Not feel heavily weighed

“It could be worse” reminds you that
Although things did go south
You still have arms and legs and eyes
A nose and ears and mouth

You still might have a roof above
Your head and food to eat
You still have much to be thankful
For so please be discrete

Whenever you feel like complaining
Since it only serves
To make you sound like an ingrate
And just get on my nerves

Perhaps someone who has no fear
Should step towards all those
Who whine about what they don’t have
And then step on their toes

Perhaps a warrior should face
These complainers and warn
That there is still so much to lose
So much to grieve and mourn

Perhaps it is the duty of
The warrior to show
The weak, lamenting normals that
All of their simple woes

Could be much worse, it could be what
The warrior survived
That forged their iron will that helped them
Conquer, quell and thrive

It could be non-stop pain that threatens
To unravel mind
It could be losing their children
Which left their hearts maligned

It could be any kind of hell
On earth that claims the weak
And makes all of these “first world problems”
Not seem quite as bleak

Perhaps this warrior will take
A step towards the next
Person who does sigh and whine
And cry and acts so vexed

Perhaps this warrior will grind
His boot heel on their toes
And say, “See? It can always be
Much worse, don’t you suppose?”


12 May

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”  ~Elizabeth Stone


There was a woman who decided
To give up her hold
On her own heart for something more
Precious to her than gold

It was more precious than diamonds
Or any other jewel
It was for diapers, crying and
Puréed carrots and drool

It was for sickness, broken hearts
Drama, uncertainty
It was to be a mother which she
Was so proud to be

The child knows not how they’ve carried
Their mother’s heart from birth
And carry it along with them
No matter where on Earth

They travel to, no matter how far
Life takes them away
How nice for Mothers that their hearts
Come back on Mother’s Day

                            ~for Mom


One Little Feat…

5 May



The Secret of Happiness

23 Apr


Fire Warrior

29 Aug

“Firemen never die, they just burn forever in the hearts of the people whose lives they saved.” ~Susan Diane Murphree

Fire Warrior

The alarm goes off, it’s time to drop what he was working on
It doesn’t matter that the sun has barely reached the dawn
It doesn’t matter that he’s tired and has not had time
To pour his cup of coffee, all that matters is the chime

He rushes to his locker and he grabs his Warrior gear
Still as fast as ever even in his seventh year
He quickly kisses the picture of his wife and two sons
That’s tacked up on his locker and then to the pole he runs

He slides down and he jumps aboard the great big hulking truck
The horn blares loud and off it speeds to where fire has struck
He fastens buttons, slips on gloves and then steadies his mind
Intensity and focus is how this Warrior’s defined

The truck slams on the brakes before a towering red blaze
Bystanders watch in awe but Warrior it doesn’t faze
He jumps off of the truck and joins his brothers in the fight
They shower the entrance and then he charges into light

The fire sears but just behind, a brother douses him
It makes the intense heat subside on every single limb
“Someone’s trapped on the third floor” his radio does say
“Jesus Christ” he hears another Warrior convey

“It’s too widespread, there’s no safe way” he hears somebody warn
He takes a moment to think of the day his sons were born
And up there on the third floor is somebody’s son or daughter
“I’m on my way,” he says and things become a little hotter

His backup does their best to keep him cool as they climb stairs
He kicks through doors and dodges flaming tables, shelves and chairs
“Help!” he hears someone cry out, “I”m here! I can’t get out!”
He sees someone on other side of flames and has no doubt

He charges through the inferno and sees a scared, young man
“Is anyone else here?” he asks as he does a quick scan
“I’m not sure,” he says as he shakes, “I’m scared!” he says with shock
He’s burned up pretty bad and will not be able to walk

The Fire Warrior slips off his coat and throws it on
The young man and then hoists him on his shoulders with his brawn
“Close your eyes,” he tells the lad, “and hold onto me tight”
And rushes forward hauling the young man with all his might

His comrade tries his best to douse the flames that do surround
But the hot bastard’s much too strong and suddenly the ground
Collapses and the Warrior plummets three stories fast
The last thing that he feels is the impact and then a blast

As his lights dim he sees his brothers pull the young man off
“Is he okay?” the Warrior asks with a bloody cough
“Yeah, you broke his fall” one says, “don’t move” but it’s too late
He sees the young man look back as he embraces his fate

The heat subsides and all he feels is a cool, sudden calm
A brother cries, “Stay with me, John!” as he clenches his palm
“Tell my wife and sons…” he says but cannot find the words
Suddenly he’s in the park and hears the chirping birds

His wife looks beautiful as wind caresses her dark hair
His two boys chase some ducks and geese and laugh without a care
“I will” his brother says with tears and watches as the life
Leaves the eyes of the man who had two sons and a wife

They hold a lovely service honoring his sacrifice
The young man watches family cry and understands the price
That has been paid to save his life and wonders how he’ll ever
Pay back two young sons who have lost their father forever

How he’ll ever face the woman who has lost her love
He promises that all he can do is to rise above
To follow that Warrior’s example and to plunge right in
To anything that terrifies and find the strength within

To never be afraid again no matter what the threat
To be forever paying the Fire Warrior’s debt
To owe him courage, owe him strength, to owe him bravery
To follow his resolve and valor through the third degree

In loving memory of all Firefighters
Who have made the ultimate sacrifice
And in appreciation to all those
Who continue the battle

Bad is Good

26 May

“Where there is no pain, there is no gain. Suffering and sacrifice build scar tissue that will make you tougher and stronger.” ~Warrior

Bad Is Good

The key to rising up and having
A new attitude
Is to look on to “bad things” and
Change how they all are viewed

Something that’s uncomfortable
Must be looked forward to
Something that is really hard
Is something you won’t rue

Something that’s embarrassing
Should be empowering
Something that is not much fun
Should integrity bring

Someone who is an asshole
Should not be avoided
Confronting them is how your inner
Warrior is fed

Problems, struggles, challenges
I feel so grateful for
Luxury and comfort I
Now despise and abhor

Because I’ve sat and pondered how
Those things have made me stray
All those things have ever done
Is strengthening delay

Next time something sucks, is crap
Is gross, rough, “meh” or bad
Roll sleeves up and be glad

Redefine and see the things
You’ve been told to not want
Those things society says that
Should stress, annoy and taunt

Don’t adhere to “bad is bad”
One single second longer


Happy Birthday, King of Kings

25 Dec

“What is Christmas?  It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.  It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.”  ~Agnes M. Pahro

Happy Birthday, King of Kings

Happy Birthday, King of Kings
Today we honor you
A day that peace, benevolence
Good will and hope renew

We give each other presents because
Many don’t know how
To show we care with words so we
Use our gifts to endow

All our love and gratitude
To ones that we hold dear
Embarrassment is not something
A warrior does fear

Christmas is one of the few
Times of the year that we
Believe that words speak louder than
Actions to high degree

So when a gift is given, warriors
Will all make sure
Intentions behind their gesture
Are in no way obscure

“I love you,” “I appreciate,”
“I cherish,” “I respect”
Warriors aren’t afraid to
Acknowledge and connect

Let your guard down and be honest
With your cherished ones
Show your brothers, sisters,
Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons

Wives and boyfriends, girlfriends, nieces
Nephews, grandparents
Uncles, aunts and all the rest
That your love is immense

It’s all about serving the King
And the path that he laid
May that path be one that’s never
Diverged from or strayed


+ Connections

11 Dec

+ Connections

Hi there reader, Miro here
I wrote this rhyme for you
Because I wanted to show thanks
And take a moment to

Tell you how much that it means
When you have read my piece
I love it when you do respond
Or make the “Likes” increase

I write these rhymes because I see
All that you have inside
The potential to try harder
They’re not meant as a guide

They’re intended to remind you
Of greatness that’s been there
All along within you but
You’ve ceased to be aware

I never did it for reward
Or praise or accolades
I have so little use for those
Shallow little charades

But something great has come about
Since starting this endeavour
Positive connections with
People that I have never

Had the fortune to encounter
In the past before
So many upbeat folks who
Don’t think that life’s a bore

Supportive and encouraging
People who share their light
And love with other people so
That the world is more bright

So thank you for the connection
Of positivity
You’ve helped this warrior poet
Be all that he can be



11 Nov


When I wake in my bed
Soft pillow under head
I remember

As I watch stunning dawn
While I put my clothes on
I remember

When I go grab a seat
To have something to eat
I remember

As I drive off to work
And the streets aren’t berserk
I remember

As I look at the sky
And see no warships fly
I remember

As I think of my rights
Which were won through your fights
I remember

As I think of the men
Who will not breathe again
I remember

The price that you paid
So we’re not afraid
I remember

The freedom of speech
And for our dreams to reach
I remember

To praise a Creator
And not a dictator
I remember

When troubles arise
I’ve no moans or cries
‘Cause I remember

I won’t disrespect
All you did protect
‘Cause I remember

That it cost you your lives
But your legend survives
‘Cause I remember

I’ll always remember…

                                                In remembrance of every warrior
                                   who sacrificed everything
             for an ideal
            for a cause
   for us